Sentenced to Death for Being a Christian. A day will come when being a Christian in America will sentence you to death. It is coming and there will be blood on the altar

The Harley Factor

The Christian woman in this story, Miriam Ebrahim, gave birth to her baby daughter in a Sudanese prison. Her 20 month old son is also in prison with her. Her husband is a Christian and US citizen. Other countries and humanitarian organizations are making attempts to have this sentence reversed and get this Christian woman and her children released. In times past the US would have been among the first and the loudest to demand her released. Although there has been some talk about it in Washington (for appearances sake is my take) the silence from the head of this government is pretty noticable.

I would hope that each of us who call ourselves Christians would have the same courage and strength of faith if we were faced with a similar choice. I admire her faith and courage and pray that it will continue until she is released or becomes a martyr for…

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