$Amero: Fact or Fiction. Though at one time I believed the Amero was a possibility, the fact that this controversy has not died leads me to believe that a push to unite all three countries in North America is possible. As to what the currency will be is up to debate. I would not be surprise if down the road our borders with Mexico and Canada become non existent

The Harley Factor

It has been long rumored that our US currency is going to collapse some time soon and with good reason. We have more debt now than will ever be paid back and it just keeps piling up with no sign of slowing down. That is only one reason our currency will probably collapse in the near future. I think the real serious sign will be when our currency is no longer the world reserve currency. Along with the debt our country is no longer respected or feared by our enemies as it once was thanks to the politics of the last several years.

Could the refusal of Obama to enforce immigration laws be part of the scheme? I don’t know, but they could be. Maybe he knows something we don’t. Why seriously enforce border control if there won’t be any borders pretty soon? Why enforce laws against illegal immigration if it will…

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