Newtown School Board Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorists And Is Connecticut Trying to Hide Sandy Hook Truth: Why Is There A Conspiracy Theory Concerning Sandy Hook?

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS AND VIDEOS:   What is behind the drive in the alternate media to prove that The Sandy Hook School shooting was a hoax and a fraud. Why do so many believe that some of the children weren’t killed on that fateful day? Does the Alternate Media expect us to believe that no children were killed? If that is the case than how do you get a whole town be in on the conspiracy?    The conspiracy theorists went wild when the FBI released their report on the Sandy Hook shooting that was heavily redacted. This only made the situation with the conspiracy theorists even worse. By redacting so much info this gave fuel to the fire that a something was amiss. Here is a sample of what I mean.


Add that to the charity work popping up days before the shooting makes it hard for people to believe that something isn’t right. Here is a screen shot of a charity popping days before the shooting.


This is only just the tip of the iceberg on some things that are very odd concerning the Sandy Hook Massacre. Now do I believe there was a school shooting? Yes, I do believe children were killed and hurt in that senseless act of terror. What I don’t understand are all these weird unanswered questions and odd happenings that need answers. I am sure someone can explain it all away and answer some of the more pressing and strange occurrence with the Sandy Hook tragedy. If you would like to give your two cents on the situation concerning the event in Sandy Hook please leave a comment below. I would love to hear if you believe there is a conspiracy or not. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.


What Is Going On? Why Wont You Let Us In


DISCOVERY NEWS: Ever since the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, wild conspiracies have circulated claiming that the massacre was a hoax and a fraud. Twenty children and six adults were shot, and grieving families of the dead children have been accused of being paid actors in a scripted drama.


In the weeks and months following the Newtown shooting a loosely formed group of conspiracy theorists called the Sandy Hook Truther movement formed to promote evidence of what it claimed was a cover-up. The specific claims vary from person to person but typically suggest that the school shooting never happened — or if it did happen, it didn’t happen as described in the government’s “official story.”


Double Revolving Doors Block Armed Intruders


In a “quest for truth” at a public board of education meeting earlier this week, conspiracy theorists took the opportunity to air their questions and complaints. According to an article in the Connecticut Post, “A dozen or so self-described skeptics of official accounts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting appeared Tuesday night at the Board of Education meeting, each taking the allotted three minutes to address pointed questions to board members. Wolfgang Halbig, the most prominent member of the group, raised questions about everything from the scale of police response that day to their refusal to accept his expert help in analyzing the event. He suggested that his legitimate efforts to get answers have been thwarted, and accused board members of toeing an official READ MORE:

Why Are They Stonewalling? Are They Really Hiding Something?

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INFOWARS: For over a year, former educator, US Customs agent and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig has been on a painstaking mission to uncover the truth behind what really happened in Newtown, Conn., on December 14, 2012 – the day the world was told 20 schoolchildren and 6 staff members were shot and killed by a 20-year-old weighing just above 110 pounds.

Halbig has narrowed down a list of 16 questions which he has yet been unable to get answered.

Last week, the former school principal and a group of his supporters headed to the crime scene in an effort to bring those questions to the attention of the Newtown Board of Education. Not surprisingly, he was met by a strong police presence and a deluge of negative press that, instead of investigating his research, was more concerned with painting him as a conspiracy loon READ MORE:

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    Another example of the performance of the Dept. of Education. This time, instead of a SWAT team to collect student loans, they are hiding the truth. Why? That’s a good question.

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