New Cartoon Mr. Pickles Promotes Satanism and The Illuminati Agenda

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A new cartoon on Adult Swim has blatant satanic symbolism and Illuminati images throughout the show. What is the real reason behind this cartoon? Why do images flash across the screen that show 666, Satan, and other occult images? The war for our mind is not been kept hidden by those wishing to convert you into darkness. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs covers a new show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called Mr. Pickles. He breaks down the blatant satanic symbolism and pro-abortion messages pushed throughout the show and also the more subliminal Illuminati symbolism hidden in the shows bumpers. I haven’t even mentioned all the violence and murder they have on the show. We shouldn’t be surprise by the cartoon. Good people have let this type of  quality Entertainment take hold of the industry and children minds. The war for their hearts is going into overdrive. It will only get worse as we will see more of these types of TV show infiltrating and being broadcast into your living room and into your children s minds and hearts. There is one more thing I like to add to this article. I think those who call us conspiracy nuts need to finally realize that all this talk about Satanism and the Illuminati infiltrating the entertainment industry is  being played right before their very own eyes. Wake up and start seeing the truth. This isn’t a conspiracy anymore. 



  1. Harley says:

    Reblogged this on The Harley Factor and commented:
    Satan is getting more blatant all the time. The use of cartoons for this agenda has been around for a while now. This is just the latest in the process of getting more open and to the point.

    • Kyle Stephens says:

      I feel like this show is very demonic the first time I watch the show backwards I felt something in me saying this is wrong. They a corrupting people’s minds they are trying to control our minds and the government is also behind this they can’t put anything on that’s really Christian because that’s being bias to a belief or religion but they would actually broadcast something this Dominic and weird. God is coming back for his children soon. Be ready..! (In a blink of an eye) your not of this world don’t follow and be cool what this world has for you this is satans playground..turn not in the name of Jesus I rebuke this show on adult swim!

      • nacha says:

        Hi my friend, i watched the cartoon lately, I can tell you it’s not just hidden msgs, Ther is dark magic in it that can affect the veiwer, belive me it affect me, when i talked about it with my friend i wasn’t able to talk for 10sec, i freak out it’s really scarry, i hope that reach everybody, for réal my friend it’s really dangerous cartoon by all means, take care.

  2. Caz Earnest says:

    It’s a cartoon about a satanic dog. That’s why there is satantic imagery.
    You guys suck . You are propaganda. Your ignorance is a debilitating plague on humanity.

  3. Dude says:

    You are all idiots for believing in “god…the lovely imaginary friend”

    • dave says:

      Religion or not its sick comedy it isnt even funny or humorous. Its a dumb show period and they advertise it more than anything else on adult swim.

      • nick says:

        your a joke Mr pickles is on at close to one in the morning they don’t even show for Mr pickles its a joke just like you

  4. Dude says:

    Also the channel is “adult swim” it’s for adults dipshits….kids shouldn’t be watching

    • joecruzmn says:

      Dude thanks for replying ans yes I agree it is for adults. You are absolutely right, but you know it as much as I do that they will stumble upon it no matter how much we keep them away from it. You obviously have resentment towards God, but you seem to acknowledge the shows content and Occult themes. I approved your your comment because everyone is welcome here even though I may disagree with your idea of the show. You are more than welcome to come back and criticize any of my content or what I display on my website and blog.

  5. sherry says:

    This show is so low brow, ugly, sick and unentertaining. Absolutely gross and not needed. I am a fan of most cartoon network at night, Family Guy, Aquateen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse,…ext. I am very disappointed that The Cartoon network would stoop so low and carry this trash. I hope it is NOT picked up for another season. Thank you, Sherry.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thank you sherry for replying and providing your opinion on the matter. I do feel its low brow. I am disappointed that Cartoon Network associated themselves with it. I hope you visit again to provide your opinion on other items. God Bless You

  6. namenamenamename says:

    Wait, is this satire? You can’t actually believe they’re promoting some kind of satanic agenda, right? This show is complete garbage and I despise it, but there’s nothing evil behind it. Its humour is just in incredibly bad taste.

