Pope Francis To Have Mass Over The Tomb Of King David.

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The long awaited visit of Pope Francis to Israel has arrived. Many claim that the Israel will hand over the Tomb of Kind David when the Pope arrives. Why the push for the tomb of king David? Do not forget the Pope has a seat over the tomb. Read this article here http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12814#.U4GCLvldXy1  He will conduct Mass from this seat as the agreement has been in place for more than a year. When this story broke Israle National News wrote that,According to our sources, the agreement, which is expected to be ratified next June, gives the Pope a “special authority” over the second floor of the building, so that Christian pilgrims will be able to celebrate religious functions like Pope John Paul did in 2000. The agreement constitutes Israel’s capitulation to the Vatican’s efforts to “Christianize” the holy site, like when a Catholic convent was built in Auschwitz.”

Some will look at this as nothing more than a claim for the Vatican to control the room where Jesus and his disciples had the last supper. It is more than that. Remember the Pope has a seat in that room. Could this be the long awaited seat of the Antichrist? Prophetic events are manifesting before us and the world is missing the warning signs as it continues it march with its destiny with God. Keep your eye on Israel, because we could be witnessing some very historic events. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You

MCCLATCHYDC.COM: The Cenacle, named for the Latin word for dinner, is testament to the layers of religious history in Jerusalem _ and the trouble that competing faiths can cause.

According to tradition, it was in the Cenacle that Jesus ate a Passover feast the night before his Crucifixion, instituting the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion. But Christians aren’t the only ones who revere the site.

On the first floor is a Jewish shrine to King David, who’s said to be buried in a crypt below. The Cenacle’s stained-glass windows are filled with Arabic calligraphy, evidence that it once housed a mosque. A decommissioned minaret rises from the top floor to the sky.

When Pope Francis says Mass in the room Monday, the last day of a whirlwind tour of the Holy Land that will begin Saturday in Jordan, he’ll do it against a backdrop of recent protest rallies by observant Jews who are upset at what they fear is a Roman Catholic effort to assert control over the building READ MORE: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/05/23/228298/popes-plan-to-say-mass-in-jerusalem.html#storylink=cpy

  1. Harley says:

    This is so irritating. If the pope isn’t the anit-christ himself, it shows the true anti-christ spirit that the pope has. It seems to be ignored that the pope does not speak for all Christians. There is no Palistinian state and should never be. Jerusalem is truely a cup of trembling like the Bible said it would be.

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