BOEING 777 HIJACKED MYSTERY: Did AWACS Escort 777 Plane, And Was Co-Pilot Of Missing Plane Able To Send Distress Signals. Is there A Conspiracy Of Epic Proportion Being Played Out

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UPDATED 3-19-2014 SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS    I would first like to apologize to my readers for a recent article I found on Infowars about the Navy hijacking the plane. They took an article down that I pasted from their website without  checking the source first. The source from the  article I pasted is not known to be reliable  and was the reason why Infowars took it down. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.  I will leave the story about the Awacs up since I found it to correlate with the strange mysterious radar blips concerning the missing plane. Please forgive me for any inconvenience I may have caused





JIM STONE FREE LANCE.COM: I believe the Malaysian airline theft is part of a larger story involving Ukraine and the staging of World War 3. That larger story will post right around 2pm CST.

I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned, with whatever they have. I am going to drop everything at once when this report goes up.

Take a look at this cute little Iframe. This was so good I embedded it. FLIGHT 370 WAS SPOTTED BY RESIDENTS OF THE MALDIVES ISLANDS ON THE WAY TO DIEGO GARCIA READ MORE:


DAILY MAIL ONLINE:  Investigators hunting the missing Malaysia Airlines plane yesterday revealed it was the co-pilot who spoke the last words to ground controllers before it vanished.

First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, calmly said ‘All right, good night’ shortly before Flight MH370 vanished ten days ago.

The cockpit sign-off to air traffic controllers — not the recognised radio drill — came at 1.19am on March 8 as the jet left Malaysian airspace on a routine journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Around a minute later, the Boeing 777-200’s transponder, which sends out a signal to radar stations, was switched off — making the jet disappear.

Officials are considering if the unusual sign-off was a secret signal that there was something wrong on the flight deck READ MORE:  



  1. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    the tunes just keep on coming…don’t touch that dial…

    Just now at 8AM, CNN, at the top of the hour just reported that the Belgium Gov. “wants the CIA’s
    help in tracking down cells…”–Now (!) this is the first “crack: in the wall of duplicity from the the
    Belgium Authorities that is showing the true nature what is going on…Its not reported that the CIA
    has reached out, and why would they?….so if the Belgium intelligence services “want” the CIA’s
    “help” it most be because of some very interesting things going on behind the scenes: perhaps
    the French passed on their “own suspicions” and some leads about the (true) nature and origin of the attackers in Paris last week and actually DEMANDING data from the CIA via the US embassy in that country,Belgium. You can’t go by just the intonation or words used to express a fact,
    especially when reported by CNN, CBS or other “news” outlets…”Belgium wants the CIA’s help”
    is exactly like the words used yesterday when Barbara Starr reported, “400 US troops to Train
    Syrian Rebels” (see prior post)….where the least and intended minimal expression of a fact is stated to actually undercut or minimize its true meaning, impact, full measurement or even connotation….its like saying a strong breeze swept through a town when in was a hurricane or tornado – went through the town, or a high -tide from the ocean did some damage, when it was a typhoon or a sunami or a tidal wave…like calling the monsoons, ” seasonal rain shower”s,” or calling Disney or Universal, “amusement parks:…like somebody with major food poisoning
    suffering from an upset stomach… you get what I saying here…???
    you have to “break the code” and sometimes “decipher” what is being stated or projected on its own, kind of like “breaking a code”, a code or use of words specifically used to (sometimes) deflect or, maximize or minimize in some way the perception or connotation of what is being shown or said….it’s not the fact it self, it’s the way and how it is being attempted to be said, portrayed and explained….we do it all the the time, and don’t even know it…go away for a few
    days or weeks, come home, ask the person who stayed home or who watched your home, maybe a teenager or of similar age and even though you may or may not have “checked in” and called, “well how was everything?”…I would assume you’ll watch & look, and want to notice not just what they say, BUT how and WHY, in the manner of answering your question, after and when the “hello, we’re home !” and the obvious and normal question is then raised…. NOW YOU GET IT???
    So when I hear it reported that “Belgium wants the CIA’s Help”….you can best believe
    its because the “rabbit is slowly coming out of the hat” (any trying to get “back in” I bet)
    due to what the Belgium Gov. already knows coupled with what they are seeing and hearing
    with help from their friends and neighbors, The French, in their dragnet, raids and investigation
    to round up the “UN-usual suspects” who most assuredly have a “specific” “air” or “connection”
    of being linked to intelligence agencies and their policies, programs and “operational capabilities”
    of recruitment, funding (including movement & travel) and training…this is exactly, totally and
    completely like the recruitment and use of sectors of eastern European emigre’s, including “former”
    nazi’s that were used/utilized, recruited, funded as agents and assets and cut-outs
    in the new, then “cold” war in, The Gehlen Org and Operation Ohio ( a real “jihad”, if there ever was one !) against the USSR..the same operational capabilities were talking place in NE and SE Asia as well !!! The war and “jihad” against Castro as best exemplified by the ‘secret” and being “plausibly denied” as top secret -Operation Mongoose and JM/Wave and all the immediate preceding (since at least 1960) operational recruitment and capabilities that included the large-LARGE (!) program of recruitment, “training”, funding (black/unaccountable budgets and for “private” doners and sympathetic sponsors) and arming similar militias, cadres and ‘armies” most from sectors of those fleeing Cuba but also from other parts of Latin America.
    SOUND FAMILIAR?????…the recruitment “process” is totally “similar” between then and now: fanatical, rabid anti-communist–THEN and…NOW fanatical sunni (anti sheiite) middle-eastern “warriiors” –being recruited also within and under a similar program of secrecy and “operational capabilities” in a “war” in Syria & Iraq now being orchestrated by tentacles of the same organism who will only stop if exposed, and having their funds cut-off and allowed to dry-up…but without the proper oversight, and the conscious and common-sense desire to force accountability, justification as well as legal and constitutional efficacy….THEY GOT NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT….
    besides, the biggest “skeletons in the closet” can always be shown in glimpes as a “warning” e.g. 11/22/63 or the October Surprise…
    The fact that this President has done nothing (that I know of) to question this Syrian policy
    is best explained either by this being “out of his reach” and can’t control it and/or is “reluantant” to (?) due to things like WH jumpers “out of nowhere”???? and has been “sold” and duped into
    a bad, very bad policy…and like LBJ is naively and foolishly, coupled with doctored data and intelligence “waiting for hoping for light at the end of the tunnel”…So far. its been “THE LIGHTS OF PARIS” so to speak, something that he very interestingly and revealingly decided NOT TO SEE CLOSE-UP LAST SUNDAY…!!!

    In my readings and research I recently came across an excellent book,– large, “coffee-table”
    style or large text book format titled,” Spying For The Fuhrer: Hitler’s Espionage Machine”,
    by Christer Jorgensen…an excellent source on the use, practice and capabilities of a nation’s’ intelligence community….LIKE THE OLD SAYING “THE MORE THINGS CHANGE,,,THE MORE
    THEY STAY THE SAME”…for example here are some extremely highly relevant nuggets and
    items to ponder: subsequent to, during the Nazi reign and rule, due to the unchecked and
    growth of police state tactics, and this is about, circa 1940, way before…”light years” BEFORE,
    in terms of technology, before the NSA, or CIA etc !…In Nazi Germany, (& I am sure the same in Stalin’s USSR) —MILLIONS OF PHONE CALLS WERE “MONITORED” ON A WEEKLY BASIS”…
    AND THAT’S OVER 70 YEARS AGO…!!!! whoa !!! I suggest you read that again….

