Bowe Burgdahl: Hero or Defector? No how about a traitor. Military men’s lives were lost searching for this deserter. This administration just doesn’t care what kind of scandal it puts its dirty hands in.

The Harley Factor

I was glad to hear the news of Bowe Burghahl’s release until I also heard that five top terrorist were being traded for his release. Then his fellow soldiers came forward and said he was a deserter and traitor. Now there is talk that Burgdahl, his father, and Obama were all involved in a scheme to free the 5 terrorists. Is it true? I can’t say for sure. We will have to wait and see what further information comes out in the future.

Darrin McBreen talks to Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs about the latest revelations that Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl collaborated with the enemy.
Evidence keeps building that the Obama administration may have traded terrorists for what some would call a traitor.
Bowe Bergdahl, the Army soldier whose capture by the Taliban five years ago led President Obama to release five terrorist
ringleaders on Saturday, not only deserted his post in…

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