Conspiracies Theories Began To Make Rounds On MH17

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Conspiracies theories are scorching the internet on the Downing of MH17. The purpose of this article is not to persuade you to believe that there is a Conspiracy, but to show you why some believe that something more sinister happened. Since the disappearance of MH370 the internet has cast a shadow of doubt concerning MH17. Some believe the official story cannot be trusted. It doesn’t help when articles from the  Main Stream Media mention certain things that are factual, but for some odd reason get retracted from that news source. MH17 is beginning to have similar reporting. We have both sides pointing the finger at on another  for the downing of the plane. Russia says Ukraine blew it  out of the sky, while the Ukraine government says that Pro-Russians separatists did it. I am going to post some news article and videos for you to see. Remember you must separate the truth from the lies. It is at your discretion to believe who is telling you the truth. I am not here to tell you there is a conspiracy that was committed, but I am beginning to have doubts on the official sorry. The Alternate media sure doesn’t help when certain articles are published without proper verification to what they have posted. Below are some News articles that I believe could help you to understand why the internet is beginning to swirl in Conspiracy theories concerning MH17. Hold on to your seats.

updated 7-23-2014. Quick note. The link to Daily mail seems to be shut down. I will look into the matter and see what happened. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Conspiracies Take Hold Of The Internet
Daily Mail Online:

Weirdest Conspiracies Making the round.
Boston News:

Vladimir Putin Was The Target Of Attack.

Did Rebels Really Claim They Shot Down plane? This article Lays the Claim That the Social Media Account of Ukrainian rebel commander Igor Strelkov, where he says Plane went Down Was Actually Created By His Fans. See Why So much Confusion Reigns On MH17

Malaysia Flight MH17 Conspiracy Theories – WorldMysterious

DAHBOO7 YouTube Opinion On MH17 Crash
Kiev Deployed 27 Anti-Aircraft Launchers to E.Ukraine Ahead of MH17 Crash!

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Illuminati Sacrifice Again!?

Can you see why there is so much rampant news coverage and disinformation spreading? It is hard to try to figure out who is telling the truth. The Main Stream Media isn’t innocent either because they are the ones who spread disinformation. Read between the lines. Youtuber Dahboo7 did just that. When the mainstream media says that the Ukraine government didn’t have missiles and another main stream article points out that it did than you know someone is lying and damage control is happening. Seek truth in what you read. You will be surprise what may jump out at you, that might not be a conspiracy.


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