The Illuminati Billboard Awards Of 2014: Was The Gospel Of the Beast Preached At The Billboard Awards?

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It looks like the King of pop has return from the Dead. Don’t worry though it is just a hologram. I found it odd that The King was sitting on a chair and below him was a pyramid shape display. You see the hologram change as the uncapped pyramid becomes a flight of stairs. He was filling the missing capstone. No, Michael Jackson is not the Antichrist, but what I feel they are trying to convey is that their King (not Michael Jackson) will return from the dead to fulfill the missing capstone. Notice the Sun symbols all around on the stage. They represent the Sun God Ra. I also noticed the devil dancing around Michael Jackson. It leaves no doubt the role the devil will play as he possesses this false king at the end times. Watch the video for yourself.

Michael Jackson Returns From The Dead

Of course we can’t have a False God unless the world is united under one rule. This is the feel good false premise that together we can overcome our problems. Why, Isn’t that what is to come when the Antichrist makes the whole world bow down to him. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world Revelation 13:7-8.  Here we have Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez telling us and the whole world that “We Are One”. They should be careful what they wish for.

We Are One 

I mean if you still doubt my story you can view Katy Perry’s song where she has a colorful pyramid in the background flashing the 666 sign across it. I don’t know what a pyramid and 666 have to do with birthday, but I leave it to Katy Perry to explain that. We all know what the bible says about the number 666. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six Revelation 13:18. This is just more confirmation that even they know who they worship. They deny God and his existence but acknowledge the false hope that will be cast into the lake of fire. How sad is it to believe in him and not in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday, Now Let Me Flash The Beast Number


If I didn’t know it any better it felt like the gospel of the Antichrist was being preached at the billboard awards. This Gospel consists of a False God that will make his appearance unto the world. He will unite the whole world and deceive us. This God will be nothing more than a man that was known in Egypt as the Sun God Ra. Thy await for his eventual return and rebirth to fulfill the missing capstone on top of that pyramid. Sad though is that the missing capstone they so desperately seek actually reveals the true identity of who that person is. And have ye not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner Mark 12:10. The bible never mentions Jesus being the missing capstone of the pyramid, but does mention the capstone that the builders have rejected. Could the pyramid be a prophecy of this missing capstone?

Mike Dice Brutal Commentary On  Billboard Awards

More illuminated Signs

I am very aware that I will be criticized for what I just wrote. Hey, it’s up to you, the reader to investigate the material and prove me wrong. I am not telling you to believe me. I am telling you to look deeper into what you may be viewing. You must always be vigilant and on your toes of what you read and view. All I ask is that you seek truth. If you seek truth there isn’t any door that God wouldn’t open for you to reveal what’s behind it. Please leave comments good or bad because I would love to hear your reaction. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.

  1. Paula says:

    I am in agreement with the boldness you portray for truth in Christ and keeping His sheep informed. You are doing what is required of us as Christians in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t stop what you’re doing, for God is with you and will uphold you with His Mighty right hand.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thank you Paula. That is one of the nicest compliments I have ever had. It means alot to me. I dont ask people to believe me what I write. I ask that they seek truth in understanding why I see the things the way I do. If you agree with me than pick up your Bible and seek truth. If you dont than that is up to them. Its their own choice and will. I hope you stop by again Paula. God Bless You

      • Cheri Ann says:

        The scriptures proclaim, We will be judged and it is a sin not to inform and save souls, Google God your questions using the keywords, the bible scriptures. This is how I god answers when I hear his voice directing me. It really works, Remember, He says seek and ye shall be set free.

  2. Cheri Ann says:

    Joe, We need to get the word out, And I believe this is the a good place to get started. In fact, God informed 13 weeks ago to get out of the American (Roman seduced) (Sun)day worshiping churches. God’s Forth Commandment specifically says, “REMEMBER, My Sabbath, TO keep it Holy.” No other of the 10 commandment proclaim this, because this is God’s story board from the Book of the Bible, The 6000 year story of Mankind, God’s Word. In fact, You are right on when you sort of proclaimed Michael Jackson (The Vessel of a man, Temple) Second Man Child sent to earth to comfort the children, Is the Vessel of the AntiChrist. I will be sending you to some sites when I get done with my testimony that God has been sharing with me this last 13 weeks. 13, (The number of the devil). The day CNN proclaimed the 500, Million dollar completion of the Washington Monument (representative of the ‘penis’ of Satan. The opening of the Las Vegas show Michael Jackson’s Xscape, and the album. God has revealed many things relating to what is coming very, very, soon. When you have the light of God, You see all the symbolisms of coming events in the commercials, cartoons, music, theater movies, sitcoms, and even what the scripts spoken from the ‘elite’ driven news channels, (associated press, and Reuters). The night before the music awards I posted a video that God had brought to my attention when I Googled the question, “Dear Lord God, How would you like me to inform mankind of the AntiChrist, False Prophet?” And at the time, I still did not know how in fact, the fulfillment of the seed of the devil, from the pit was going to get into the scripture’s proclaimed “empty vessel of the man.” In the blog I will be revealing at the bottom of my post, The book of Revelation’s “Second Man Child” who walked on the earth as the “comforter of children”, who was recognized by the elite in his early performing years, shared (HiStory) in all his lyrics in his music and videos. In scripture Jesus tells us about his father sending the ‘Holy Spirit’ to walk on the earth and inform Mankind of the coming events of the Book of Revelation, The Rest of the Story, Which did not end when Christ Jesus, the incarnation of our Lord God, In the flesh and blood, and cleanse the sins of mankind. But, without knowing scripture, This is not all you need to know to survive the deceit and tricks that the devil has been setting up in his goal to steal as many souls for the ‘Lake of Fire, For Time and Eternity’, That the Devil knows is his final destination. So, The Lord God Sent this ‘Man Child’, to walk on the earth, Spread the news of the Story Board events of why he was here and what he was going to become after he had left in 2009. See, Michael Jackson, Jackson meaning (Jacob), as in Jacobs Ladder. Our DNA, What the Devil changed in the Temple, Vessel of the ‘Second Man Child’, Comforter of Mankind, and ruined his character, his face, defiled his name, Like a sacrificial ‘Lamb’, That he was. But he tricked the devil, disappeared, changed his mind, ruined the ‘Elites’ plan. Michaels’ Soul and Spirit were exalted back to the Kingdom of Heaven, Where are at this very moment, Michael, The Lord’s Arch Angel, and his angels are in a supernatural war with the Devil, and his army and will soon be thrown down to earth for a time. The night before the Music awards, God sent me a video that revealed that the middle Giza Pyramid, Down to the bottom where the water flows into the Nile River, was found a few years ago, the crypt of the ‘ANTIChrist of OLD’, NIMROD. He was in the middle of Four Pillars, When they removed the crypt, They indeed found the ‘Bottomless Pit’. So now we know how they got the seed of the ‘Demon’, Abaddon, (Appolyon), That would be place in a sacrificial ritual of a child, right on National TV, For the whole world to view. Katy Perry placed the child, who’s birthday was the 18th of May, She Placed her in the middle of the Four Pillars, Just like the video I placed on my Facebook page revealing the ‘Beast’, and the Pit. Then the demons surround the sacrificial child with fire shaped candle posts and in a ritual, sang Happy Birthday to the Beast that would be revealed a few minutes later, Michael Jackson, The God OF Saturn, On the Thrown of Zues, Singing to “HER”, the Devil. Through out the whole show the women commentators and even LORDE Royals and Meili Cyrus we dressed in the falling angel wings. Because the three musical events, Michael, Katy, and Mieli, were all Holograms, The real sacrifice of the child and the seed implanted in the “Vessel of the Man” were probably held at the Vatican, “Hell Central.” In scriptures it talks about how the ‘twins will fall”, (The Twin Towers). Every Christian and their mother is waiting for the ‘Third Temple to be built in Israel, But in fact, It was already completed in America, The “One World Temple”, In the New Babylon, America, That was told on May 13, (Devils Number) that it would open on the 19th, The day after the seed of the (AntiChist and ritual were proclaimed on National TV in front of the whole WORLD, ONE WORLD ORDER mentioned many times through out the show. There is a plan to deceive Mankind into believing that Michael Jackson has been risen from the dead, Soooo Well love by many, Including me, (I still LOVE His Soul, And Spirit that is exalted in Heaven, But many will turn against Christ, He will be the Lord of the Muslims, and 200 million strong Muslims, about 12 percent of the religion of Islam will cause war against the Christians and Jews of Israel and many will be fooled into following the Laws of Marshall Law and Go to Church on Sundays, take the DNA changing CHIP, and Have the rubbed on Tatoo that will all be the Mark of the Beast and the fallen will be thrown in the Lake of Fire on the ‘Day of the Lord, Real Soon, Following the Red Moons, and the Torahs, Moses Hebrew Calendar, God’s appointments with Mankind. Most of mankind do not know their Bible, The Calendar and Holy Days of Old, The Ten Commandments that Jesus proclaims in the New Testiment Scriptures that Mankind, even in Latter Generations are suppose to know and follow. Having a relationship with our Lord God IS Your ticket to Heaven and the new promised ever lasting life on the NEW Earth after God Sends the DEVIL, Fallen Angels, and the fallen souls to the ‘Lake of Fire for Time and Eternity’. God Put all this information on me in the last 13 weeks, And Prophecies, Moon, Sun, and Star Signs are all IN front of our Eyes every single day. OPEN Your eyes to the truth and with Prayer, Faith, Repentance and Righteous behavior you will be In Christ, Your Holy Spirit, The Church of Christ, The Bride OF Christ. Save as many souls as you can, The Rememption time God allotted in the 6000 years of Mankind are almost over, Then Jesus will shut the Door. God Bless. Start right here and read every one of Bonnie, God’s servant that has taken on the “Rest of the Story”, The Book of Michael.…..–Identity of AntiChrist Revealed — Nimrod. file:///Users/Cheri/Downloads/2014-15%20Unprecedented%20Blood%20Moons%20|%20Blood%20Moons%20Coming.html — Great Information and Graphs of Blood Moons Now and Ancient.