    • dave says:

      The consistent gloryness and satan signs is pretty scary man.
      Its a pretty creepy show. Not evil cause like u said but its pretty to very scary imo.

    • kj says:

      How can you turn a blind eye and deny the blatant promotion of Satanism. Really? How is it not promoting a satanic agenda? Have you not watched the show?

  7. dave says:

    This isnt the only show adult swim has made so far thats demonic.there is another show or coming up and its about a blond 1980s looking roadwarrior type of guy fighting demons who I believe was also made from the same creator of the show mr.pickles.

    Not only that but there was a commercial of a demon for Christmas

    Idc what any one saids how can a kid or adult rly enjoy these things. There another nasty show that isnt cartoon but its like really weird

    Imo adult swim has a satanist supporter in the org..nobody would even think this is postive for any christian or catholic or any thing period would be appropriate
    If adult swim wants ratings just give us dbz and new animes .

  8. erika says:

    Wow really guys yes it may be stupid to some of you but some people may like it and at least you guys dont live in a town that has the zipcode of 666 but topeka ks does

  9. john hanson says:

    I can’t believe that this crap is shone. Crist will be back soon!

  10. job says:

    For each new post bashing Mr pickles I will get a girl pregnant and make her get an abortion. Some of you might not believe me….but can you afford to take that chance?

    All hail Mr pickles!

  11. Andrew says:

    Yall MR PICKLES lovers are SICK.
    JESUS will JUDGE you all.
    when the RAPTURE comes,
    Yall will be left at the MERCY of the ANTICHRIST.
    and come TRIBULATION you all will BURN IN HELL.
    and you can watch MR PICKLES all you want.
    I hope you like the SMELL OF BURNING FLESH.
    when your BURNING just remember:
    as for me I’m GOING to HEAVEN.

    • Tyler says:

      I may be late on this comment but this has to be one of the most arrogant things ive seen in a while. Jesus will NOT be judging anyone for watching a cartoon. If he damned everyone for watching something vulgar on television we would all be screwed. And I’m pretty sure telling people they are going to,”burn in hell” and,”I hope that you like the smell of burning flesh” is just as evil as the damn Tv show. I for one believe there is a God, and think that Mr.pickles is hilarious. I also believe that God looks down on people like you for combining his name with the crap that is spewing from your mouth.

    • L. Yonderboy says:

      I love it. Eleven lines of venomous hatred wishing the most torturous, sadistic, ever-lasting agony anyone could ever imagine. Is this a follower of Christianity, or MR. PICKLES HIMSELF?!

  12. NG666 says:

    rofl you Jesus freaks are such a trip. Of course the shows “satanic” it’s cartoonishly over the top. But an agenda? Literal satanism? Christ u ppl will shit ur pants over anything

  13. Holey hell you religious people are ridiculous! I personally enjoy the show, yes the show is twisted and gross, I agree on that. But no shit its about a satanic dog! Thats the whole fuckin point! Also if you have watched a few episodes, youd get what the message is about! Yes Mr. Pickles does some bizarre actions to the characters, but the victims are all bad people! They are all unpure! Whether that be pedophiles, sluts, murderers, con artists, he does bad on the poeple who sin, but he punishes in a very grusome way. He doesnt fuck with anyone innocent.If you watched it with an open mind it would make sense. You can call me sick i dontcare, if im going to hell thats fine, cause i dont believe in religion.

  14. andrew says:

    I believe GOD exists. Therefore, so does satan. All you idiots believe in satan and use satanic usernames and act like fools, but don’t believe in GOD? I’m not judging you believe that. Though we are all going to be judged by our creator believe that! What will you guys say when the LORD asks, why have you denied your devine father’s name? It’s a shame that a cartoon could actually sway ones opinion! Have faith! GOD BLESS!

    Why believe? Cause all things good are worth believeing in!

