Singapore Terrorized By Possessed Doll: Hoax Or Real Demonic Toy Possesion?

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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She had her eyes covered...

I thought I share this creepy story about a supposed doll terrorizing Singapore. According to the person who posted the pictures online, the doll was found beside a busy street in Singapore with a blindfold and an Arabic word on it.  The Arabic word on the cloth is translated as “bismillah.” I have been scouring the internet to see if it’s a hoax. I have not found any articles relating that it is. If you ever see a doll like this by a tree please don’t pick it up. Thank You for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.

If ever you come across this doll, do not remove its blindfold… or else you could find it following you home.

This creepy figurine is apparently keeping Singaporean children (and adults) awake at night after it was found resting against a tree by the side of a busy street.

Wearing a stained silk and lace dress, the doll looks as if it has been accidentally left outside for the night READ MORE:  

Here Is Another Creepy Doll Story That Will Give You The Chills. Just Don’t Watch It Alone And At Night.


Seeing what was under the blindfold is a little more than creepy.


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