    Also, BEFORE and during WW2, up to about 1942 to mid-1943, and especially involving the anticipated and resulting large presence of German troops in North Africa, Nazi Intelligence. Military and “diplomatic” sectors were in deep and varied communication, talks and meetings with many influential circles in the Arab World, such as King Farouk of Eygpt, Abbas Hilmi II, his couisin, Egyptian General Marsi Pasha, Mohammed Amin el Huseini, considered at that time “The Grand Mufti ” of Jerusalem, Osman Kemel Haddad, KIng Ibn-Saud of Saudi Arabia, Antun Saahad and others…These various meetings and “discussions” took place, to address the possibility and anticipated probability of an alliance between Nazi Germany (& Itally) with “anti-western” (really and specifically anti-British and anti-French) Arab states, WHICH WOULD INVOLVE THE UNLESASHING OF A “PLANNED” ANTI-WESTERN/ (anti-Britiish/anti-French) JIHAD INVOLVING SOME OF THE MOST RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS ELEMENTS AT THAT TIME TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST “THE WEST” ( a very “specifed” part of it) IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, when the true motivating origins and factors were the coinciding AND congruent interests of Mega Wealthy Arab Sectors and The Nazi Government WHO WERE BOTH ANTI-BRITISH. Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerrsalem, mentioned above was going to use this
    “anti-western” Jihad (really anti-British) to work with and get help from the Nazis in not just removing the British (& French) from his domain but to also attempt to create a unified latter-day
    Caliphate under his extreme Islamic (anti-western but as more anti-British) views…
    “The Jihad” was to involve the Muslim Brotherhood and to be “sparked” and “tripped’wired”
    in consultation and in conjunction with the Nazi German Government via Intelligence
    and military intelligence officials/agents, “diplomats” and attaches…and would result in a “clmate”
    of hate and terror against “western corruption and decadence”, and in league with Nazi/German
    intelligence activities….(sound somewhat familiar?). NOW you “get” it???
    ***a few relevant quotes from the book:” The middle east held some vital, strategic prizes for Germany. If Rommel could invade Egypt, then Britain’s lifeline to India, via the Suez Canal would be cut and the British position in the whole region would be undermined. Iraq was the key to the whole region and its position was similar to that of Romania, a politically divided, militarily weak and oil rich state, which could also function as bridgehead for offensives against the East. HERE the great prize was not Russia, but the equally oil-rich state of Iran (Persia)”
    AND NOW, AS THEY SAY IS A DOOSEY,,, A REAL DOOSEY..for in spite of all the talks, meetings, and discussions way before WW2 and up to the loss and defeat of German military forces in
    North Africa, the Germans, and specifically the Nazis for all their insanity, –Hitler, Goering,
    Jodl, Keitel, Himmler, Heydrich, Schnellenberg, Kalterbrunner, Mueller, and others were clear,
    lucid, practitioners of “real-politik”, on the world stage, and all the stealthful, wiley,cleaver and
    powers of perception and nuance that accompanies and requires it…not to mention the beastly crimes and war-like genocidal policies and programs that it exercised and committed.
    The Nazis and sympathetic Germans in other, related circles, and capacities decided NOT
    -NOT “to play this “anti-British card” ” because, not because logistics or funding, or even a lack of
    potential “recruitment” —they did not trust the true aims or desires of their “almost” Arab allies.
    Not so much as being considered unreliable just too self-serving as a “suspected” -“solo”-agenda.
    Well at least they figured it out, and a long time ago, at that…!!! way before the CIA, The Neo-Cons and their equally twisted corporate allies and sponsors who are trying to and playing the same game to some degree. A final quote says it all: ” These offers and others from nationalist Arabs,
    left the Germans decidedly unimpressed. Ribbentrop shared Italian Foreign Minister Count
    Ciano’s contempt for the Arabs as completely untrustworthy, while Otto Abetz, German Ambassador to Vichy France, pointed to the ambitions that many Arabs had regarding the
    Islamization of the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa and the expulsion of all Europeans, irrespective
    of their nationality. The Arabs were nobody’s friend and the Germans viewed them, at best, as
    unreliable and a dubious card to play against the British”…also, in regards to possible planned
    alliance coming or not coming to fruition, from the German perspective: “this was probably a wise
    decision, since nothing good could come from these dealings….”
    One thing is certain, if such an alliance between The Nazi gov, in Berlin and its allies in the
    middle east did actually take hold and become a reality….blow-back such as what we are seeing now, in another reality and in another time, would not have been tolerated or allowed, let alone unknown within complex web of the German/Nazi intelligence community…but then again they were smart enough to recognize someone, just as if not more “trickier” or slicker than themselves..a mirror” so to speak,…and can we assume what is happening, regarding what could be perceived as “blowback” from “returning trained warriors” by intelligence agencies
    is not part of intended “consequences”, operational capabilities????? I rest my case for now…
    I hope I opened some minds here…
    david t. krall

  2. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Just wanted to let “any and all” here know and, to keep an eye out for a mind-blowing 6 part
    doc.series of RT on the US Surveillance State…some or all of which is being shown today…
    watch it!!!
    david t. krall

  3. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    I have to tip my hat to the Framce and Belgium for, what I said, prior about going after
    further suspects…I have a feeeling that “what happened” in France a few weeks ago
    was akin to “playing with dynamite”….just do a little research and you’ll find out that the same
    “blow-back” was happening in Florida, Texas, and other areas of the USA as well as most
    assuredly parts of Latin America, in the “war” against CASTRO, and latter NIcaragua
    when large networks were formed, consolidated, “trained” and or fine-tuned, involving some of the worst criminal, corrupt and fanatical elements (sound familair?) and funded/ sponsored by secret/black budgets and from sympathetic private/corporate slush funds and/or “side”or “excess” accounts and hidden transfers: basically, an incredible hidden and complex tapestry and -“below the surface”- reality of intelligence operations (“appearing”, sometimes to have gone amok) and the intricate requirements and capabilities involving the “movements” of money and weapons in order to facilitate, sustain and carrying out these operational agendas and also maintaining their covert nature amd hidden from the public and some of their naive US congressional over-seers…Just now at the top of the hour at 12 noon on CNN, the very sharp looking and attractive lead anchor kept asking her guest “expert”, while waving her hands and head, as if in some
    stunted and temporary mental state of stupidity and/or confusion as to how could the (Paris) attackers have been “so “missed so many times”, as it was reported by JIm Bitterman earlier who seems to pride himself as a firm unquestioning believer and mouthpiece in his supposedl;y “true and verifiable” sources, reported that “for some reason” (its “always some reason”) that the information of the travels of the Kouachi Brothers was “not picked up” as the steps were taken or supposed to have been taken in order to attempt to have their names, not only on “travel-watch list” but also regarding visas, passports and a cross referencing and data sharing of the emmigration and immigartion records of these and others…many others.

