KESHA Admits That “She Loves Serial Killers”. Exposing Kesha and Her Love Of The Darkside

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Kesha recently said in an interview at the Logo NNNAwards that “She Loves Serial Killers”. Of course everything is funny and no harm comes out of this except for the people who died and suffered under the hands of these monsters. IF you don’t believe me that she has a love for the macabre than why don’t we go to her song “Cannibal”. Let me   show you the lyrics of her song. “Whenever you tell me I’m pretty/That’s when the hunger really hits me/Your little heart goes pitter patter/I want your liver on a platter/Use your finger to stir my tea/And for dessert I’ll suck your teeth/Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner/Yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.”  We all know there won’t be an outcry from the public or the mainstream media to hold her accountable for what she said, but hey let your kids listen to her. She is a great role model for young children



This is the person parents are letting their young children listen to? You can say that it’s harmless music and that we shouldn’t be worried about it. I beg to differ, since all her music, contains lyrics of violence, drinking, partying, serial killers, and loving the dark side.

Kesha: The Satanic Cult Leader

Nothing is more satisfying than eating the flesh of a human being of course. I mean being a cannibal is the cool thing to do. Yea she can sing whatever the heck she wants to sing. She can do whatever the heck she wants to do with her music. Ultimately it’s on the parents if they won’t to allow their children to listen to her or not. I guess singing and performing about being a cannibal and eating their body parts is all fun and games. Just ask this youngster, the influence Kesha has had on her life. She made a video about the song “CANNIBAL”. It’s only a video right?

Some Of You Might Find This Video Disturbing And Some Of You Might Find It Harmless

We as parents are the ones who need to protect our children from the onslaught of the dark side that is being played on a continuous basis. We need to set the limits. It is our God given responsibility to raise our children. It’s hard to think of anything that is more beneficial than raising children. It has to be valued, since it is a gift from God. Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Don’t let the true CANNIBAL ensnare your children’s faith and soul. He lies in wait to devour those willing to follow him. He seeks to set his kingdom on Earth so that he may be worshipped. Do not let this CANNIBAL, who is a soul deceiver devour your children.

It’s Only An Artistic Form Of Music, Right?

  1. She’s just paying allegiance to the prince of darkness, of this world. Truly very, very sad. What a surprise she is in for, if she doesn’t come to the Truth before it is eternally too late. Like so many others. Very sad.

  2. Harley says:

    These days evil is cellibrated and good is ridiculed.

  3. Lolly says:

    “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”–Pretty much sums it up.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thanks Lolly for replying. Its is true what is vile is truly honored by men. What I find sad is how people are ignorant when the truth is before them. I hope you come back and visit often

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