Ice-T Song Murders White People For Talking Smack About Him On Social Media: More Mindless Violence Promoting Hate And Murder

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just goes to show you the double standard in have in our American society. Show some respect and get rid of the derogatory words that you supposedly hate and that white people supposedly love to use on you. It’s sad really because I don’t see Rev Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson protesting this video of white people getting shot at. In fact where is the Liberal Media when you need them when it comes these type of hatred and violence. I mean I thought they care enough to try to stop this kind of mindless violence. Listen folks we like in a hypcritcal country. I guess a certain group of people are not to say certain words against a race who loves to use those words on themselves. Truly a  sad state that our country is in.

Please Be Advised Graphic Content and Language

ICE –T Mindless Video


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