    Lets break it down to its most simple, most basic and common-sense denominator, unmistakable root or base..if prisoner or in this case, a group of prisoners planned and succeeded in breaking out of a prison, and on the surface escaped highly efficiently and it was recognized as such,
    but then not one, and then not two, but additional & many facts and “tid-bits” starting coming to the surface and more to follow, that lapses, mistakes, breaches in security, and communication were the causes and part of the reason for the success of the of the escapees and their enterprise,
    would not common sense and, clear and lucid cognitive thinking consider the more plausible
    likelyhood that the escapees/prisoners had major help and assistance from “high-up”
    and on the “inside”, even to the point to the point of being in some kind of collaboration with
    officials within that prison to begin with????? This is the root of the problem in not perceiving the
    “reality” or root of what is happening or the deception to distract from it: The unmistakable
    links between US intelligence and supposedly anti-western Jihadists on their payrolls and
    secret budgets…more to follow….
    david t. krall

  4. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    2 quick points to ponder:

    It was reported on the radio a short time ago that Indonesia has anncouned that “so far no evidence has shown any indication of terrorism” regarding the tragic crash of Flight 8501 and
    ” weather was suspected to play a factor regarding downing of Flight 8501″…now think about this…
    These appear to be a carefully and crafted use of words. It was reported by all news outlets that Flight 8501 “disappeared” when this story hit the airwaves, and yet no explanation has been forthcoming as to why the communication, navigational and tracking “laspe” and “breakdown”… It was reported that this plane, as 100’s of others like it, at that time and in that region was flying in the monsoon season…now this is a highly visible, known and “given” fact, that this weather and climate condition played SOME factor right? So why the coy, sheepish and “hesitant” announcement that “the possibility of the weather” played SOME factor, to begin with? Especially when it has been reported that the black boxes have been supposedly found and retrieved? Now, one would think that in an investigation such as this, with the black boxes, as recently reported found and retrieved that prudence, deliberation and “forensic” patience would limit or prohibit an announcement such as this odd statement especially from The Indonesian Government and its own agencies who, we assume, are heading the investigation…Only such an announcement would be the result of some reluctance, to state what THE MAJOR AND LIKELY, AS OPPOSED TO A PROBABLE CAUSE, OR “OBVIOUS ORIGIN AND MOTIVE would have been regarding the downing of this plane. Perhaps, the Indonesian Gov., like they’re Malaysian neighbors have some clue, suspect or know as what really happened to Flight 8501, . Kind of like “self” or “reverse” talk…or dropping some kind of clue as to what (the weather) was– NOT the major factor???? And that “political considerations” warrant some “quiet” handling and resolution of this event, similar to Flight 370???

    Also, it has been reported that some of the Paris attackers used or made conflicting “announcements” or some indications about who they were working for and representing
    when carrying out their terror spree thru parts of Paris…It was reported that not only did the
    Paris attackers leave a trail, which they (or somebody else for them?) certainly did, but also had made some highly visible “salutes” and “proclamations” while fully masked…now we were told some of these attackers made “salutes” to ISIS and others made similar
    “salutes” to AQAP…this was pointed out as some anomaly, without any real or logical explanation regarding a group that early on was credited as appearing to be, and with actual and confirmed ruthlessness carried out the attacks at the magazine offices, with all the proficiently of a recognized
    highly trained and very skilled paramilitary death squad. A highly trained hit team, with an
    extremely strong “scent” of seasoned and very high-level skill set of training. Not the characteristics or traits of “honorable religious martyrs” or “proud to die” in the noon day sun
    unmasked, and proud to shout and shoot with an air of UNMASKED martyrdom and pride as to why they were (while doing it) avenging a “blasphemous wrong”. If that were the case, then why not “stay and fight it out” at the sight and source this proclaimed religious insult, but then proceeding to evade capture, causing much chase, increased carnage and destruction supposedly at the same time still masked and also now also leaving a tail as well????
    and there-by revoking, one would think even their own self-deluded original “honorable” plan to “right a wrong” in that office building and avenging a supposed “blasphemous” (and yes, indeed insulting) ridicule of a religious symbol or Icon…Honestly, I’m not sure how extreme, very extreme right-wing religious or political fanatics would have reacted, or if any differently, if a western
    Christian religious symbol or Icon was put in the most negative, demeaning or ridiculing light. or portrayal in a magazine or tabloid…Just remember the controversy and uproar over, “The Last Temptation Of Christ” and more recently over another film, a few years ago about the death and
    crucifixion of Jesus Christ.. So I have to conclude that a more coherent and logical explanation
    of the “conflicting anomaly” over who they were representing can be deduced regarding this
    enigmatic and problematic part of the attack. The only possible and logical explanation, if and when looking from a particular perspective or looking thru a specific “window” is the probability that they were “not all on the same page” of the “playbook” devised and “called” by their handlers” and got their before-hand, prior and assumed cover-story, or part of it mixed or “messed-up”?
    When the “chase was on” and confusion reigned (or rained!) it was not known SUPPOSEDLY
    “who was where”, first it was attributed to Amedy Coulibaly and then one of the Kouachi Brothers
    who (?) made an odd comment when yelling from one of the “end-game” stand-offs…
    One of these attackers yelled in reply to the police…”You know who I am”…when you look what I
    have outlined when viewed thru a specific lense, well I guess “somebody” really did “KNOW” him !!!
    Interestingly, when caught in the movie theater, probably where he thought he would meet his “contact”, or one of them, when in the presence of several people and dozens and dozen of police, Lee Harvey Oswald made similar statement, while being “captured” and removed from the movie theater, “Now, everybody will know who I am”…as if to covey, and while not yet fully aware of his impending and doomed predicament, stating this as if his cover, regarding his true background might be blown and/or exposed. More to think about…..
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  5. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    First, it was reported a very short time ago, regarding Flight 8501, that the preliminary
    report WILL NOT, as of now and presently, be released by the Indonesian Government.
    SOUND FAMILIAR??? CNN just aired a very highly revealing segment, which included and ended with (and between) Wolf Blitzer and Richard Quest…Mr Blitzer asked some pointed questions
    about the attempt to ascend in such an unusual way and Mr. Queast, in his usual theatrical
    skill-set, acknowledged this…and went on to point out that what happened is highly unusual
    regarding the supposed “flame-out” and the plane stalling out at such a height, which I have yet
    to hear determined and confirmed…It is revealing that the request to ascend was discussed, by these 2 men, BUT THE RESPONSE TO THIS INITIAL REQUEST AND SUBSEQUENT COMMUNICATIONS AND REACTIONS –FROM– THE FLIGHT TOWER/CONTROL FACILITY was NOT mentioned or discussed…nor was the communication & response by and from the flight control /flight tower to the pilots after it must have been “seen”, picked -up ,observed by various instruments and tracking/recording/communications data that the plane was taking the apparent odd and unusual steps in ascending at such a estimated rapid rate of 6000 feet per minute…nor was the in-turn & assumed obvious reply from the pilots to the concerns and assumed acknowledged concerns of the flight and control tower…
    The mere avoidance of this point or idea is troubling since it is known that the plane is designed
    for practical (safety, structural, altitude and speed, climate and weather) reasons not to exceed and is prohibited from exceeding 1000 to 1200 feet per minute. As reported by MSNBC earlier,
    what was being attempted by the pilots was equivalent to the speed of a jet fighter ..that is amazing. what’s more, if not equally amazing are earlier comments, as well as other comments by Mr. Quest…Earlier an expert on CNN stated with much deliberate and fastidious certainty, that she
    believed that Flight 8501 stalled, due to this ascension, and attempt to maintain and (continue)
    to sustain such an ascension resulted in, to use her words,” like a sputtering leaf falling out of the sky”. Which, to me would indicate a very strong impact and most assuredly a rupturing and destructive crash, upon hitting the SURFACE of the ocean, from the resulting breadth of the maximum altitude that the plane reached when it supposedly stalled out and lost its
    ability to navigate properly…,She, later modified this comment by saying, “this is a possibility as to “what might have happened”…perhaps she “slippped” in her earlier comments and had to “correct” herself?????
    BUT ! That would NOT explain the lack of communication to and from all the the major parties regarding the “how and why” of the actions taken, by the pilots and the subsequent and assumed normal & required – protocol follow-ups, replies and responses “to and from” and one would and could correctly assume that such communications must have or SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE…IF NOT, WHY NOT???
    Mr. Blitzer asked as to why no may-day call was made or did not appear to be made or
    –WHAT????? Its not like they were not trained or experienced to fly in this type of bad weather, which is something that was and is-NOT- unusual in this part of the world, since 1000’s planes
    have been flying AND ARE FLYING, in this type of climatic/weather in that region of the world, since the dawn of modern aviation was used, activated and applied in that region. Its’ not like the pilots had to walk to find a phone or some communication device to voice their distress or fear.
    So to say that a may-day call or distress call, or even a signal showing and demonstrating TROUBLE, or potential trouble or more to the point danger (!) even if more so for the safety of the passengers as much as for the flight crew themselves was not necessary or for some quizzical reason, if you go by Mr. Quests’ “logic” was not obligatory or as he implied not warranted, is as stale and distasteful, unpalatable as an English muffin that he fully expects us to swallow here
    NO may-day call/distress call necessary??? Uhh??? What??
    YES HIS SAY AND SHOWED THIS ODD LEAP OF LOGIC…If I didn’t know any better and based on what I wrote a few weeks ago, and based on many prior comments and prior posts
    “something” was going on up… way up in that sky…I wonder if the pilots were not evading
    something, and being and feeling compelled in some way to either evade, deflect away, or fly from some other presence or device nearby, or above them or in the vicinity and somehow tried to “get away” from something that did compel and impacted upon the judgement and discretion of the pilots to maneuver in such a strange, unexpected, unpredictable, unanticipated, unwarranted and unsafe/dangerous manner, even if for, what was believed and felt (by the pilots and crew) to be temporary and rapid steps and the equally quick reasons and motives that required these actions or reactions to SOMETHING (?) So when I hear the response by Mr. Quest to Mr. Blitzer’s
    question as to why no may-day call (or AKA) distress call, after it must have been acknowledged
    by the pilots, if you go by the conventional / presented scenario, that the plane stalled and soon to be “seen” by high-tech tracking and radar systems on the ground and in the skies,
    I have to “wonder” what is the agenda here…actually I stopped wondering a very long time ago…
    The sheer audacity to make such statements is a “revealing piviot” in, at least, showing what
    “didn’t happen”…more latter on ISIS, AlQada, Yemen, and Iran backed rebels vs the US
    backed jihadists (our CIA trained “rebels”)…sunni va sheite, keep it simple and it all falls into
    place…more to follow…
    david t. krall

