Are Wildman Lurking In The Woods Of North America? Are They Responsible For The Missing People Phenomenon In National Parks Across The Country?

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  I read a story that actually gave me the Goosebumps last night about Wildman lurking in the woods of North America. Not too long ago  I reblogged a video about people disappearing from our National Parks at an alarming rate. The amazing part about this story is that the government has refused to release any information on the reason why this may be happening and denying them the truth. A FOIA was requested against the National Park Service asking for a list on missing people from their database. A flat out NO was given and to date no information has been given. There are many conspiracies theories on what may be happening, but the scariest one consist on wild men lurking in the woodlands of America.   Hers is the video of David Paulides conducting interviews on this creepy story.

Vanished Without A Trace

The story of a missing child by the name of Dennis Martin strikes fear into the hearts of parents who fear their children of  ever being kidnapped. Someone of Something may have had a hand in that disappearance.One of the most striking details of the case (and one which National Park Service documents pertaining to Martin’s disappearance failed to note) had involved a strange observation made shortly after Dennis Martin went missing, a short distance away near the area of Rowans Creek. Mr. Harold Key and his family had been walking a trail in the area looking for wildlife–in particular, any sign of black bears nearby–when they heard “an enormous, sickening scream.” Within moments, Key’s son pointed out a bear nearby, located up the ridge from them. Mr. Key, upon observing the “bear” his son had spotted, determined this to be not a bear, but a “dark figured, rough-looking man” attempting to remain concealed behind a thicket. The man, which Key didn’t manage to view in clear detail, had purportedly been carrying something over his shoulder; Harold Key, unaware of Dennis Martin’s disappearance earlier that afternoon, supposed that the figure might have been a moonshiner who had trying to hide from them.” Was a wildman/bigfoot responsible for what happened to Dennis Martin? People are disappearing at an alarming rate in the woods of North America. The government refusal to release any information on this phenomenon raises some very serious questions. Something may be lurking in the woods waiting patiently in the National Park, where people are disappearing and Wildman are being reported.  Don’t go into the woods alone!

A Baffling Mystery

MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE.ORG: “I thought it was a feral human,” Mike Wooley recalls of the incident, arguably the strangest to occur during his time as an outdoorsmen. “I had heard about them, and done some reading about them.” Recalling the events of that December day in 1981, Wooley soberly tells of something frightening that occurred in the Louisiana backwoods that changed his life.

“It was a beautiful day, a perfect day for a hunt.” Wooley arrived at his deer stand, located down an old logging road in an area he had hunted frequently, and parking his vehicle halfway down the road, he walked to his tree stand, climbed into it, and silently enjoyed the cool air of the day while waiting for signs of game in the area.

After some time, the sound of an animal crashing through the brush caught his attention. Accompanying the sounds had been a small doe, which darted directly toward his stand and nestled beneath it, breathless. Wooley initially thought the tired deer had been chased by a larger potential mate, and waited eagerly for the buck to appear so it could be claimed.

What appeared instead defied every concept of what “should” exist here in Louisiana, or anywhere else.

A tremendous humanoid, covered in short hair, appeared instead, headed directly toward the deer, and Wooley’s tree stand, seemingly unaware of the hunter resting in it above. The figure approached to just a short distance of twenty yards before it stopped and, becoming alert to Wooley’s presence, peered up at him, its face wrenching angrilyREAD MORE:

  1. Harley says:

    This story really got my attention. The story about the 2 year old who disappeared along the Umatilla river about 50 years ago got my attention because I used to live in that area for a long time. I saw a big foot in that area and there were many other sitings. Call me crazy, but it’s true.

  2. Lisa scalabrini says:

    I bought all 3 of David Paulides books, ” Missing-411 northern calif., alaska, & canada” is one, Missing-411 mid- u.s.a” is another, & “missing-411 eastern u.s.a. & 5 other countries” is the third. Got em by an internet order, 3 days after ordering. Reading the third one now. Loaned my grown daughter the first two, theyre all very thick books- she read them, wants to read the last one too. Hes an excellent writer & right to the point about it all. The most important book purchases Ive rver made. Everyone should read his books. Your life & your loved-ones lives may depend on it, that I promise you.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thanks Lisa on the heads up on the books. I have not read them, but am itching to get a copy of them. Maybe I can do a contest for some of my readers for the book. I have heard nothing but good stuff about Daivid

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