Can You Be Gay and Christian? – Dr. Michael Brown debates Matthew Vines

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A great debate that asks the question- Can you be Gay and Christian? The Gay Revolution has made head way in its long fight to be accepted as equals in this country. The Revolution has shattered every conceivable barrier that Christianity had erected. Some people argue that love is love no matter how you see it. What is the big deal if they if the same sex want to marry? They deserve every right just like any married couples of the opposite sex. Like any other couple they can live they want to live, but can they be a Christian if they are Gay? If the Bible condemns it as Sin than that is what it is? It’s no difference if a man is married and sinning in his life, while having an extramarital affair. We can’t keep sinning if we are walking a path with God. God makes it clear about that. Watch the Youtube video and listen to the debate and see why it not possible to be gay and Christian.


BARBWIRE.COM: Moody Radio asks:
Can you be gay and Christian? Matthew Vines says you can and he’s created a viral video and best-selling book defending his view. This Saturday on Up for Debate, Vines joins host Julie Roys to debate author and leading evangelical apologist, Dr. Michael Brown. Is gay monogamy an option for Christians? Is it unloving to reject gay marriage?
Watch as BarbWire contributor Dr. Michael Brown debates self-described “gay evangelical” Matthew Vines, one of America’s leading false teachers of “gay liberation theology.” The question (as if there were one) is whether God blesses sodomy-based “gay” relationships READ MORE:

  1. Harley says:

    First of all, the way I see it, if you remain gay but are celebate it doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s repentance that makes the differance. Not celebacy. Jesus made it pretty clear that what you think about is just as bad as doing it, what ever it is. So if you still lustfully “burn” after the same sex, even if you don’t act on it, you are still in sin and need to repent. Great debate. Just because we live in “modern” times doens’t change anything either.

  2. coagec says:

    Very interesting discussion. I thought both of the speakers had strong and weak points in their arguments. I believe it is very possible to be a born again Christian and have same sex attractions, as that is what I am. I just started blogging about my experience as a gay evangelical Christian who believes in the orthodox teachings about sexuality.

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