Ebola Experts Warn of an African ‘Apocalypse’ As Hundred’s Of Dead Bodies Lay In The Streets

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I just want to quote the Liberian President of the dire situation that has become Apocalyptic in Nature concerning the Ebola Virus Outbreak: In a six-hour meeting with the president of Liberia last week, Isaacs said SIM workers watched as the “somber” officials explained the gravity of the situation in their countries, where hundreds lie dead in the streets. “It has an atmosphere of apocalypse,” Isaacs said of the Liberia Ministry of Health’s status updates. “Bodies lying in the street … gangs threatening to burn down hospitals. I believe this disease has the potential to be a national security risk for many nations. Our response has been a failure.” Isaacs says that the epidemic is inciting panic worldwide that, in his opinion, may soon be warranted. “We have to fight it now here or we’re going to have to fight it somewhere else.” Now let that sink in very slowly. The Ebola Virus has spiraled out of control and there is not stopping it. Will all of Africa get infected by this unstoppable disease? Why has the reaction to stopping this pandemic been so disastrous? The Ebola Virus has  Apocalyptic  in Africa and the disease is ready to spiral the world out of control.
THE DAILY BEAST.COM: At an emergency hearing Thursday, leaders of the fight against Ebola gave updates on the situation in Africa and the future of the deadly disease’s possible spread.

At an emergency hearing in Washington Thursday afternoon, major players in the fight against Ebola in West Africa addressed the outbreak that has stolen the lives of more than 900. Leaders from health agencies and humanitarian efforts addressed the need for increased support as one called the current state of affairs in West Africa “apocalyptic.”

Rep. Christopher Smith, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, opened the hearing by urging the speakers to clear the air on a “grave issue” that has “gripped” the mass media for weeks. “We hope to gain a realistic understanding of what we’re up against while avoiding sensationalism,” he told the floor. Here are the takeaways READ MORE:http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/07/ebola-experts-describe-atmosphere-in-west-africa-as-apocalyptic.html



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