Elliot Rodgers-An American Psycho: A Sandy Hook Connection, Girls Hate Me (Videos), Parents Raced To Stop Him, And Did He Channel Satan.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINK AND VIDEOS: The story of Elliot Rodgers gets more bizarre as this rich spoiled brat decdied to play a God and take the lives of innocent people in the process. He angers towards girls is revealed in many YouTube video. He called himself “The Supreme Gentleman”.


This young man believed that girls hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. Elliot Rodgers had it all. Private Paties, flying in style, BMW, and everything this spoiled rich man could ever dream up except the love of a woman. He was conceited, shallow and a sociopath.


Under the YouTUBE description above he wrote, “Girls have never seemed to have any interest in me, and I want to know why. I’m such a perfect, beautiful, fabulous guy. I should never have had any problems with girls, but I do, and I find that ridiculous.” There are parallels between Rodger and the Columbine High School killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who fantasised about the idea that a movie would be made about their lives. Elliot lived in a make believe world that eventually became his downfall. He became the movie star he desperately was seeking to become. He let his selfish desires cloud his reality that in turned made him psychotic. His warped mind eventually made him the star of a movie he adored. He became  An American Psycho! Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.


  “Tomorrow is the day I will have revenge on humanity.”  “I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species. If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you to mountains of skulls and rivers of blood, and rightfully so. You deserve to be annihilated, and I will give that to you.”-Elliot Rodgers

FREE REPUBLIC.COM: Not a lot of surprises here, the pattern continues.


Suzanne Collins is the author of The Hunger Games, and – you guessed it – in real life she actually lives in Sandy Hook, CT.

Peter Rodger, Elliot Rodger’s father, was Assistant Director of the movie.

The movie’s director, Gary Ross, is the son of Arthur Ross, who also was a screenwriter, and blacklisted during the Red Scare era.

Suzanne Collins wrote the book, and then apparently co-wrote the screenplay for the movie with the lesbian Hollywood executive Nina Jacobson.


Susan’s father was in the Air Force, and reportedly “traumatised” by service in Viet Nam (full story at link below) READ MORE: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3159884/posts

“Once women are brought to their knees, things can be reformed. The sooner this happens, the better.” Elliot Rodger


DAILY MAIL ONLINE: The parents of Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger had read his chilling manifesto and were frantically trying to stop their son carry out his plan when they heard of the massacre on the radio, it emerged Sunday.

The 22-year-old had emailed the 140-page document to a couple of dozen people including his parents and at least one of his therapists just hours before he went on his shooting rampage Friday night, family friend Simon Astaire told CNN.

Lichin Rodger, the suspect’s mother, reportedly received the email at 9:17 p.m. and immediately went on to her son’s YouTube page where she found the newly uploaded video titled ‘Retribution’ which describes his plan of ‘slaughtering’ women at a sorority house at the University of California at Santa Barbara READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2639177/Parents-shooter-read-manifesto-driving-stop-son-heard-massacre-radio-revealed-investigators-search-moms-house.html

Now, I will be a god compared to you. You’ll all be animals. You are animals. I will slaughter you like animals, and I’ll be a god, extracting my retribution on all those who deserve it. And you do deserve it, just for the crime of living a better life than me. All you popular kids. You’ve never accepted me, now you all will pay for it. […]  Look at me, I’m gorgeous.[…] I’m 22 years old and still a virgin, never even kissed a girl. And through college, 2½ years, more than that actually, I’m still a virgin. It has been very torturous….”- Elliot Rodgers

WND.COM: In the biblical account of the Garden of Eden, the ancient serpent – later described as “the devil, or Satan” – tempted the first humans by declaring if they defied their Creator, “Ye shall be as gods.”

Those haunting words were echoed in a video released by Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old suspect in an Isla Vista, California, shooting that killed seven, including the shooter, May 23.

“I will be a god compared to you,” Rodger declares in the haunting video posted to YouTube only hours before the shooting. “You are animals, and I will slaughter you like animals. I’ll be a god, exacting my retribution.

Rodger’s video is a chilling manifesto of loneliness, hatred and revenge, spurred on, he says, by college girls who repeatedly rejected his sexual advances. College, he says, is a time of “hedonistic pleasures” that these girls denied him, and thus, they deserve to die READ MORE: http://www.wnd.com/2014/05/co-ed-killer-boasts-ill-be-a-god/#D3iAsi8RCDCHssjI.99

  1. an incredibly sad situation

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