DOES NASA KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT MARS THAT WE DONT: NASA Photos Suggest Possibility Of Existence Of Life And Technology On Mars—Report

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It  looks like if an  Alien Disclosure  does happen, that  Mars could be the prime suspect to  reveal  a hidden past we may not have been aware of. I of course have a different Theory on this whole Alien Agenda. Could  Satan and his angels once  have occupied Mars? I will provide a link on an article that I wrote about on my blog in March of this year concerning Mars. For Christians trying to make sense if Aliens exist I advise that you read it first before you proceed further, I will also put a two part  video from that post so that you can make a judgement on the strong delusion that is coming. I need you to be informed as Christians so that you can make your own sound judgement on this issue. Its important for you to always have an answer for others who are  seeking and looking for what this could all mean for their faith. Make no mistake about this agenda, It will literally shake many peoples faith in God and question his very existence. You make up your own mind on what may be transpiring for the battle of your soul. I am providing two views for you to make a rational decision. Here is the link and God Bless You


PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE VIDEOS I HAVE PUT UP CONCERNING THE WORLD VIEW ON MARS AND THE CHRISTIAN VIEW ON MARS. When you see the first two video, your  mind that has been conditioned to believe in Aliens assumes there is life on the Red Planet. You have been indoctrinated to believe a lie. 

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: NASA Images captured by Curiosity Rover have sparked up speculations about existence of life and technology on Mars, once again. Photos show what looks like “a white ball of light moving” on the surface of the red planet.

According to Examiner, a series of eight images were posted on NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) website on Jan. 29. According the website, the position of the ball varies in each photo “which were taken from the same position with slightly different perspective over a period of 15 minutes.” The abovementioned publication infers that these pictures provide a proof that the mysterious orb of light “is under intelligent control.”

These photos were first picked up by YouTube user Paranormal Crucible and posted a video of these images on Nov. 9, 2014. Scroll down to watch the video. In its description section, the user explains that the “mysterious light” is moving as captured on Mars READ MORE:



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