Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood Teaching Teens S&M Sex: Gagging, Whipping and Asphyxiation

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Planned Parenthood continues to make headlines especially covering up sex abuse of minors. I thought they cared about helping those that oppress by the right wing psychopath who believe abortion is murder. We shouldn’t be surprise by this video. It’s not like they have never said anything wrong.

I have even heard the Planned Parenthood is not racist’s but watch video below and see for yourself how tolerant they can be towards black babies. Seriously no hate what so ever to murder black babies.



The murder of babies will continue as we remain silent. We must be the voice for those who cannot speak. The innocent who need us the most which deserve what God has bestowed upon us; The preservation of life so that they are not deny that opportunity to live. The abortion holocaust continues on a daily basis as the silent screams of the babies being ripped apart  continue to echo in the wombs of their mothers.

LIFENEWS.COM: A shocking new video Live Action released today catches the Planned Parenthood abortion business teaching teenagers about S&M-based sexual relationships and concepts such as gagging, whipping and asphyxiation.

In a series of undercover audits, Live Action investigators documented Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses advising our investigators, who the Planned Parenthood staffers thought were minors, on how to practice torture sex.

plannedparenthood73In the videos, Planned Parenthood counselors encourage undercover investigators posting as 15 and 16-year-old teens, to engage in the sadomasochistic practices, telling the underage teens  “if it’s consensual, it’s OK… it’s totally OK.”

“What we’re about to release shows a systemic, institutional problem in America’s largest abortion corporation,” Lila Rose, Live Action’s president, stated. “It’s not a matter of ‘don’t judge,’ but rather explicit endorsement of violent and harmful sexual practices to boys and girls as young as fifteen years old.”

The group complains: “Planned Parenthood consistently fights any law requiring parental consent or involvement for minors seeking sexual and reproductive health care, including abortions.  PP’s website encourages teens to circumvent their parents and the law READ MORE:

  1. Harley says:

    This is just awful. It seems like there is no shame or conscience anymore in our society. It just keeps going from bad to worse and younger and younger.

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