BOEING 777 HIJACKED MYSTERY UPDATES 3-21-2014: Reporters Being Kept Away From Family, Woman Claims She Saw Plane Floating, Australia Say Debris May Have Sunk And Other Headline Summaries On Missing Plane.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS:  Below is a list of today’s Headline Summary on missing 777 Boeing Plane. Australia has said that the debris they spotted yesterday on their satellites may have sunk. Yea right! What a way to divert attention from what could truly be the real cause and raising false high hopes for families of the missing passengers who are waiting for answers. A woman Claims she saw a plane floating on the ocean. I believe that the plane was hijacked and I hope to release a list of facts as to why. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless you. Please keep the passengers and their family in your prayers as this nightmare continues.


BREITBART.COM: International journalists stationed in Kuala Lumpur international airport report that Malaysian police are deliberately keeping them from speaking to the families of the passengers of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Reports follow a day in which police physically dragged relatives away from the cameras.

According to the New York Times, the relatives of those on the plane were “forcibly dragged away from reporters” after attempting to get the attention of the international media to accuse the Malaysian government of wrongdoing. Many of the relatives, mostly Chinese, have condemned the government of Malaysia for what they believe to be a cover-up or, at the very least, inadequate search measures that have extended the length of the search for the missing plane.

The few members of the Malaysian media that have been able to approach relatives have received messages of universal condemnation of the government READ MORE



DAILY MAIL ONLINE: As aircraft and ships continued to search for debris which might be that of the missing flight MH370 on Friday a Malaysian woman on a flight across the Indian Ocean claimed to have seen an aircraft in the water near the Andaman Islands on the day the jet disappeared.

The Kuala Lumpur wife was so convinced about what she saw at 2.30pm on March 8, several hours after MH370 vanished, that she filed an official report with police that very day – a full five days before the search for the plane was expanded to the area around the Andaman Islands READ MORE:



MALAY MAIL ONLINE: Spotter planes spent a second fruitless day scouring a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean for wreckage from a Malaysian jet today, as Chinese relatives of the missing passengers clashed with Malaysian officials. Australian and US military aircraft usually used for anti-submarine operations criss-crossed the isolated search area 2,500 kilometres (1,500 miles) southwest of Perth, looking for two floating objects that had shown up on grainy satellite photos taken several days before. Although the images were too indistinct to confirm as debris from Flight MH370, Australian and Malaysian officials said they represented the most “credible” leads to date in the hunt for the plane and its 239 passengers and crew  READ MORE:


From One Lead, A Sea Of Questions Emerges

CNN: Images of possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have been captured on satellite in the southern Indian Ocean. The best lead yet on where the missing plane might be has prompted a massive search in the area more than 1,500 miles southwest of Australia.

The Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur March 8 with 239 people aboard, bound for Beijing.

When will we know whether the debris that’s been spotted in the southern Indian Ocean is from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

John Young, general manager of emergency response for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, says it will be a lengthy READ MORE:


Australia says Plane Debris May Have Sunk. Gee Imagine That

REUTERS: The international team hunting Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the remote southern Indian Ocean failed to turn up anything on Friday, and Australia’s deputy prime minister said the suspected debris may have sunk.

Aircraft and ships have also renewed a search in the Andaman Sea between India and Thailand, going over areas that have already been exhaustively swept to find some clue to unlock one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation.

The Boeing 777 went missing almost two weeks ago off the Malaysian coast with 239 people aboard. There has been no confirmed sign of wreckage but two objects seen floating deep south in the Indian Ocean were considered a credible lead and set off a huge hunt on Thursday  READ MORE:


Malaysia Airlines MH370 Debris Hunt: India Turns Down China’s Request to enter its Waters to Prevent ‘Sniffing Around’

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: As international efforts are under way to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, India has turned down China’s request to enter India’s territorial waters to search for the aircraft.

New Delhi has said it does not want the Chinese warships to be “sniffing around” Indian maritime territories under the pretext of searching for the jetliner’s wreckage.

The request made by Beijing to allow four of its warships, including two frigates and a salvage vessel, near the Andaman and Nicobar chain of islands, was “politely turned down” by New Delhi, reports the Times of India.

The archipelago has more than 500 tiny islands and shelters India’s strategic military installations READ MORE:


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