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Why are Pastors in the Church of America not teaching or talking about Bible Prophecy? Why is it such a sensitive issue to even bring it up? Bible Prophecy is rarely an issue that gets any mention. When I was a Catholic, the mention of end times events was hardly even talked about? I have visited other Churches who rarely speak on issues concerning end time events. I had to dig deep and look at things that I felt were foreign concerning the Bible. Little did I realize how Bible Prophecy was rooted in truth. The Rapture, The Tribulation, Aliens/UFO, The Antichrist and any end times events that I wanted to know about weren’t given their proper due. When taught the right way, Bible Prophecy can be a tool to talk about the Gospel and what Jesus has done for us on the cross. Let your Pastor know that you want to hear about Prophecy. It is important in these days that we are living in


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