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There is a video that is going viral about a black horse being seeing in the sky over Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Of course there are two versions of the story concerning this horse. One version of the  video claims it’s authentic, while the other version states that its a hoax. The video is question has caused in uproar in the Muslim World. The Islamic community see this Black Horse as a sign of the end times. Christians not wanting to be left out are saying this horse  is the One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Those that believe the video is a hoax claim that the Horse is a balloon floating in the air. Those who believe it is genuinely real point to the movement of the horse. Commentators swear that they can see the Horses legs and tail move. I believe that what we are viewing is a Hoax video. I will leave two links and two videos for you to decide if the video is real or Hoax. When I get more info on this amazing video, I plan to write  an article on the phenomenon of horses being seen in the Muslim world.






  1. I fully agree with you but some peoples have uploaded their own videos who personaly captured and creats confusions because we Muslims have divided in many sects and mindset.

  2. Clyde Yung D'souza says:

    Are you kidding me? I wan’t to know who says he can’t see the horse move? Its moving all through out the video.. Its clearly running for Christ’s sake!!! I’m sorry I went to a school were they taught me that if I see the same object in two or more different instances and the objects place of rest or shape were different in both its called “MOVEMENT”. The posture of the horses legs are completely different before the start of the first second on 0:00 and on 0:02. That proves movement. This is the 3rd seal mentioned in The Bible in Revelations. The black horse is the horse of famine. Conquest (Pestilence) and War are already on Earth and we see it everywhere all the time, especially War! Here comes the 3rd one. And for the record: The prophecy in Revelations says that a Black Horse will be seen, not mentioning whether it will be a live or a dead one, or whether we’ll see it running or flying or standing or dying. The basic point of the prophecy is that people will see a black horse which was seen! End times are here people! Believe it or not like it or not, its here and its going to come soon regardless whether we are ready or not. So better to be ready than not. Choose sides quickly and stick by it. Either stay pure and stay by God’s side or sin and get a chance to burn with the devil for eternity..

  3. Chris Horgan says:

    At first glance I can’t help but think HOAX. I do not think it is a balloon-type object though,-more likely a well executed video creation.Though hoax sightings can sometimes be interesting and convincing, I abhor the people who create them,regardless of their intent.They are primarily made to mislead and/or confuse us,and to muddy the waters in what are otherwise serious fields.-religion,ufology,mythology etc.. I, for one, was really pissed to find out only years later that the supposed genuine photograph of the Triangular UFO from the Belgian Wave was bogus.No one likes to feel suckered,especially regarding such important questions.

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