Jesuit Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno Ask, “Would You Baptize An Alien” And What Does the Bible Say About UFOs?

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS:Are we on the verge of disclosure? Why is a Jesuit Astronomer claiming he would baptize Aliens? What does the Bible say about UFO’s? You will be surprise to know what scripture has to say about it. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You.

Does The Pope Know About Aliens

YORKSHIRE EVENING POST.CO.UK: Would you baptise an alien?

That is the unusual question posed to students in Leeds by one of the Pope’s astronomers.

Scientific theories and religion look set to collide in a talk by leading papal astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ.

The acclaimed astronomer and Jesuit will share why astronomical research is so important to the Vatican.

Brother Guy is based at the Vatican Observatory headquarters in Castel Gandolfo and he curates the Vatican meteorite collection, which is believed to be one of the largest in the world READ MORE:

Pope Chief Astronomer Talked About Baptizing Aliens  Before!!!

LOGOS APOLOGIA.ORG: Just as the dust is settling from the Vatican’s latest astrobiology conference in Arizona, heralded as “The Search Exo-Vaticanafor Life Beyond the Solar System: Exoplanets, Biosignature & Instruments,” Jesuit astronomer Guy Consolmagno is out in public talking about baptizing extraterrestrials again. In fact, over the years quite a few Jesuit members of the Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) have made public statements concerning the baptism of extraterrestrials. The first was back in 1993 when then-acting VORG director George Coyne announced at the launch of the VATT facility that “the Church would be obliged to address the question of whether extraterrestrials might be brought within the fold and baptized.”[1] In a New York Times magazine article—titled “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?”—another VORG astronomer, Chris Corbally, indicated he would baptize extraterrestrials as well.[2] Similarly, back in 2010 when asked READ MORE:




PROPHECY IN THE NEWS. COM: In this generation, there is a phenomenon that has been chronicled by academics and dramatists alike. It is well known throughout all levels of society. At first, it was viewed as a myth; now it carries the veracity and weight of any other commonly-reported social phenomenon. Virtually anyone in any culture … worldwide … is conversationally familiar with it. It has reached the level of keychain fobs and bumper stickers.

In documentary fashion, motion picture theaters and television productions have presented it many times. It is a subject loaded with dramatic potential, both in the realms of human pathos and foreboding paranoia.

But, of surpassing interest is its spiritual dimension. It spans the fullness of all questions surrounding God’s creation, His sovereignty and the mysteries inherent in the dark forces that oppose Him. It brings Paul’s statement about, “… principalities, powers and rulers of darkness in high places,” into stark, glaring focus.

In polite society, this phenomenon is virtually taboo. Merely to bring it up places one in the category of the kooks and the crazies. A courteous silence usually surrounds reports of the wondrous event, rather like that accorded ghost stories, or tales about Bigfoot and dinosaurs plodding through the remote swamps of Africa READ MORE:  

We Can’t Possibly Be Alone In The Universe?

  1. Yes, I do know of this….check out Sid Roth…there is also an observatory in Arizona, also run by Jesuits….very strange, and I do keep it in the back of my mind. Some think they’re actually tracking the Nephilim, mentioned in Genesis

  2. Opps. got ahead of myself. However, look for the interview here’s the link:

    It will blow your mind. I think you’ll enjoy it!

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thank you for the link. I hope you return and provide more links to other article you may read here. I might have to do a different article on the link you provided. Thank you friend for that.

  3. Harley says:

    Yes, I guess you could say they (aliens aka: demons, fallen angels) are God’s creation in the context that He created all angels even the fallen ones and Satan himself. It was their choice to rebel against Him, but that’s as far as it goes. Jesus was not sent to redeem anything other than MAN KIND. To even consider baptising something other than a human being is absolutely wrong and unthinkable.

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