“Yes, They Were Born That Way”
Is there a possibility people have a gay gene Or is it a choice to be gay. Let the debate rage

The Harley Factor

Wait!! Before you start thinking I’ve totally lost my mind and possibly my faith, let me explain. There has been an on going attempt by science to discover the “Gay” gene to validate the behavior. So far the results have been at best inconclusive.

I would submit to you that they are looking for the wrong gene. They should be looking for the SIN gene, which is present in all of us. It just reveals itself in different ways. We don’t have to be taught to lie, or steal. It comes naturally to us humans, so why wouldn’t the sin of homosexuality come natural to quite a few people these days in the same way. So in that context, they were born that way.

We were all born with a sin nature. We have to be taught to be good and then we still fail. Thank God he sent His son…

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  1. Harley says:

    As our country slips legally into this perverted life style choice, gays continued to try to scientifically justify themselves. There have been scientific studies on why people commit violence and murder too, but the bottom line is we all have a sin nature from birth and only God can change us thru his Spirit, not science. It is a spiritual battle individually and nationally.

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