  6. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    one “small” correction…regarding the amount of bombs dropped on SE Asia vs WW2
    it should read as “…In 1967 alone (!) we dropped more bombs on/in SE Asia, than all of
    WW2….” Thank you. and yes we did “out do” that in 1972…Make you feel proud?????
    bye for now.
    david t. krall

  7. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    as a follow-up…The “Lettter”, a real love note to the leaders in Iran to watch themselves
    in any dealings with their (ours not their’s) president (of the USA) is not an action that took place
    in a vacuum, or without the witting actions and knowledge of many, as much as it took with
    equal “dexterity” and stealthful deftness as the arrangements made behind the back of the president and his WH staff to arrange the visit of the foreign head of state WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE ! …I could not help thinking of JFK and/or Carter when President Obama was announced by the House usher and he, Pres. Obama, made his customary walk to the podium and rostrum to make his state of the Union Speech several weeks ago. I wonder how many, even those of whom he trust or thinks he trust, knew of the trip and/or the arrangements made for the Israeli Pres/PM’s subsequent trip to the U.S. behind his back…Most assuredly it involves those around him pushing for more aggressive policies in the middle east AND Ukraine AND the very related negotiations with Iran and also the Continuing Talks with Cuba….this is all related
    to the “perspective” being spouted and voiced about the “crises of leadership”…well
    they could be dealing with a president whose Att. Gen is the president’s brother and closest
    advisor and friend ((!) or a president who tried to nominate one of JFK’s advisors and friends as his, Carter’s CIA chief ! (anybody remember that?-Ted Sorensen-that once sent a clear message !) or Carter’s attempts to clean house at the CIA and its allies in the Pentagon. Does any anybody know of, or remember when during one of the Presidential debates between Carter and Ford in 1976 and the topic of CIA accountability was being discussed and debated and the very specific
    and “sensitive” topic of assassination was being discussed –THE AUDIO WENT DEAD FOR
    SEVERAL MINUTES–….yes ! You read that right…It happened ! and I remember it….
    another coincidence??? The Trip/Visit and the follow-up Letter is a clear indication that Obama
    has been a “reluctant enabler” or just “compliantly reluctant” towards his hawks and the
    neo con infrastructure that has become more and more visible since the “sabotaging” and
    sandbagging of President Carter, if not since 11/22/63…Obama is being just as I suspected
    “pushed and pulled” and will, as I said prior “only go so far” with his hawks and/or neo-cons
    in starting a war either in the middle east or the Ukraine…Just imagine if Russia and/or China,
    with India, Brazil and South Africa started making mega/major weapon deals, military and economic treaties and alliances with Greenland, Iceland, Nova Scotia, Various Caribbean
    Nations or if Russia or China started making trouble between Alaska, Hawaii and the rest of the
    USA, and encourage separatists movements in Alaska or Hawaii??? How would the US feel?
    OH ! I bet you forgot about Cuba in 1959 and 1960? didn’t you??? Chile in 1972 (and before 1972)

