What Use do We Have for Storing Guillotines in America?

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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What Use do We Have for Storing Guillotines in America? Is there really a law in Obamacare about Guillotines that can be used as a method  of execution? Rumors have circulated for quite sometimes of the existence of these items in our country. What will be the use for them? Who are the targets?

The Harley Factor

It looks like the NWO in America is already preparing for mass executions of American Christians who will refuse the mark of the Beast and worship his image. What other use could the government have for them? We don’t execute criminals by guillotine in this country, at least not up to this point. In fact, we hardly execute them at all, even the most despicable ones. Now a law has been passed allowing death by guillotine.

Thanks in large part to Obama our government has been infiltrated with Muslims and what is their agenda? To take over the world for Allah and in doing so kill infidels.

We have all heard about the Obamacare debacles, but here is a new twist on that. The health code from the World Health Org. for execution by guillotine is in Obamacare

Your friend, Harley                 waiting for His coming

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  1. Jonathan says:

    This is all a hoax made up by deceivers. There are no guillotines and no laws have been passed. Why do you believe such lies? Remember Jesus’ words “take heed than no man deceives you”.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Hello Jonathan and thank you for replying my friend. I will not let no man deceive me and if you can point me to the articles that that debunk the article I put up than I will take it down. I patiently wait for your reply. I always ask my readers to question anything I put up and research the items I write on my blog. Show me anything to debunk and I promise to take it down. Please dont send me anything from snope.

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