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Do Not Be Surprised…This ‘n’ That (06 June 2014). Great video you must watch… Please click on  Truth2Freedom Blog  link to watch it.

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  • Are you facing tough times? Trial? Testing? Pope Francis wants you to turn to the “Mother of God” for solace.
  • Today, Canada, tomorrow, America? Perhaps, but we serve a sovereign God and thus have no need to fear the passing things of this life.
  • Anyone have a copy of this book? Looks like a classic. (Classic heresy, that is.)
  • Until this article, I didn’t even know about the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement. I probably could have died happy never knowing about it, actually.
  • The Brady Bunch just wouldn’t have been the same without Alice.
  • Sigh. No Bible handy? Just use the Kindle version. Even if you’re swearing in a…

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Evangelism Isn’t A Suggestion. Are You Still Still Sitting On The Couch. Wake The Church UP


THE GOSPEL AND HOMOSEXUALITY. What does God really say about this lifestyle? What does the Bible say about all types of lifestyle God is against? Please watch the video and walk in Gods mind not man’s

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The Gospel and Homosexuality

In Secret Church 11, “Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel”, Pastor David addresses the topic of homosexuality in order to help us think through this topic biblically.

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“Yes, They Were Born That Way”
Is there a possibility people have a gay gene Or is it a choice to be gay. Let the debate rage

The Harley Factor

Wait!! Before you start thinking I’ve totally lost my mind and possibly my faith, let me explain. There has been an on going attempt by science to discover the “Gay” gene to validate the behavior. So far the results have been at best inconclusive.

I would submit to you that they are looking for the wrong gene. They should be looking for the SIN gene, which is present in all of us. It just reveals itself in different ways. We don’t have to be taught to lie, or steal. It comes naturally to us humans, so why wouldn’t the sin of homosexuality come natural to quite a few people these days in the same way. So in that context, they were born that way.

We were all born with a sin nature. We have to be taught to be good and then we still fail. Thank God he sent His son…

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So you seek answers to find the truth about which Bible to rely on. The only way to get to the truth i you seek it. You have  to want it. When people come and ask you how can you trust the Bible, than at least you can arm yourself and defend the reason why you choose the Bible that you have. Dont be lazy about Gods word. Seek it and he will show awesome and great wonders that you do not know.

The Harley Factor

I, myself, prefer the King James version of the Bible although I do like the Amplified one as well from time to time. I know there are errors in all translations, but I still believe the KJV has the least and is the most reliable, for one reason, the translators were under penalty of death to translate it correctly. I know there are a lot of debates among Christians in this area. That brings me to the question at hand: How did we get our Bible, anyway? I went to my favorite Bible teacher for the answer, Chuck Missler.

I heard this teaching on the radio the first time and was glad to see it on youtube so I could get a refresher course. Chuck goes so in depth into this and most every subject he teaches on. He looks at the subject from all sides and takes you around the mountain…

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