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 Global fundamentalism: Some of the countries spanning two continents where extreme Islamic acts have been perpetrated in recent days and weeks

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINK AND VIDEO: ISIS continues to spread Fear and Chaos into hearts of those who come across this ruthless group. Al-Qaeda supposedly doesn’t even want to be associated with them even though ISIS is an offshoot of the group. The terror isn’t isolated in just Iraq. A new Wave of Radicalism is spreading to other nation as a rise of Islamic fundamentalists spreads to people eager to join the cause.   

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A Christian Man Is Crucified.

A new Islamic religious extremism is rising as a string of terror attacks is engulfing the world. Daily Mail Online has done a great job reporting about this new rise of Islamic extremism. Where are these so called Moderate Muslims to condemn these horrific acts of murder and violence? Where is the outcry?  Are we witnessing a new era of Islamic fundamentalism? Are we witnessing the dawn of a Worldwide Caliphate?

A Peaceful Bomb Went Off

Apostasy Charges

Daily Mail Online: From a beheading in Iraq to the hard-line repression of religious freedoms in Sudan, a string of extremist acts in recent weeks have raised the worrying spectre of a new era of Islamic fundamentalism spreading across the world.

Over the last month, the world’s media has been awash with gruesome images of barbarism – pulled into sharp focus in recent days with the barrage of horrific videos and hate-filled messages pouring onto the internet from Sunni militants in Iraq.

But it is far from restricted to that country alone. In just the last few days:

Footage has emerged showing armed militant children as young as eight watching as an Iraqi prisoner is executed by ISIS, while another shows a captured Iraqi police officer being beheaded;

At least five people have died in an attack on Kenya’s coast just days after Al Qaeda-inspired terror group Al Shabaab kills 60 in twin massacres;

Islamist militants Boko Haram are feared to have snatched 90 villagers in the same area of Nigeria where they seized nearly 300 Christian schoolgirls two months ago READ MORE: