Operation American Spring. The New American Revolution.

The Harley Factor

Retired Col. Harry Riley seems to be a leading force in this growing movement called Operation American Spring. The grass-roots of America are getting fed up with the destruction of our country thru the disregard of the Constitution, massive over reach of the government, overwhelming debt, and corrupt politicians who have only their interests and the interests of the New World Order at heart.

It is reported that over 1 million militia members and other Patriots from all over the country are going to attend this march on Washington DC. As usual, the main stream media seems to be ignoring this movement, even Fox. Weather that many will actually be there remains to be seen. What ever is happening is happening now, over this weekend. I will be watching for the results of this in the coming days. One thing is clear, there are many God-fearing, Constitutional loving Americans that feel that same way as these…

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