3RD CASE OF MERS CONFIRMED IN AMERICA: US reports third case of potential MERS virus, President Obama Brief On Situation, And Is The Mers Virus A PSYOP Attack To Scare The American Public (Video)

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEO: A third case of the Mers Virus has been confirmed in the US. To date the MERS virus has sickened at least 538 people in 14 countries.  A health advisory has been issued for all US Airports as the Federal Government steps up measures to prevent its spread. Are we witnessing a serious breach of the virus that will spread across the US? Is the Virus something we need to truly worry about? Is it all a PSY-Op Attack to scare the American Public?


The fear factor seems to be rising about the Virus. It is a very scary thing to contract this potentially deadly disease. It looks like a more wait and see approach as health officials seem to be handling the situation very well. The virus does not seem to be spreading out of the areas where it is  being reported. I truly feel that the Virus has been contained and the possibility of it spreading will be prevented. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.



YAHOO.COM: A third potential case of the dangerous Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS), has been found in the United States, health authorities said Tuesday.

“Two of the 20 team members exposed to the confirmed MERS patient are showing symptoms,” said Geo Morales, spokesman for the Orlando hospital where one infected patient was treated.

“One of the two has been admitted to the hospital but is in stable condition. The other was treated and discharged and is following precautions at home. All 20 team members have been tested and we are expecting those results within the next day or two,” the spokesman added.

The second infected US patient was confirmed as such May 10. The man, 44, is a health care worker who resides and works in Saudi Arabia, who traveled by plane May 1 from Jeddah to London, England, then to Boston, Atlanta, and Orlando, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told reporters READ MORE:http://news.yahoo.com/us-reports-third-case-potential-mers-virus-221726835.html

BREITBART: The White House underlined that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is taking the threat of MERS coronavirus very seriously and is working in close coordination with local health authorities.

On Monday, the second US case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which has killed at least 145 people elsewhere, was confirmed.

US President Barack Obama has been briefed by his advisers on the deadly syndrome and the two US cases.

“The president has been briefed on this development. The CDC is taking the current situation very seriously and is working in close coordination with local health authorities,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said READ MORE:http://www.breitbart.com/system/wire/upi20140514-084508-7474


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