    • joecruzmn says:

      wow.. U saw something even i couldn’t see. Could you please direct me the the four pillars concerning Nimrod and the bottomless pit. I am truly fascinated with that. Thank you for replying. I forgot to mention, it never dawned on me about the birthday sacrifice and the candles. Now it made a lot of sense to me

      • Cheri Ann says:

        Identity of AntiChrist Revealed — Nimrod.

        Please Go to Bonnies blog, She has been with God, Finishing the Story of Michael from when he left us in 2009. His story and revelations are in all his songs. TORTURE!!!

  3. Cheri Ann says:

    I just read my post, Just want to add a bit more. We all need to realize that ‘The flesh’ we have here on Earth, Is going to be going through Tribulation and Pain, With learning the truth, building a shield of armor through scripture, worship, assembly with other children of God, and becoming a martyr, Having our heads cut off during the Marshall Law times, Dying for Christ Jesus, Who suffered and died for all of Mankind. Do not worry about your carcass here on Earth, Save Your “GOD FEARing Soul!!!!! Christians, Read, Search for the truths, American Churches worship Sun Gods, The symbolisms are absolutely every where in the foundation of the churches. The scriptures tell us that NO mans hands build Christ’s Church, Bride!!! Good Luck, and God Bless. Save Souls My Sisters and Brothers.

  4. The Food Pyramid Is a LIE says:

    There is definitely some not so funny buisness going on… why on earth must the be using the image of Michael Jackson of all people to do it? It hurts me to see him mocked like this. to use MJ’s words from “We’ve Had Enough” let me express how I feel about Michael- “That’s my brother baby” when they hurt him it feels like they are hurting my brother. They messed him over so bad in life why couldn’t they just leave him be.. listen to “We’ve Had Enough” it’s a beautiful song.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Hi food and thanks for your reply. Sad what they have truly done to Michael Jackson. Truly sad how I felt yes he was mocked. Thanks for your reply my friend and I hope you come back

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