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 Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Are there Alien air monsters in the sky? Could the UFO phenomenon explain away the faces that people see in the clouds? Hear me out for just a second and let me explain, could what these images we see  be the  the rulers of the air that the Bible mentions? Ephesians mentions these rulers of Spiritual darkness and of the world. They are the fallen Angels who left their first estate. Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. 

There will be those who will mockingly joke and call us tin foil hat freaks. This is only proof that our world has a spiritual side to it and is ruled by the ruler of this Earth. John 14:30 I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me. It has always amazed me that those who try to explain these weird  phenomenon, use the UFO talk. We must understand that the UFO phenomenon is nothing more then a spiritual deception. Those who have studied it have linked the Alien deception with the unseen demonic  spiritual world.“[An] impressive parallel [can] be made between UFO occupants and the popular conceptions of demons.”61 “[UFOs can] project images or fabricated scenes designed to change our belief systems.” 62 “…human belief… is being controlled and conditioned,” “man’s concepts are being rearranged,” and we may be headed toward “a massive change of human attitudes toward paranormal abilities and extraterrestrial life.”63 – Dr. Jacques Vallee. The whole UFO agenda will be used as a  ploy for a future event that will deceive even the elect. Alien Disclosure is coming, but at a spiritual price. The prince of the power of the air controls this world. We may finally be seeing proof of this evil entity in clouds.  Ephesians 2:2Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. 

METRO.CO.UK: Ever seen a really weird-shaped cloud? Like, one that looks like the devil or some kind of space monster?

What if it WAS a monster?

UFO sites such as UFO International Project suggest that some UFO sightings – and just really weird clouds – might in fact be soaring, vast alien monsters which fly around hundreds of miles above the Earth.

Maniacs on YouTube are WAY ahead of them, of course – with videos such as this unsettling glimpse into a world of pure madness READ MORE:



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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO: The government office investigating UFOs in Chile has released an analysis of two high quality photos showing what appear be genuine unidentified flying objects above a remote copper mine. The office, known as the CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), is located within the Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), the equivalent of our FAA, under the jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force. It is responsible for the analysis of selected reports of unexplained aerial phenomena in Chilean airspace, most of them from pilots and aviation personnel.

The photos were taken at the Collahuasi copper mine, more than 14,000 feet above sea level in the Andean plateau in the far north of Chile. An extremely remote location with low oxygen levels and unusually clear skies, the area is desolate and inhospitable. The Collahuasi mine produces copper concentrate, copper cathodes and molybdenum concentrate from three open-pit mineral deposits. (Click here for a map) READ MORE:|maing5|dl13|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D498191 

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINK AND VIDEOS: Do you really think that Aliens are real? What is the push behind the alien agenda? Why do they want to tell us that heavenly beings from another galaxy have visited us? Do they want to tie this with a rapture event? Imagine for a moment millions of people disappearing in a twinkle of an eye. How would they explain that away? We have been conditioned through movies and science the possibility of Alien life existing. We are not unique according to experts. Prepare your heart and mind for the coming deception. It will be so deceptive that even the elect will believe it.




DAILYMAIL ONLINE: Each month a new planet is discovered that bears similarities to our own – and it is becoming increasingly apparent Earth is not unique.

So it stands to reason that of the billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone, there might be another that hosts life.

It’s a thought that is gaining more credence all the time, and now Nasa has released a fascinating book detailing how, or if, we might communicate with some of these worlds

Some of the most interesting chapters tackle the issue of alien communication in the past, present and future.

In one section, for example, William Edmondson from the University of Birmingham considers the possibility that rock art on Earth is of extraterrestrial origin READ MORE:  

CLICK ON LINKS, READ AND WATCH VIDEO ON BOTH ARTICLES POSTED UP BEFORE CLICKING ON THE SECOND VIDEO: I have two articles on the mystery object spotted on the moon. WowForReeel has a second video that consists of a similar object found in Antarctica. If you want to know what the object could be you have to click on the links before you click on the second one to get a full understanding of it. I don’t know what it could be, but I thought I put it up for you to decide. Remember last days will soon play out and be careful of the great deception knocking at your front door.


