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Alex Jones had a former CIA  insider Robert David Steele  two weeks ago that an Ebola Outbreak would come to the United States. Bobert said that that a staged Ebola false flag attack was on the horizon two weeks before the first case was confirmed in the United States. Steele previously worked with the Central Intelligence Agency as a clandestine services case officer. Is there any merit to what he is saying? What are the chances that he predicted an Ebola False Flag event two weeks before the first confirmed case. In his interviews with Alex Jones Robert Steele says, “They will have another false flag, in fact the false flag I’m hearing about is a simulated Ebola attack in which they actually use bio-chemical weapons that dissipate, but then they pretend that it’s Ebola and that it has been brought here by Saudi martyrs.” “We have not reached the end of the false flag line.” So what do you think is this just fear mongering or is there some truth to what Steele is saying. If you look at the actions and gross negligence  conducted by the CDC you cant help wonder if the containment barriers here in America are  deliberately being destroyed by the same people who have grown to trust. The Perfect Storm could be brewing here in America and  a path of destruction, suffering, and death could happen if it is not contained.



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