    Any sector or enclave with tentacles, deep, well connected and well oiled( $$$) would not take years to coalesce and metastasize or recognized as such, and any prior actions no matter how blatant, flagrant or contemptible or criminal would be seen as given “advertisements” of its power all the while denied ( a “random events”) as such by dysfunctional lackeys, mouth pieces and lap-dogs, witting or unwitting in media circles.
    Keep an eye on that story about the missing and then, subsequent, crashed military helicopter/
    black hawk chopper that involved 7 or 8 elite marines and 4 or 5 army specialist…Good
    luck…it appears a non-story…very, very little being reported about it…I know, I watched and looked for it several times…not much after a few initial reports and then they were quick and then less…
    One question: if so foggy and one chopper “pulled back” and “returned to base”, one can assume
    that radio communication was ongoing, at least at that point, right? So how and why it is that this chopper kept going??? From the few reports I’ve seen it appears these officers were extremely
    well experienced, not grunts or low-level or of low grade experience…. they would know the
    difference between “calling it a day” during a maneuver/training/drill, and NOT “calling it a day”
    during a real op…obviously the rest of the personnel of, or on the other choppers, especially the
    other one flying near it, “pulled back” and/or either was OK’d to do so, thus exercising
    the proper high-level experienced acuity and discretion of doing so and not risking life and limb
    during an exercise or drill, at least exercising the discretion to make that decision or allowed to do so or so ordered in that situation or circumstance, right? ….so what happened and why????? Oddly, remnants were shown on a blanket on a beach, on Friday news reports: a small piece of the chopper, a helmet and a wheel (???)..If it could not be determined up to Friday, or known how or why the chopper crashed and /or its where-abouts, then how would a heavy wheel, or weighted helmet turn up? A quick film clip this morning showed the chopper, fairly intact being
    lifted out of the water….not a land crash…. just asking and sharing insights here?
    Also, how it is that a young man, arrested several months ago, last name is Cornell,
    was allowed to be interviewed recently on radio or internet and talk about ISIS like its the
    Boy Scouts or Big Brothers with a bad steak???? Remember his father and mother
    think that he was earlier “put up to it” (wanting to join ISIS-last year) by some informer linked to Homeland Security and the FBI…the owner of a gun store stated they, the arresting officers, were already there and waiting for him outside of his store, and were working with the “informant”
    who was “egging-on this dopey kid”…the same kid was now allowed to talk about ISIS from
    jail in an interview …sound fishy to you???? Allowed to talk about ISIS from jail in a media interview???!!! Does that NOT sound totally bogus and odd to you???
    bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  8. david t. krall says:

    from: davod t. krall

    some new and some old…

    regarding MH Flight 370…whatever happned to the “translated” Inmarsat report from last year???? and what gibberish about weather, pilot malfunctions, etc…follow that plane up to point of “no contact” and disappearrance and you solve / break the code
    or at least the “opening key” and that will lead you to who had the power, and “REACH” to make a plane “disappear” ,,,, this at the very least will lead anybody with the least amount of common sense and minimal cognitive abilities to firmly conclude that due to some undue influence or control under the ‘guidance and management” of criminal parties with a very high level set of technological expertise, coupled and imbedded with a proclivity of artful covertness are responsible
    for the fate of Flight 370…

    This morning on the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC, an unbelievable exchange and comment
    was made regarding the Ferguson Police Shooting…Sen MaCaskill (D-MO) who is “sitting in”
    -for the week, for Joe Scarborough made an incredible and illuminating comment…First
    why and how is a gov. paid representative, a Senator, appearing as a (week-long?) guest host/fill-in for one of the usual host??? her job is to represent her state and the good people of this nation not be an advocate or “opinionator” of the very news which she is, at times, seeking to resolve and/or vote and/or debate with her colleagues…Sen McCaskill had the good nature to share with all of us on TV, this morning, her ideas and insight, her Senatorial investigative proclivities and her common sense (you reading this in Ferguson???), she said that she agreed with the views and actions of the Attn. General that “a suspect had to be caught / taken as soon as possible…that someone had to be arrested as soon as possible”…this was said and abided by the others on this national morning news show, without the slightest pause, raised eye-brow, frown and without even a “hey…what..ugh.? see my prior comment of yesterday..

    Also, later this morning also on MSNBC, Tamron Hall (sharp, intelligent and one of the, if not the
    most attractive and beautiful woman on TV !) had a guest interview with a minister/clergyman
    who had visited and spoke with the (supposed) shooter Jeffrey Williams…the clergyman was under the very distinct impression that Mr. Williams did not have the proper and/or sufficient legal
    council and representation at the time of his arrest or questioning…he went on to say, MUCH TO THE CHAGRIN, to Ms. Hall, ( & most assuredly to the producers !) that he believed that a “confession” (& this would explain the word used by the DA-“acknowledged”) was forced and coerced…it is not out of the norm of imagination that if a suspect is arrested, ID’d, booked, and “believed” to be a “cop-shooter or killer” he’s not exactly going to be treated as if he’s being awarded for civic virtue and duty or be handed the keys to the city…especially one with a prior record, on probation and like the “call” and shout made by Claude Rains in “Casablanca” to his
    fellow police, and subordinates, and ever-so more recently echoed by the US Attny. General in this case, “ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS ! ” and in this Ferguson case, “…and make it quick…!”, as pointed out and confirmed on “Morning Joe” earlier this morning, as mentioned above.
    I guess all that protest, police introspection, community interaction is being trumped (or manipulated) by a guy, first unknown, who was believed to (supposedly) have extremely “OLYMPIAN” shooting skills and is seen now as a misguided and confused unintentional “cop-shooter”…what’s my take on this?
    What I suspected initially by watching the countenance, words used and the manner of delivery
    of those words (e.g. “acknowledged”) by the DA, was confirmed this morning and by the sheer
    folly of accepting the basic facts here: distance and minimal shots fired (4?), hitting two targets, WITH A HAND GUN (?) over 125 yards way from a vehicle (!) and at night, and at or from an elevated level ! .. Man, now that’s some shooting!!! Can anybody explain how he did this???
    We seen this before….they “broke him down” and a confession was “given”…and duly noted…
    Its not that uncommon…what I find shocking is the lack of analysis by news outlets to consider this a probable likelihood… to be continued….
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  9. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    WELL ! Its happened again! First I want to apologize for any typos and/or mistakes in my prior
    post (or posts) especially in use of some prepositions and adjectives…sorry ! As I said
    before, my mind and thoughts “race way ahead” of my fingers on the keyboard…

