The Killing Joke: A Weird Batman Connection Linked To Sandy Hook, James Holmes, Jared Miller And Alex Jones. Is A Joke Being Played On The American Public?

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: Have you ever heard the term “seeing is believing”? I kid you not sometimes I will sit here and try my hardest not to link something together or jump on the band wagon and yell conspiracy. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want my blog to become a conspiracy forum. When I come across weird connections I feel it is necessary to connect the dots to see if there is something worth digging up. Recently a rather disturbing event of mass shootings has taken place that has a weird connection to Batman. Case in point Jared Miller who did a “Joker For President Manifesto”.  Jared and his wife went on a shooting spree killing two officers and an innocent bystander before police shot Jared and his wife who turned the gun on herself, taking her own life.

Why Didn’t The Friend Report Them? Why Was He Interviewed At The Bundy Ranch Of All People? Think About It People!

If you think the link to the Joker is weird consider that many conspiracy forums were sounding the Alarm that Sandy Hook was in The Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. What are the chances that Sandy Hook would be mentioned and tied to guns, shooting, conspiracy nuts, right wing extremism, and Batman?

James Holmes colored his hair like the Joker that Heath Ledger played in the The Dark Knight Returns. He  casually went into an Aurora movie Theater during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises and killed 12 people in the process with an AR-15 on that horrific night. How can there be so many weird connections to Batman and The Joker. How does Alex Jones from Infowars play into this. I believe that maybe a game of deception may be being played on the American public.

The Joker is portrayed as a God of Chaos. It is this Chaos that Anarchy ensues and is  used to subvert a country and destroy its liberty and freedoms of its people. We finally come to the big reveal of  this drama being played before us. Do you remember when Alex Jones came out with a Poster about Obama as The Joker. The phenomenon took off

Maybe a Joke is being played on us as that same symbol that was being used on those that some many believe create chaos is being used against them   to demonize  the right, guns, and those who love Conspiracy theories. Isn’t it odd that the same character used on Conspiracy forums for those who create chaos is now being used against those very same people? Think about that Alex Jones fired the first Salvo using that Character on President Obama. Now we have lunatics who looked drugged out and confused killing people and being heavily influenced by the Joker character. Is The God of Chaos Leaving His Calling Sign and Pointing to Who Is behind the Recent Shooting Sprees?  The Joker always left a calling card on the bodies of those he killed. Maybe we should look closer at that calling card more often when these events happen. It could lead us to clues as to who may be behind these odd events.

Controversy: The poster, which depicts President Barack Obama as Batman villain The Joker has divided U.S. opinion

Thank You for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You. The inspiration for this article comes from The Vigilant Citizen. Please read the awesome article written on their website.

THE VIGILANT CITIZEN: On June 8th, a couple shot and killed two police officers inside a Las Vegas restaurant. Before opening fire, the couple reportedly yelled “This is a revolution!”. They then covered the bodies of the police officers with a yellow Gadsden “Don’t tread on me” flag, along with a note containing a swastika symbol. The shooters then entered a nearby Walmart, killed another man inside, then took their own lives.

When the murderers were identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller, media sources quickly tagged the couple as “extreme-right”, “pro-gun”, “conspiracy theorist”, “Tea Party”, “anti-Government” and “White supremacists”. Then, pictures of them emerged and things got strange.

Was the shooting the result of deranged minds who read too much stuff on the internet or was it intentionally provoked to further an agenda? A closer look at the case reveals that several facts are quite odd and “convenient”. First, there’s the “Batman” connection READ MORE:


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