All I can say is wow. You need to see it to believe it!

AN Unlikely Hero Comes To The Rescue

DAILYMAIL ONLINE: An astonishing video has shown the moment that a family’s cat came to the rescue of their four-year-old son after he was viciously attacked by a neighbor’s dog.

Jeremy Triantafilo was sitting on his bicycle outside his family’s home in Bakersfield, California on Tuesday when the dog escaped its home through an open gate and crept up on him from behind.

Surveillance footage, which Jeremy’s father uploaded to YouTube, shows the dog grabbing the boy’s leg and pulling him to the ground before violently shaking him with his teeth clamped tight READ MORE:  Hero: Tara the cat sits for her first interview with Jeremy, whose bandaged leg can be seen

SKY NEWS: A tabby cat has been hailed a hero by her owners after saving their four-year-old son from a vicious dog attack.

Tara’s bravery was captured on a home CCTV system and quickly went viral when the footage was posted on the internet.

Some viewers questioned whether she had put the title man’s best friend in contention after sprinting to defend Jeremy Triantafilo from a dog much larger than herself READ MORE:

  1. The best thing I’ve seen all month. Hands down!

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