  15. poul says:

    Jesus esta voltando cuidado com o undo

  16. Mr Gherkin says:

    If you actually watch the show you’ll see that the demonic figure ‘Mr Pickles’ only ever disposes of characters that are demonised by society and demonised by the church such as the lesbians in episode 3 (homosexuals largely demonised by the church) or the pedophiles in episode 6. If you choose to be offended by it then you’re not seeing the underlying commentary. I feel the show is a clever synopsis of what is considered good and evil by modern society – it’s more art than gore for gore sake. The show is made for adults whom i assume would have the mental capacity to not be influenced by the violence. If you’re children some how end up watching this show then you’re not doing your job as a parent, and you’ll be visited by Mr Pickles at some point.

    I love this show but i understand why some people do not. It’s fair to not like it for the gore but it’s not fair to say it promotes satanism – It merely displays the other side of god; the devil doing his work, and they are a team after all.

  17. Anthony says:

    Call me an “unconventional” believer, probably piss off you Jesus freaks(if you are closed minded) as well as you ignorant dumbasses who dont see the satanism/demonism/occult imagery or promotion in [AS] programming. God exists, Satan exists, Lucifer exists. U will never see any of them directly, you will only ever see them exist through us. God exists through our love(unconditional, even thine enemy), kindness, acceptance, sympathy and empathy for one another and all life and understanding, accepting and being greatful that u exist at all and as u are, a mortal human being. Satan wants death, destruction, and the downfall of man(look at ISIS and these seemingly random school shootings). Lucifer exists in the idea of immortalizing oneself. Rising onself to the level of a “god”(little g) and putting urself before others bcuz you feel “entitled” or that you “deserve” more and before others and showing love only to those who show the love u expect them to show u. Most Luciferians dont even realize they are, much like blind ignorant dumbfucks dont even realize theyr blind ignorant and fuckin dumb. Of course childeren shouldnt watch it, its Adult Swim, but how hard is it for a kid to just wait for their parents to fall asleep nd quietly go watch tv? How many parents even monitor their childs internet/smart phone usage? How many 10 year olds have fones nowadays for that matter? Every channel you turn it to nd every radio station you tune in to all promote the same things. Miley Cyrus, one helluva role model. Jay-Z has a song where bes talkin about murdering a village of people, men women and babies. Walt Disney was a fuckin Nazi and a pedophile who profited off of fantasizing childrens dreams while flashing subliminal sex messages and allegories in their faces and guess who allows it all to happen? Those who think its not happening. Yehushuah, the one you all call “Jesus”(note that the name “Jesus” is Latin and “Christ” derives from the word “Chrístos” which means “a good man” in Greek. Jesus was and spoke Aramaic, which more closely resembles Hebrew) will come back, but like God he will come back through us, and wen he does he will be singled out and persecuted again because of the growing bloodlust of people which we are starting to see being reflected in todays youth. People want to believe the Bible word for word forgetting or maybe not realizing that it has been rewritten again and again by man, the oldest book of the New Testament was written AT LEAST 70 years after Yehushuah was killed, and St. John of Patmos or “the Divine” wrote Revelations after he was banished to the island of Patmos, banishment often being a punishment for practicing magic, astrology or any other form of divining or trying to predict future events by reading the stars, tea leaves, staring into a basin of water, etc., all of which according to the bible is forbidden. So although you “Jesus freaks”(so aptly named by sum blind ignorant dumbfuck somewhere in this comment thread) do have your eyes open and see whats going on, dont let a closed mind allow yourself to be misled by the book you keep as the absolute foundation of your beliefs, for the true word of God is spoken within oneself. As for the naysayers, you may be more open minded(not really relative to your brain) but wat good is an open mind if when you look at something as it happens, your mind doesnt even process the fact that something is happening as it happens. Like the diehard Biblebangers, u take wat u see at face value and dont think maybe they have a reason y they show so much satanic and occult symbolism accompanied by extreme bluddy gorey violence or maybe they have their own agenda. Opened eyes with a closed mind is about as useless as closed eyes with an open mind.

  18. Mr. Pickles says:

    Satan is my master! s2

  19. Jesus Freak says:

    Jesus is a fag and sucks Satan’s dick for fun.

  20. This is ridiculous says:

    This show has no satanistic ideals. Yes, there are prntagrams and demonic seeming themes, but tell me one concept in Satanism or luciferianism that is explained via this show? You can’t. The gore and demonic aspects are all simply a gimmick for cheap and I’m my opinion unentertaining shock humor. Nevertheless, there are no actual satanic or Luciferian concepts shown in the show. No one can watch the show and say “I want to be a Satanist ” because they can’t tell a damn thing about it by watching the show. And to the author of this article, you make yourself look stupid when you say this show is “subliminal ” and “blatant”. Those two words are contradictory. If it is blatant and straightforward (which it is) then it is all taken in counsciously and not subliminally, Mr. Smart one (sarcasm). Any decisions made by watching this show will be the conscious decision of the viewer, as nothing is entering subconsciously. Though I’m not sure what decisions can be made, since, as I’ve said, there are no ideals portrayed in this cartoon. And also to the author, try to learn to use grammar so you don’t seem illiterate, and so you don’t aggravate people trying to read your article. I swear, you should have dictated this to a fifth grader so he can fix your grammar mistakes, they are so obvious that you must either be an elementary school dropout or were drunk at the time of writing this. Seeing as you are a religious nutjob who finds evil conspiracies where there obviously aren’t, both are high probabilities. Please don’t write again until you have obtained the literary skills required to pass fifth grade.

  21. This is ridiculous says:

    I guess the author is reviewing all posts before allowing them because none of my comments have been posted. I guess he doesn’t want any valid arguments to his article. Yet another form of oppression. I guess he’s scared he wouldn’t receive unconditional support if a valid argument made its way into the comments.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Hello this is ridiculous and thank you for commenting. First off I am not afraid of any VALID ARGUEMENTS or am I oppressive in any way against those who disagree with me. Due to the high traffic on my other website and so many emails that I get in my inbox it makes it hard for me to review all comments. Due to high spam content I have to look through tons of comments to make sure some are legit. Now as for both your comments I love the fact that you were able to express how you view the show, yet you went on a tirade about how I was either drunk or I dropped out of elementary school. Actually I graduated High School!!! Your comments are always welcome on my site even if it’s something I don’t disagree with. Second you are grown adult please act like one because you really sounded like a little child who didn’t get his away. Relax your comment is up and if you want to make more fun off me go ahead and do it. I hope that you do stop by my website at and comment often because I would love to hear why you feel what you feel or if you disagree with any content that I post. Take care my friend and stop back again because your comments or any other comments wont ever be deleted

  22. 89789 says:

    Mr Pickles is the Anti-Lassie but keeping one redeeming quality complete protection of little Timmy.
    You will notice how about 3/4ths of his victims are people that try to hurt or corrupt Timmy. The rest being for fun, notice how every single victim is a self serving shit head and not one of the nice towns people is hurt…other than grandpa’s torments which is a moral lesson each episode of how everyone ignores and disrespects their elders.

    If anyone is the anti christ it is Timmy because Mr. Pickles is a straight up guardian hell hound.

    The show touches in a positive light on many moral issues like vanity,racism,greed. It’s hidden behind metal and symbolism but if you aren’t so shallow to get stuck on the surface you can see it has the same showing of morality in no-no and good good as any sitcom.

    It’s clever,funny,likely showing a better example of morality than you ever could (in creative packaging though), and most importantly just a show. If your body is God’s temple, you have let the mind go to rubble guys!

  23. Your Mom says:

    Maybe some of you crazy pickle fuckers can have God help you with the proper use of “you’re”. The grammar on this page alone is enough to make me want to swallow razor blades. It’s cool to believe in God or whatever but you don’t have to spew your beliefs into others. This is about a cartoon. Cartoons are not real, just like anything that happened in the bible.

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