Border Control and the Bilderbergs. A MUST READ AND PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS

The Harley Factor

We hear sporadically these days about immigration reform and border control. It seems that it is only talked about now when it’s politically expedient for one potential candidate or another to talk about it. In order to protect and preserve our nation we need to control immigration and our border, but is it happening or will it ever happen?

It seems that the Bilderbergs have a different plan for this country. We all know how the European countries have come together and are now collectively referred to as the EU and have their own currency. That is what the Bilderbergs have planned for our country,Canada, and Mexico. No wonder nothing is seriously being done to effectively reform immigration and close our borders to illegal aliens. There was talk about this a few years ago then it went pretty quiet for awhile on the subject. It’s pretty plain to me that the Bilderbergs are still in the process of…

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