    Now ! As I believe I said prior, that I “predicted” another action would take place, either a plane
    “going down” in some manner or fashion and/or “terror action”, over Western Europe, either in
    France, Germany or Italy…Well, I was close…the latest “action” is totally consistent with the prior
    ones…and from what I have been able to deduce, it may get worse…I’ll “put 2 and 2 together”
    in a few minutes…The circumstances are as equally odd as the circumstances of the 3 prior
    Asian disasters (2 Malaysian- one still “MIA” and the other shot out the sky by a fighter jet, (“ours”-
    NOT “theirs” ! and possibly thought to be and/or a warning to Putin and his similar plane on same
    later flight path?, and the Air Asia Plane, also downed under very odd circumstances) and appears
    to have have as many anomalies and questions, as these prior “incidents”. Now here we have a plane, lets not forget almost an exact year later (actually 1 year and 2 weeks-close enough?)
    after the “disappearance” of Flight 370, that departed Barcelona and was destined for Dusseldorf.
    The plane was delayed for take off for 30 minutes. No explanation has been given or submitted
    for this delay. The plane took off at apprx. 10:01…(AM or PM ??? Barcelona time)…at approx 10:30 radio contact is lost…I assume this means ALL radio contact…not just “over-the-air”
    contact? Now, the plane is at approx 38,000 feet, which it reached at, soon after take-off as a matter of normal procedure after having achieved cruising speed, after take-off. Then at apprx. 10:45 the plane crashes in the French Alps. Early reports were that a distress call was made. And for some inexplicable reason this was “retracted” and replaced by a report that some type of distress call” was actually made TO the plane FROM a ground control tower.. from where??? Now if a distress call was sent from “the ground” to the plane, one would surely and safely assume with clarity and confidence that such ” a call” to the plane would be continuous, repetitive and persistent, right? I don’t get the impression from ALL ( & I’ve followed this closely) that I’ve seen that any such “distress call” was sent in this manner to the plane to determine, if at all or more than once (supposedly), “what the heck was going on?” !? No radio contact, no distress call, no may-day call… no mention of cell phone/smart phone contact from passengers…SOUND FAMILIAR??? SMELL FAMILIAR???…LOOK FAMILIAR??? The plane at an apex- a high point-of an altitude of 38,000 feet DESCENDED TO ARRPX 6,800 ft., –a drop of 31,200 feet in 360 to 480 seconds or 6 to 8 minutes !!! Again no radio contact from the pilots, crew or plane..NO DISTRESS CALL, NO SOS, NO MAY DAY CALL…NONE ! And WHY WAS THE SUPPOSED DISTRESS CALL –FROM- THE GROUND TO THE PLANE NOT IN MOTION, TAKING PLACE AT THAT TIME OF THIS DESCENT???..ALL THE EXPERTS AND ANCHORS HAVE NOT DISCUSSED THIS POINT !!!
    But they have tried to downplay this descent, by saying its not unusual, BUT what is not being stated is why even at that point not only was there no contact FROM the plane, no distress and/or may-day call BUT WHY NO POINT GIVEN OR MENTIONED IF AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE FROM THE GROUND TO REPEATEDLY CONTACT THE PLANE, AT LEAST DURING ITS INEXPLICABLE DESCENT, IT may not be “unusual”??? really? over mountainous, dangerous terrian??? Not “unusual” but highly noticable and significant…but I guess not significant enough
    to warrant or stimulate during this descent an attempt “from the ground” even at this time, 6 to 8 minutes BEFORE THE CRASH to try to contact the plane???
    An early report that a distress call aka a call for help from the plane had indeed taken place & was reported as such, early on for several hours, up to and until early this afternoon (U.S. east coast time) was then said to have been a mistaken report that was actually from “the ground” to the plane…What was the source of this report??? and why was it deemed a mistake??? and by who?
    All the experts agree (AGAIN !!!) that some “inexplicable” event occurred on board and in the
    cock-pit that prevented the pilot and co-pilot from communicating…REALLY…!!! It’s not like
    they had to dial or “dial-up”, like on a rotary phone or push a series of buttons, or “call long distance, collect” ….the way the experts were talking you would have thought one or all these were required steps to initiate a distress or may-day call or signal!!! Well at least morse-code or smoke
    signals were not the excuse here ! …..just a flick or a literal mili-second
    touch/push of a button and wha’la !!! Presto ! They would have been able to say what was happening. All the experts has stated that when a problem erupts or exist, “navigate then
    communicate”…I assume they have to ability and training ALSO (!) to multi-task, with the tools, controls and buttons at their finger-tips and/or within hands-reach !!!! Especially, and including the ability to multi-task AND the ability of excercising the proper protocol and professional discretion to make snap decisions involving communication WHEN the need erupts and arises,,,,NAVIGATE
    AGAIN, what “power” had the ability to overcome the flight path, communication and navigation
    of an airplane??? aside from a tragic. UNEXPECTED, random accident a few other possibilities
    exist: A shoot down; a “forced down”, a bomb, or attempted “force-down” and/or some in-board/on-board activity or action that overcame the actions and authority of the pilot/ co-pilot and crew…I do find it intriguing that for an area that was so stated as being so desolate early on, that there are villages of many people that live in this area, and for being such a forbidding, torrentous and horrendous terrain that a hi-ranking French Official, The Interior Minister, was “ok’d”, per safety reasons & actually did fly-over (I assume by helicopter?) the site of the accident…when you think about it, they found it pretty fast? High in the Alps, like the Rockies, Himalayas or Andes, in the middle of now where and no verbal indication from the plane…well we know one thing…the
    technology that tracked this plane,even upto and at/during its crash was “seen” and tracked
    370….now we, I believe that “370” won’t be found because its’ not “missing” BUT WAS SOMEHOW
    TAKEN…now it must be asked was THIS plane, with the just about the same “traits” before its
    demise (or in 370’s case “disappearance”) meant to be found and found so quickly…???
    is there a hint or “message” being given here? and what would it be? earlier today an “expert”
    made the silly and dumb comment that ” It doesn’t appear to be a terrorist action since no terrorist group claimed responsibility here…WELL, that is a dumb comment ! No calling card, no “claim”
    of joyous responsibility from a terrorist group DOES NOT EXCLUDE RESPONSIBILITY OR
    Like Flight 370, What if the “lack of a calling card” aka lack of any claim of responsibility is
    a “calling card” in and of itself…a signal or “opaque”/translucent way of not needing to
    show or “leave” a calling card, is what I have called before, “psychological finger-print” that indicates a proclivity or “habit” of moving as stealthful and as discrete, as it wishes, matching its expertise and experience…any “calling card” left is in the action or deed itself, and “speaks for itself” and the inability of the plane to save itself and the people on that plane….SOUND FAMILIAR???? I wonder WHO was on that plane? They may not have been the over-ridng motive…BUT(!) keep in mind that a very close financial and influential ally of Putin and Russia, from France or Belgium, an oil executive worth billions, who laughed in the face of Washington and its anti-Russian sanctions died in a horrific airline accident last year. And let’s not
    forget Flight 544 (correct number?) which “crashed” during the Watergate Scandal, The deaths of Ron Brown, Senator Paul Wellstone and/or Flight 800 ( a missile shootdown???)
    Now if a powerful network wanted to “lean” on a country, within the current world ‘climate”
    and certainly after and within the post cold war/post 9/11 paradigm and “mndset” it
    seems to me, based on the events (some of them, anyway) of the past year that just like the term
    used on a fluff segment of Today. e.g. “50 is the new 30” or “40 is the new 20”
    well I guess “a missing or “crashed plane” is the (new) “lone nut”…unexplained and devoid of meaning, random and unplanned…NOTHING IN REALITY COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH….and what is the equation I referred to earlier? Keep reading !
    Like serendipity, when watching and following this story today, I switched to a channel that had a
    great segment on something that is so close to what is happening that is actually “below”
    or “deep” and at the heart of what is happening world wide, right in front of us…in my prior
    post, e.g. the prior one, I pointed out the struggles of Pres. Obama and his WH is attempting to grapple and deal with elements of his national security state involving elements of “some type” of sector involving highly corrupt inter and intra -related intelligence/military/corporate officials beyond the limited yet legal and constitutional reach, control and accountability of his or any Presidency (IKE, JFK, Nixon, Carter, Clinton & now Obama). The latest info and data regarding the “stab-in the back” ploy of and by this sector operating with impunity, is the planning, bringing it to fruition,and culmination of the Israeli Pres/PM’s recent trip and speech to the House and Senate, WITHOUT THE PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF SUCH A TRIP BEING KNOWN BY THIS PRESIDENT AND HIS STAFF. The arrangements of such a trip had to involve a lot of people HERE !, (security, protocol,
    transportation, timing, heavy-detailed planning, etc) inside our own (the U.S.) gov., inside a lot of depts and bureaus and/or agencies, or elements within them in order to “make that happen”, all the while BEHIND THE PRESIDENT’S BACK….I call this “THE OBAMA SURPRISE” and still more was reported today that The Israeli PM/Pres, and his own hawks , and other neo-con sympathizers within Israeli intelligence and military circles as well as some Israeli LIkud party officials may have been working with ( & this is important) their U.S. anti-Obama counter-parts and have been part of an ongoing large scandalous Watergate-like/October Surprise like criminal and treasonous spying operation against President Obama, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…and don’t you just love it BUT should not be surprised, THIS IS BEING PLAYED DOWN IN OUR OWN (U.S. !!!)
    MEDIA AND NEWS OUTLETS ! This alone more than anything else, but part of a continuous
    chain, regarding just Pres. Obama (see my prior posts) shows how far he and his his legal and constitutional “leash” is from this “crowd” of war-mongers and psychopaths who “sold” him
    ISIS as a “free army”, but is really like the Contras, Operation Mongoose/Jm/wave, Operation
    Phoenix, Operation Ohio, Operation Condor, (a Latin American CIA mirror of ISIS like “Mongoose”)
    and Operation Gladdio & The P-2. A thug militia and cadre, the worst of the worst of Nazi-like terrorist trained, & “fined tuned” and sold initially as “freedom fighters” to the Pres. and then
    “let loose” just like the earlier, prior U.S. backed “Jihad” in Latin America against Castro’s Cuba.
    Same soup, same recipe…just a different “flavor”, What this shows is that Obama is not in control and this group’s “pipe-lines” and ‘grid” is wide and deep…you been following the Secret Service “problems” lately???? dare I say connect the dots, if you want to….and want to see what is going on…you “following” me here?
    The BIG DOTS in the equation is what I am referring to now: THE BRICS and just as relevant is the creation and formation and “the up and running” of THE ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK. known as the AIIB and its tectonic repercussions. Run mostly by China
    and strongly allied and backed by Russia and others (The BRICS) and recently joined by many,
    many countries is Asia (including Malaysia???) and even more recently Germany, Italy and France
    (read that again !!!), The AIIB and its BRICS backing and now growing affiliations and members is
    drawing major anxiety and anger from the United States, even to the point as mentioned on “Boom and Bust” (RT Channel) that the U.S. even told some of its European allies “to watch it”
    I guess “watch it” is “the calling card” mentioned above???…even in Latin America, Cuba is backing Venezuela is in its “dispute” with the U.S., which is being totally ignored and unreported in U.S. media outlets. Same for Brazil…Cuba even sided with Venezuela to the point of breaking off its “talks of reconciliation” with the United States, as it is suspected in Latin America that US intell and Corp interests known as the “EL NORTE” may try to flex “its muscles” in some way IN (not just with) Venezuela…Cuba most assuredly must know that hi-level criminal “gangs”…powerful inter-related pol/intell/military/financial networks just like what once moved against JFK and later Carter, are beyond the reach and control of this president who must have regretted that he enabled them at times and now may feel “free-er” near the end of his term as president…This maybe a mistake !!!!
    whatever— does happen & when, will most assuredly, intentionally effect and affect the next president and/or nominees, and election in due time…That’s the way “THEY” work….look at 1960 and/or 2000 election….
    bye for now…I hope I opened some eyes here and connected some dots….
    david t. krall

