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Is the new Exodus Movie Biblical? The answer to that question is probably going to be no. Remember what they did with the disaster movie Noah. That was a twisting of scripture and a very disturbing movie. Don’t expect this movie to be any different. Here is a quote from Christian Bale on what he thinks about Moses. “I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life,” the actor said of Moses. “He’s a very troubled and tumultuous man who fought greatly against God, against his calling.”- Christian Bale. Yup he believes that Moses was a schizophrenic and a barbaric individual. Luckily for Bale he only insulted people of the Christian and Jewish faith. Islam would have called for his head. To show you how serious he is about the role of Moses, Christian Bale watched a Monty Python movie to prepare himself for the character.

Leave it to Hollywood actors that probably have never read the Bible to try and interpret a person they know nothing about. It gets better as the Atheists director of the movie believes that science can explain away the parting of the Red Sea. Director Ridley Scott, who told the New York Times last year he’s an atheist, told Entertainment Weekly last week he looked to science, not miracles, to explain the amazing events recorded in Exodus.

“You can’t just do a giant parting [of the Red Sea], with walls of water trembling while people ride between them,” said Scott, who recalled scoffing at biblical epics from his boyhood like 1956′s “The Ten Commandments.” “I didn’t believe it then, when I was just a kid sitting in the third row. I remember that feeling, and thought that I’d better come up with a more scientific or natural explanation.”

According to ET, Scott dove into the history of Egypt, reading about the effects of an underwater earthquake off the coast of Italy. “I thought that logically, [the parting] should be a drainage,” Scott said. “And that when [the water] returns, it comes back with a vengeance.” That takes a lot of faith to believe an Earthquake parted the Red Sea! We have an atheist at the helm of a Biblical epic movie who will interpret the parting of the Red Sea in his own image and just like the Noah movie who also had an atheists directing that epic disaster, Hollywood will continue to try to corrupt the meaning of God and recreate him and what he has done into one disaster after another. I think we should just stay home and send a clear message to Hollywood to get our faith right or we won’t see their garbage. Don’t get sucked into their epic disaster.

Will it be a waste of time??


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