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Sunni – Shia Muslims: So What’s the Difference?

The Harley Factor

It seems that when Muslims aren’t fighting against us (infidels, Israel, or the US) they are fighting against each other. Sunni against Shia, or vise versa. Why is this and what’s the difference between the two?

This reminds me of the split in the Mormon church when the supposed prophet died. Some believed in electing (they say God appointed) and keeping it in the family. Both are around today, but the elected sect is the most popular and has the greatest number. In Islam the Sunni sect is the most popular and has the greatest number leaving the Shia with the majority of members in government power in many countries of the Middle East. Unlike Mormons of today the two sects of Islam continue to war against each other. When you get to the root of it there is no political or social reason for waring against each other. It is…

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