DOLLAR MELTDOWN U.S.A: Military Training For Possibility Of US Dollar Collapse, Russians Conspired to Collapse Dollar (Video), And The Dollar Will Crash In A Matter Of Months

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOS: Is the US Government and NATO training for the possibility of the collapse of the dollar? There has been talk of an Economic Collapse, since the 2008 recession. There are those who believe we are near to this event. The first to go will be the dollar. It will become worthless and the once mighty reserve will be in ashes. There will be countries involved that will gleefully help usher in this collapse. Waiting for the moment to see America burn. Look for the signs that may be coming very soon. Always keep your eyes open on the financial district. It is just a matter of time when we see a collapse of the dollar and American society falling apart.


US Military Training For Possibility Of US Dollar Collapse

ZEROHEDGE: It almost happened in 2008… but as this excerpt from Casey Research’s Meltdown America documentary notes, it appears the US military is preparing for the potential collapse of the US dollar. As Scott Taylor warns, “…if the carrot (of credit worthiness) is fading, and the stick (of military threat) is weak, that empire is going to come down in a hurry…” which leaves a serial economic mis-manager only one option to ‘secure’ the empire.

To see what the consequences of economic mismanagement can be, and how stealthily disaster can creep up on you, watch the 30-minute documentary, Meltdown America READ MORE:

Russia Conspired To Destroy Dollar

KING WORLD NEWS: With continued turmoil and uncertainty in global markets, today KWN is publishing another important piece that was written by a 60-year market veteran.  The Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, made this ominous prediction, “In a matter of months, I see the dollar crashing.”  Russell also stated that he is buying all of the physical gold and silver he can, “while they are still available.”

Russell: “For the benefit of new subscribers, I want to state my position.  I think the bear market that started in 2007 was interrupted, BUT NOT ENDED, by the Fed.  Somewhere ahead, I believe this bear market will run to conclusion.  I also believe that the great recession never ended, but was masked by the “manufacture” rally in the stock market.  Thus the reason that the Fed cannot produce its much-wanted 2% inflation is that the deflationary pressure of the great recession is still in force.  The stock market continues to struggle higher, with the needed help of the Fed’s QE and zero interest rates READ MORE:


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