MISSING BOEING 777 UPDATES 3-28-2014: A Vision Of The Plane, Cabin Could Be In One Piece, Voice Recorder Won’t Reveal Mystery, A New Credible Lead And Other Headline Summaries

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS : AUTHORS NOTE. Please be advised. I am not a believer of physics, astrology, or any occult practices that deal with reading the future. I do believe in visions that can be revealed to us as a warning or a wakeup call from God. The only reason I am putting this dream up is because I found it amazing and fascinating. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the revealer of secrets in my heart and dreams. There is no one like him. Even when the dark side can try to use you for its benefit, God will use it for his will and purpose to be revealed. Please read on and tell me what you think.   More nonsense as the Malaysian Government continues to show its incompetence in looking for the plane. They have found a  credible lead for the missing plane and may have been searching for it in all the wrong places.  I cannot fathom how grueling this must be for the families of the passengers. This merry go-round of misinformation has to end soon. Please pray for the missing passengers and their grieving families as this ongoing saga continues. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless You

He was a Good Muslim


FLIGHT 370: A POSSIBLE VISION BY DONNA GATTO: It was more than just a “Dream”: I will try to be as brief as I can.  I should not be alive, I was born in 1952 with no immune system. Also, I clinically died 3 times, flat lined three different times, each in a hospital.  Once in 1978, then again in 1985 and while in labour in 1991.  Each time I was sent back.  Medically, I should not be here, doctors do not know why I am.  I have no immune system, my brain has so many lesions they cannot count them because they overlap and last MRI’s 2 years ago showed a tumor in the left temporal lobe that was getting larger and one in the liver, 2.5 cm.  At that time they told me all they could do was give me whatever meds I needed to keep me comfortable and did not believe I would get through the summer.  I refused the meds and I am still here and am relative fine.  I was told each time I left this earth that I had a purpose so I know I will not go until I have finished whatever God wants me to do. 

All this seems to have made me more aware of the spirit world or whatever you call it.  I have strong God given abilities since I was very small and have helped numerous Police agencies and FBI in locating missing persons and solving murders.  I do not like or want publicity, and never ask for or take money for what I do with Police officials.  I do have Commendations that were given to me in writing and several other things thanking me for all my help. Major disasters sometimes appear to me as more of a Vision than a Dream, sometimes as they are happening and sometimes before.  With Flight 370, I could see clearly that plane heading in a North West direction and coming down, seemed to be it was going to land.  The sky was just getting light like it would probably an hour or more before the sun would rise.  Then I see trees and foliage that look tropical or strange to me.  I jump to another scene and see men in camouflage uniforms with what could be machine guns.  They do not look like Chinese but have the tanned complexion and have dark hair and some have beards.  They are marching a group of people in civilian clothes, the people are frightened.

It is as if you are watching a movie, fast forward and stop at a scene, rewind and stop, and jump ahead again and stop.  Sometimes the scenes may not be in order.

Next I hear that crackling noise as if someone is using a two way radio.  I can only get bits of the transmission, as I told you.  It sounds like he says “Hello, hello, can anyone hear me?  I bailed out over the Corridor.  Is anyone there?  My coordinates are 27.14368”, this is repeated over and over.

A couple of days later while watching the news, a man (spirit) showed up in the room trying to talk to me. He was a young man, dark hair parted on the left side and dressed in a white shirt and dark pants.  He was Asian but probably only half Asian because of his features. I asked him what he wanted and if he had been on that plane.  He said he was and started to tell me what he knew. I tried to write everything down as he was talking. He said:  “it was night… a man came out of the cockpit and told them “We have been experiencing some technical difficulties but we have the situation under control.  We will be making an unscheduled landing. Please remain calm and keep your seat belts fastened. When the plane comes to a full stop, form a line and proceed to the exit in an orderly fashion where you will be given further instructions”. I (the spirit) looked out the window and could see lights down below and thought it could be Bagdad, but I am not sure. The plane came down hard on what appeared to be more like a street than an airport runway and I heard the man saying there could be some damage to the undercarriage.  As we got off the plane we were directed to go to the left where men in Military vehicles waited.  It seemed to me that this place was a Military run base of some kind. The plane did not shut down but seemed to be going to take off again.  We were separated into groups and I was with a small group that was taken away in a couple of the vehicles.  I do not know what happened to the others.  Some were marched off in the other direction by the soldiers.  I can’t seem to remember what happened to me after that.”

When I have been watching the news reports the Defense minister keeps talking to evidence which points to that place way down in the ocean where they spotted debris, but does not say what evidence they have to assume the plane went there.  I do believe that this man making the transmissions was found and captured, not by the people he was looking for, but maybe one of the people who were searching on land earlier in the search.  If he talked under interrogation or whatever, and told them what happened and that the plane was heading in that direction, it would make sense that they are focusing on that area.  I do not feel this man was the Pilot, but was sent to bring that plane back up and the new flight path was programmed in to head in that direction.  Once he got it up in the air, he bailed out in a parachute.

My name is not Donna, but please do not make my real name public.


TELEGRAPH: Scientists on Thursday said they believe they know where Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crashed into the ocean and that the cabin sank in one piece.

The research by the University of Western Australia, using meteorological and ocean-current data alongside the British analysis from data “pings” recorded by UK firm Inmarsat, determined the point of impact and the movements of debris in the weeks following the crash.

A fresh satellite sighting of 300 floating objects ranging in size from seven to 49 feet about 1,680 miles from Perth in the southern Indian Ocean was reported by Thailand yesterday READ MORE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/malaysia/10728261/Scientists-believe-they-know-where-MH370-crashed.html


THE STAR.COM: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s cockpit voice recorder will not yield any answers about the critical moment the plane devia­ted from its Beijing-bound route as the voice data have been erased due to the CVR’s two-hour recording cycle.

This means that investigators might never fully solve the mystery of MH370 as it would be impossible to know what went on in the cockpit after air traffic control lost contact with the aircraft at the border of Malaysia-Vietnam airspace.

A source familiar with the workings of the “black box”, comprising the CVR and Flight Data Recorder READ MORE: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/03/28/Cockpit-voice-recorder-wont-help-unravel-mystery/  


Debri Field




DAILY MAIL ONLINE: Grieving families of the 239 people on board missing Malaysian Airlines flight have rubbished a series of satellite images and search updates as ‘useless’ until something is found.

Growing increasingly impatient and angry, the relatives of the passengers and crew won’t let up on Malaysian authorities who remain tight-lipped on many of the specifics of their investigation into the tragedy.

‘Until something is picked up and analysed to make sure it’s from MH370 we can’t believe it,’ says Steve Wang, whose mother was on the plane.

‘Without that, it’s useless. It’s an irresponsible conclusion with no direct evidence,’ added Mr Wang.

The latest lead in the baffling disappearance of the Boeing 777-200 came today from Australian search authorities who revealed that, acting on ‘credible’ new information, a team of aircraft and ships would shift their focus 1,100 kilometres north, around 1,850 kilometres west of Perth READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2591318/This-USELESS-Satellite-images-debris-sightings-chilling-announcement-no-answers-MH370-investigators-reveal-searching-WRONG-spot.html



CNN: Search teams shifted to a different part of the Indian Ocean Friday in their hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane after “a new credible lead,” authorities said.

An analysis of radar data led investigators to move the search to an area 1,100 kilometers (680 miles) to the northeast, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said, calling the new information “the most credible lead to where debris may be located.”

“It indicated that the aircraft was traveling faster than previously estimated, resulting in increased fuel usage and reducing the possible distance the aircraft traveled south into the Indian Ocean,” the authority said in a statement READ MORE:http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/27/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-plane/index.html?hpt=hp_t1   

  1. Jene says:

    “More nonsense as the Malaysian Government continues to show its incompetence in looking for the plane. They have found a credible lead for the missing plane and may have been searching for it in all the wrong places. I cannot fathom how grueling this must be for the families of the passengers. This merry go-round of misinformation has to end soon.”
    I find this comment unfair. I am a Chinese Malaysian Christian. In the first place, Malaysian is not a develop country and relied on the satelites of the super power to help. If search of MH370 ended on wild goose chase, who do you think fairly carry the blame? Until now, the super power countries also cannot get a concrete answer. What about other commercial airplanes that crashes and disappear from radar? All critizations and curses only strengthened the work of devils on my country. We are cursed the worse by the Chinese from China. Their hypocrisies are horrible… for their country’s abortion and disregard of human rights. Yet they judge as if China airlines never crashed at least two commercial planes and killed over 500 people.
    Do Christian act better or behaving like the Buddhists that screamed and cursed in trials. I find the families of 50 Malaysian passengers show more grace. Malaysian Christians had and still battle in prayer to tear down the demonic principalities over Malaysia. Only God knows the truths and all the theories remain theories until the blackbox found. Since everything is under God’s control, He will choose His own time to reveal the truth. I believe the delays in knowing the truths had showed all the hidden evils of mankind…how they behave in trials… and who believe in Him and who don’t. This is only a small preview of how people will act if rapture occurs. If 200+ can create this chaos, what will millions disappear creates?

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