The Rats are Jumping on This Sinking Ship: Anarchy reigns as an Illegal influx of Illegal Aliens  continue. This is  an engineered crisis !!!

The Harley Factor

What is really going on with the sudden influx of all these children storming the borders of our country? Who really sent them and why? What do terrorist do to get sympathy? They put women and children out front and where there is the most probability of harm to them. Just an example. Look at where the Palestinians put their weapons against Israel. In homes where there are women and children so they can blame Israel for killing them when, in fact, that was their plan to gain sympathy if Israel fights back.

After the Obama administration informed the Fort Sill military base in Lawton, OK, to expect about 600 illegal immigrant children to be sent to its facilities this weekend, Inhofe noted that the Obama administration is making military bases care for illegal immigrants while Obama is “drastically reducing defense spending funds at a historically rapid rate.”

With so many…

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  1. whatzzhername says:

    Your message on this invasion of children was eye opening to say the least. A friend of mine told me that her husband who works for the government had a friend over a few weeks ago and this woman opened her laptop. My friend said she accidentally saw it said ICE POLICE then the woman said she worked for the ICE POLICE and there were all these beds with these illegal children on her computer. My friend asked what is that??! The woman told her all these kids coming over the border. My friend said ” well send them back” the woman said they couldnt it would be “inhumane” She asked why wasnt it on the news. The woman said it hadnt got out yet. So for a few months already this has been going on and either the ICE knew or there are some FAKE ICE AGENTS working for O with this case. Thanks again for all you are doing.And God bless!

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