INDOCTRINATION: Children Bowing Down To The Sun God, A Father Takes A Stand On A Pornographic Book, And Rewriting History. The Schools Of The Future In America Are Here

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: The Indoctrination of our children is being revealed for everyone to see. I understand that there are certain things children will be exposed to. We all understand that eventually the big talk about the Birds and the Bees will come, but the child should not have to read it from a book before the parents are able to explain what it is. It is a right that is being taken away from you.

The School system is now being overrun by a group of individual who believe that they know more about raising your child than you do, in matters of faith, religion, and thinking. These children are being indoctrinated with ideas that move their hearts away from God.  The Indoctrination of our children will only increase at a rapid rate. Soon our history will be written away from our books and whatever was left of America will be a distant past of its former self. It’s happening now and it will only get worse.

WND.COM: A California school district is going too far when it has public school students “bowing to the sun god” and participating in “liturgical/ritual religious practices” aimed at having them “become one with god,” according to a brief filed with an appeals court.

The National Center for Law and Policy is taking their fight over the Ashtanga yoga teachings of Encinitas Union School District to the Fourth District Court of Appeal in California after a district judge said the school program is religious, but officials can teach it anyway.

The Jois Foundation, also known as Somina, has partnered with the district “to develop an Ashtanga yoga program to replace traditional physical education,” according to the brief filed on behalf of students and parents in the district.

Among the founders was Sonia Tudor Jones, an ardent devotee of yoga who wanted to “spread the gospel of Ashtanga through the country and even internationally.” Jones worked on a plan for a three-year “scientific study” in the schools using the religious program READ MORE:


 LIFESITENEWS.COM – The father of a Gilford High School student was arrested at a school board meeting on Monday night after objecting that the school had assigned his 14-year-old daughter to read a pornographic book without his knowledge or consent.

William Baer, an attorney who moved to New Hampshire from New Jersey, registered his complaint about the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, which includes a graphic depiction of sex between two teenagers, at the local school board meeting.

He asked the school board to read the offending passage, but members refused.

He also wanted to ask members why the school’s ninth grade English teacher had the class read the material without sending out notice – a policy the school had followed in previous years – but board members turned away questions. Instead, they said the question violated protocol and told Baer that his two minute time allotment had expired.

Another parent, Joe Wernig, said he supported the reading of the 2007 book, warning that if the school board bends, ”these people will be dictating what we can and cannot read.”


“That’s absurd,” Baer replied from his seat. “Nobody’s talking about censoring the book. Nobody’s talking about banning the book or burning the book, or anything READ MORE:

THE BLAZE:The Rialto school district in California is under fire over a stunning eighth-grade assignment that asked students to write an argumentative essay about the Holocaust and “whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”

The thoroughly debunked idea that the Holocaust was nothing more than a “hoax” created by the Jews has long been alleged by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.

The San Bernardino Sun first reported on the 18-page assignment that gives students three sources to use to write their essays. One of the sources reportedly alleges the gassings in concentration camps were a “hoax” and there is no evidence Jews actually died in gas chambers READ MORE:

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