RED ALERT!! DID NUCLEAR DEVICE EXPLODE OFF JAPANESE COAST? Military Exercise May Have Been Conducted, But Not With Nuclear Devices.

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More Info coming on story. If you can translate please let me know. It seems like a Military exercised was conducted. There is very little info on the story. There are some who claim it might be a volcano releasing a mushroom cloud into the sky. If you can help out with story please leave comment below.  

What is it??

Here is a link that some claim could be a natural Event

Japans News Reports It

A commentator by the name of John Taka translated the video and claims that: she says there is an island called bird island 28km north of Kume Island and this island is used for bombing and firing range by US army.So residents of Kume Island are used to seeing blast cloud but never seen anything this scale.besides the defence council of Okinawa says they weren’t  given any pre-caution notice from them.funny she didn’t mention about the possibility of volcanic activity.

This goes hand and hand with the Okinawa time news article that was translated to English. Here is the link but I would put the translation in English beneath the link

Around 10:30 am] [Kume the 21st, there was a 110th report “black smoke is seen off the coast of northern Kume Island, there was a sound of explosion,” the man from the town of Kume.

 According to (19), explosion of “Dawn” is heard twice, to the sea to the north of the city, saw the “big black smoke,” If you turn around men who have witnessed from the mountain road construction site of Uegusuku the same town north. Then rolling over the ground a few seconds, sounds like the engine sound of fighter that Go~tsu that, I heard.

Man said, “I’ve heard that the explosion like that there is no” he said. The 28 km north of the town, there is a field morphism Torishima bombing of the U.S. military. Town hall is said, “Can not say for sure where the explosion, it is believed to be a bombing field morphism Torishima” he said.

Okinawa Defense Bureau has been described as “responded the U.S. military, not to conduct special training.”


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