VLADMIR PUTINS RASPUTIN: Meet The Mystic Who Is Influencing Gog The Chief Prince Of Rosh.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINK AND VIDEO: Meet the New Rasputin who is having a major influence on Vadmir Putin. His name is Alexander Dugin and he understands that America and Russia have a prophetic destiny. The gears of Prophecy have been put in place. It just a matter of time before everything comes together. Please I ask you to open your Bibles to understand what is happening with these current events.

Here is a short documentary on Rasputin

BRIETBART.COM: As Russia continues stepping up its propaganda war, the Putin regime continues to implausibly deny any responsibility for the civil war spawned in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Putin’s cynical denial of responsibility for his operatives’ actions in Crimea strained the imagination of even the most credulous observers; even Putin had to confess that the “little green men” were really his soldiers all along. By some accounts, Kazakhstan and Belarus, Russia’s partners in its new Eurasian Economic Union, may be looking for a way out before the union even goes into effect next year.

Why does Putin risk a war in Ukraine? Because he cannot build a meaningful Eurasian Union without Ukraine—and if that means settling for as much of Ukraine as he can steal, so be it. As Leon Neyfakh recently wrote for The Boston Globe READ MORE: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/06/10/Putin-s-Rasputin-the-Mad-Mystic-Who-Inspired-Putin

This Is the Idealogy That May Be Driving Vladmir Putin Towards Conflict With The West.


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