Non Military Federal Agencies Purchasing Fire Arms & Ammunition

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Non Military Federal Agencies Purchasing Fire Arms & Ammunition
What does the recent purchase of Ammo by the Post Office for? Is the Federal Government gearing up for Civil War? Are they willing to shoot on Americans if all hell breaks loose? Watch and discern the times we are living in.

The Harley Factor

After the recent show down in Nevada between the BLM and Cliven Bundy and his supporters you start to wonder what other agencies of the federal government are armed and dangerous. We all remember the ammo purchase by DHS a couple of years ago. You can almost rationalize the reasoning there, after all, it is the Dept. of Homeland Security who are theoretically supposed to keep our homeland secure, but what does the Postal Service need with guns and ammunition? Even more curious is the guns and ammo purchases by the Dept. of Education, IRS, the Social Security Admin., and the National Weather Service, just to name a few.

Could this all be preparations for Martial Law or maybe even a new Civil War here in America? Some people (including myself) think that is a real possibility. If you are a Christian and/or conservatives this next video should be very alarming to you.

U.S. Soldiers…

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