  10. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    a few follow-ups:

    1) I also wanted to relay how at least one eye and ear witness’, words were recorded via emailed/an or tweated, (what dumb term!) that he saw and heard the plane above him , as he lives in the area in one of the near-by towns. (another indicator of the general area not being that totally desolated or far removed). He stated that, “he thought from what he first heard that it was a military plane, as they are always flying over and in the area.”…uhmmm…interesting.
    2) another press conference took place today, about 4 hours ago (apprx. 2PM US-Eastern Time)
    involving the head of Lufthansa and another official…very oddly that is lasted for a whopping
    10 minutes ? or so…at least that’s my impression,.(not sure?) But from what I watched and saw The head of Lufthansa while “in control” did appear HIGHLY agitated and very uncomfortable…
    He twisted in his chair a lot ! One woman journalist was rebuked, by a female sitting next to the officials taking the questions for asking more than 2 questions, & was “chastised” at the end for asking too many (3) questons, ” you asked 3 questions…” and then this woman with the micro-phone stated that “no more questions and, (in so many words) & that we will tell you what we know, when , and as soon as possible”…what??? OK??? well then, what was the purpose of the this press conference??? Why not just take more questions? BUt then again it now appears for what it was, a PR appearance, not to inform but just for show…and what was the rude, “snappy” & abrupt comment motivated by, to the one journalist who did ask a few questions???
    An odd “show” here…in other words they either know nothing or much more than what was stated
    in this press conference…
    3) it was also stated on F24, that a clearing or clearings may exists within or between the hills and mountains wide, large and deep enough for a plane too land, e.g. ranges, and if so, why didn’t the pilots try for this possibility? …the F-24 reporter (on site), at the near-by town had commented that the crash site was by foot-travel, three to five hours away thru peaks, hills, etc. He also stated that he believed based on what he saw and noticed that there really was not any area wide enough, in that general area for a large or any plane to land…—(you sitting down?!) THIS BEING SAID BY THIS REPORTER, WITH ENOUGH BACK-DROP AND BACK-GROUND, SEEN BY A TV VIEWER WHICH WAS & IS CLEARLY ENOUGH TO NOTICE, EVEN A CLEAR & OPEN AREA AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE ROLLING WAY PAST THE OPEN LAND TO THE FOOT OF MOUNTAINS, VERY, VERY (!) FAR IN THE BACK-GROUND…and a few paved and unpaved roads here as weil !
    4) I noticed the “condition” of the (one of) black box that was found. Now these black boxes
    are stored and placed in a specific area or part of the plane, with deliberation and intent, in order to minimize and/or prevent serious damage to these black boxes. Also, initially they are encased and welded or some similar way to protect the mechanism and data storage unit within it, which collects and deciphers the data for future analysis and investigation. The inside data storage unit is encased in, for all intents and purposes, “a protective block” to shield against/minimize damage due to or upon impact, water, heat, fire, frost/cold, corrosion, explosion, crash etc. This “protective block” appears to be a very, extremely heavy duty and durable, & thick (up to 1 inch some parts?) and of some steel and cast iron and/or tungsten….not that kind thing that will break open, snap or bend, & certainly “built”, in a very hi-grade fashion, to protect the function and purpose of the devise within it…HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PARTICULAR BLACK BOX????? IT IS MANGLED AND BENT AND TWISTED, AS IF IT WAS DAMAGED OR ATTEMPTED TO BE DAMAGED —AFTER—THE CRASH…That’s my initial feeling after first seeing this black box on TV….And where Oh ! where art thou second black box??? Oh where, oh where art thou? OUT
    of its protective casing but still missing as reported???…AND NOBODY THINKS THAT’S ODD???
    God forbid foul play should be ruled out…not a terrorist act??? at least not by “the other guys”
    who, are the only ones who (supposedly) fall under that moniker or banner known as “Terrorist”????? the old label “those commies or marxists”…. The “bad guys” are always “the other guys”…those “other guys…over there….THEM”… It must be an accident if “they” didn’t do it…
    I DON’T THINK SO !!!
    The war terrorism was and is also, a war on our senses and our reality…It’s taken things to a whole new level. Not just one enemy, seen but, big, bloated, financially bankrupt and decayed, (e.g. the old USSR) but a nebulous, all pervading, unseen yet (supposedly) ready to strike “enemy”…an endless war based on fear, paranoia and “readying” us to submit our cherished freedoms in the name of a very fake, contoured and “ready to wear” and prepared security…”THE FUHRER” AND “UNCLE JOE” and all their minions, thugs and henchmen are laughing in their graves…laughing at us for being so naive…bye for now !!! more to follow…
    david t. krall

