IS NASA AND THE VATICAN GETTING READY FOR ALIEN DISCLOSURE: NASA Ready To Communicate With Aliens And The Vatican Is Awaiting An Alien Savior.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS AND VIDEOS:   The idea of Aliens existing has always fascinated me when I was a child. Movies like Aliens, Independence Day, and Close Encounter of The Third Kind has being ingrained in me to believe there is something out there in our vast universe. There is no way that Aliens cannot exist with so many earths like planets surrounding this massive universe. When I became a Christian that all changed my perception of what Aliens were. I wanted to know what part if any, Aliens could have in the eyes of God and the Bible. As I conducted an investigation into the phenomenon, a shocking truth was revealed to me that could not be ignored. The true identity of these heavenly creatures I believed to be from outer space knocked me to my feet. They were heavenly creatures, but not the ones that we have been conditioned to believe. I struggled with this realization when I realized that fallen Angels could be playing a deceptive role into the whole Alien Agenda. The truth was being revealed to me. It was hard to believe such a concept. Why not? We see the world through man’s eyes and not God’s.



Armed with this truth I would start a conversation with friends and family members to understand what they believed about Aliens from different worlds. To my shock a lot of them believed in them even though they couldn’t prove their existence. I would inject myself into the discussion to tell them that there was a possibility that we were being deceived and that Aliens were demonic in nature. I was met with ridicule and was called foolish. I wasn’t surprise, since we have never been given an opportunity to believe there might be something else involved according to man. They never saw the spiritual possibility before them. I guess some people would rather believe a lie, than look through the eyes of God. They like many other could fall for that strong delusion spoken of by God: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie 2 Thessalonians 2:11. I don’t need you to believe me. I hope that you would double check what I write on my blog to come to a sound decision. What good does it do you if you don’t arm yourself with truth and understand with what may be taking place. Would you be able to see it through God’s eye and not man’s?



Now we come to another conclusion that may be taking place. That is of Alien disclosure. Why is there such a push between NASA and the Vatican to tell the world that Aliens are real. Pope Francis recently revealed that he would baptize a Martian if one came to him. “That was unthinkable. If – for example – tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here… Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them… And one says, ‘But I want to be baptized!’ What would happen? “Who are we to close doors? In the early Church, even today, there is the ministry of the ostiary [usher]. And what did the ostiary do? He opened the door, received the people, allowed them to pass. But it was never the ministry of the closed door, never.” -Pope Francis.  There are reports that the Vatican has always been waiting for an Alien savior to appear.



Topple this with NASA releasing  a book about Ancient carvings that could have been done by Aliens and the planet could be in for a shock that will literally change religious minds and  the very faith that we have about God. In the book Douglas A. Vakoch says that, “Consider again, therefore, the desirability of establishing symbolic/linguistic communication with ETI [Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence]. It is helpful to review some parallels from human existence that pose problems for us today. One of these is “rock art,” which consists of patterns or shapes cut into rock many thousands of years ago. Such ancient stone carvings can be found in many countries […]

We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns [above] signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them. For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens. Here are the carvings in question

NASA is getting ready to communicate with aliens (Update 4)

NASA is getting ready to communicate with aliens (Update 4)


The stage is being set for you to believe that Aliens are real. I don’t expect you to believe me either on the Fallen Angel/Demonic connection to UFO’s. I would hope that you question what may be transpiring. It will rock your belief system to the very core when disclosure happens. I just want to leave you with one thought. Imagine for a moment people disappearing en masse around the world. The majority of people disappearing seem to be Christians in faith. How would you explain that to the world if you were the ruler of this planet? Would you tell them that Aliens took them, since we have been conditioned to believe that idea? Or would you tell them that they have been raptured and taken to heaven to escape the wrath of God. A strong delusion is coming and you need to prepare yourself for the biggest deception that will rock this planet.

GIZMODO.COM: “We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns [above] signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them. For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens.” When a new NASA book on alien communications has a paragraph like that, you better pay attention.

Read the update at the end of the article

Of course, the scientists and scholars who contributed to Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communications—a new 300-page volume [1.8MB PDF] edited by Douglas A. Vakoch—are not saying these carvings were made by aliens. They’re saying that, since we don’t really know the origin and meaning of these markings—which were made thousands of years ago all cross Europe, America and India—we can assume that they are made by aliens as a test to what we may encounter when we actually make contact with a civilization from another planet READ MORE:


  1. Harley says:

    Reblogged this on The Harley Factor and commented:
    Satan is a great deciever and continues to decieve men and nations, but one day he will be bound in chains as the Lord said and will decieve the nations no longer. What a glorious day that will be. In the mean time we must continue to be salt and light to a dieing world and tell the truth to all who will listen.

  2. thussun says:

    I Have ascended. Alien Savior is a lie. I am man. I am Christ in the flesh. I am God.

  3. thussun says:

    Yehushua. The book of Joshua.

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