DAILYMAIL ONLINE: Is it part of an alien spaceship nestled under the dust of the moon, or a secret moon base occupied by humans?

Speculation has exploded over these controversial images which appear to show something unexplained on the surface of the moon. The triangular anomaly, spotted on Google’s map of the moon, has rows of seven light-like dots along its edge that have been likened to an alien base or spaceship

The two-sided, triangular feature on the lunar surface, was uncovered by paranormal researcher WowForReeel and posted in a new video.

It can be found on the Google Moon viewer at coordinates 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E.

‘Is is just a weird looking crater? or is it something else?,’ he asks.

‘It is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is. I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters READ MORE:  

TEACH AND GAGET NEWS: A strange, wedge-shaped anomaly has been found on Google Moon which doesn’t look like any kind of natural formation known to occur spontaneously, even for Earth’s satellite.

Can it be an alien UFO Moon base? A giant spaceship?

The two-sided, triangular feature on the lunar surface, discovered by paranormal researcher WowForReeel and posted in a new video to his channel on YouTube, is too symmetrical to be a random, topographical structure caused by even the minimal erosion typical of the lunar landscape READ MORE: 

WOWFORREEELS Also has a second video where he explains the structure has the same dimension to a similar found in Antarctica

structure in ANtartica.



A pilot feared that a UFO was going to crash into an Airbus 320 at 34,000 feet in the sky. The object described as a cigar or rugby ball shaped was bright silver and metallic. The flying object seemed to be directly coming at him and made him duck fearing it had struck the plane. Please click on article to read more of this amazing story

MIRROR WEBSITE: A terrified airline pilot ducked to avoid a UFO he feared was going to smash into his plane at 34,000ft.

The captain of the packed Airbus A320 spotted the silver object heading straight for the cockpit as his plane flew above Berkshire. He was looking out of the left window a split second before the bizarre incident READ MORE:  

THE WEEK: AVIATION authorities have been left baffled after a UFO in the shape of a rugby ball reportedly passed within a few feet of a passenger jet near Heathrow Airport.  A pilot on the A320 Airbus reported the near miss to air traffic controllers, prompting an investigation. However, no one has been able to identify the object READ MORE:

DAILY MAIL ONLINE: A passenger jet came within 300ft of colliding with an unidentified flying object, an official probe has heard. Despite an investigation, the UK Airprox Board – which examines reports of near misses – could not explain the ‘blue and yellow’  object which passed under the  Airbus 320. The incident happened on December 2 last year over Baillieston, 13 miles east of Glasgow Airport, at around 3500ft READ MORE:


Looks like all the buzz on the crop circles that made headlines 4 days ago in California is nothing more than a Hoax generated to get publicity. The design is nothing more than a new mobile chip. Read more below to understand what the design is for and what it has done for the company.

MSN: Confirmed! Crop circle caused by … a tech company

By Scott Budman, NBC Bay Area

Turns out, it wasn’t an alien creation.

We now know the source of the mysterious crop circle that turned up in the small town of Chualar, about two hours south of San Francisco. And it turns out a lot of the speculation about what the viral photo might be was correct.

NBC Bay Area was originally tipped off by an anonymous source, who said Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia was behind the crop circle that was first spotted toward the end of 2013 by a photographer named Julie Belanger. We now have confirmation from the inside READ MORE:

CNN: Sorry, dear readers, but the crop circle discovered last week etched in a farmer’s barley field in Chualar, California, was not created by aliens.

Instead — surprise! — it was a stunt intended to attract publicity to the release of a mobile processor used in automobiles, tablets and cell phones made by the computer graphics company NVIDIA, according to its president and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang READ MORE: