The Truth Behind the Jewish Calendar and The Western Calendar: How a Discrepancy In These Calendars Affects The Way The Jews See Jesus

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Originally aired in 2005, Gary and J.R. discuss the missing years in the Hebrew calendar. Watch this great video about The Truth Behind the Calendars. What is the difference between the Jewish calendar and the current Western calendar we use now. Which calendar is right and which one is wrong? How does the difference in both Calendars affect the history of the Bible? Why is there a 240 year gap between the two calendars? What is the reason behind this discrepancy? Why did the Jewish Rabbis eliminate those years from their calendar? Is there a secret the Jewish Rabbi’s were hiding from the world and the Jews that have prophetic repercussion concerning Jesus? Come join J.R. Church and Gary Stearman on this fascinating topic that will truly leave you shocked about the calendars that concern’s the 70th week of Daniel and the way the Jews view Jesus Christ.

  1. Harley says:

    Pretty interesting. I have wondered why the calendars were off so much.

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