  11. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    A few minutes ago, at apprx. 7:45 PM (Eastern, USA) It was reported by Erin Burnett of CNN
    that a New York Times report “quoted” a military official as stating that what was heard on the
    data released, supposedly from the black box found earlier today is that some type of dispute
    or separation via the cock-pit door between a pilot on the outside of the cock-pit/front door
    of the control area and a pilot on the inside not apparantly answering or acknowledging
    repeated knocks or attempts by the pilot on the “outside” of the cock-pit door to re-enter
    the controls and cock-pit…Now first off…WHO is the “military official” who said this,, who claims
    according to the NYT’s heard this on or from the data on the black-box which was found?
    WHO? and how would this be verified, and also the ID of this MILITARY OFFICIAL????
    And why would this be released to US news outlets before going thru French Investigators
    and French Officials??? Sounds like a very fishy planted story…AND WHY? if you happened to
    watch when this was reported by Erin Burnett (CNN) and her panel of experts….you would have thought this this was “manna from heaven”…totally swallowed, accepted and even discussed as
    fact, to the point of even allowing for other speculation as to what followed or caused it !!!
    AMAZING…NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT REGARDING SOURCE RELIABILITY OR VERACITY…totally accepted as GOSPEL…as if, “GO WITH THIS & RUN WITH IT !” and to further add to this blind BS, when Anderson Cooper came on, it was the opening feed and story as if true and irrefutable…it was like watching a bunch of pre-school -aged children having cookies and milk,
    Such unquestioning delight and enjoyment…and that’s exactly how they want YOU to accept
    what is being said…like children, never questioning, never analysing, just accept, swallow and consume what is being told to you…and they call themselves journalists…..
    Such “acceptance” is more like “blind allegiance” and this is one way decipher and be able to see thru a “fed” BS cover-story…AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES JOURNALISTS???? AND INVESTIGATORS.???..I’LL BET BURNETT, COOPER DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE NAME OF THE SUPPOSED MILITARY OFFICIAL IN QUESTION, AND NEITHER DO THE EXPERTS…
    and who would this actually be? and who on this NTY story, who would tell us???
    Like I said, The French are leading this investigation, NOT–NOT THE New York Times, NOT
    CNN and this silly lie, meant to look like some soap-opera that took place, just happened to occur before the plane crashed..I smell a NATO, NEO-CON or CIA rat here???? Most assuredly a BS fed story…watch CNN run with this like a football up and down the field, and try to kick it off to other US news outlets….oddly the “bottom tag line” at the bottom of the TV screen displayed also the word — “alarms”…
    So what was going on and no mention or discussion of any alarms or voices?…only the accepting
    discussion of this odd-ball fed story of a pilot supposedly looked out of the cock-pit by another
    fellow pilot…like he does not have some way of re-entering???…like no-one’s ever thought of this happening ever before between two pilots!!!! or if one get’s locked out, like two dopey roommates and one gets drunk and forgot about the other, who just stepped out for a few moments and the other doesn’t have a way of getting back in??? Is that the way I’m supposed to ‘see” and ACCEPT
    this moronic scenario??? as explained supposedly by some Military Official and “fed” like warm milk from the New York Times and taken and swallowed like compliant pets (tethered and “fixed”) at CNN and its experts ,,,which insults the meaning of the word scenario…
    Like I said, this sounds like a totally BOGUS fed BS story…and geeze, if just an accidental crash than what would be the sense or motive of this bogus and silly fed NYT story???? I’ll wait for
    an answer…But I suggest that you just connect the dots that I mentioned earlier, before…Its more
    lucid, rational and honest…and they call themselves journalists & news anchors…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  12. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    I still stand by my belief that “the locked out” story is a totally bogus fed cover story…I don’t
    believe that for one second…What we are being told, could just as easlly be explained, if
    at all acknowledged in any other number of ways…The best indicator? Lufthansa has NOT (yet)
    confirmed or affirmed the story, in other words its veracity or reliability, something that CNN
    will not or has NOT stated. And this is several hours after “the romper room, milk and cookies”
    reaction and total acceptance of this line of “explanation”…the report of Lufthansa still not
    confirming the story was from F-24 TV a few hours ago..NOT from CNN…
    Before I continue I mentioned, prior, some more names to point out as references, like on a compass to look at.. others which I wanted to mention were Enrico Mattie and lets not forget
    Dag Hammarskjold…(Aldo Moro? Sorry, he was “found” in a car truck ! “same difference”
    by the same thugs and their superiors)… CNN won’t dare mention these names. or others…GOSH…this would make you start wondering, and open your mind and away from
    the “cookies and milk”…
    My take? If the controls were somehow frozen or locked? Would that not mitigate or warrant an adjoining or corresponding of a lockdown or a “freeze” of the door and its usage and access
    as well? , thus preventing anyone from leaving or gaining entrance to or from the cock-pit? Possibly to go to another part of the plan, perhaps a navigational area or a close look at another area of the plane, after reaching the 38,000 feet but BEFORE the descent(???), by one of the pilots and/or with another crew member??? The bangs on the door could just as easily be one of the pilots trying to LEAVE the cockpit and trying to get the attention of another crew member (or anybody) on the other side of that door, on the outside, area , other side of the door???
    Or perhaps even if one of the pilots did leave the cock-pit, to go, not just to a “rest-room” but to maybe also look and see something that caused a “quick but closer look” somewhere in or on the plane and some “overriding mechanism” or lockdown caused or prevented this pilot or co-pilot
    from re-entering the cock-pit, with the pilot on the inside now aware of this and also not being able to also breach or open the door? if so, ONLY one or two possible scenarios, PROBABLE and not necessarily separate or exclusive explanations can be deduced, based on what is known and what I suspect. Some how the controls became locked or frozen,– and/or the plane was somehow
    either evading something or trying to evade some action or showing some reaction to some other very near-by presence that forced it to descend, or was forced to descend or an attempt to do so, & was taking place either by the pilots themselves or via some “outside” or external “cloaked” mechanism. Either way, the actions clearly show some type of evasion and intimidation and/or under the control, or attempted control of some other presence in the area…HOW ELSE TO RATIONALLY EXPLAIN THE ACTIONS ON THE PLANE??? THE ACTIONS RIGHT UP TO AND BEFORE THE CRASH??? AND ITS “UNEXPLAINED” SILENCE AND LACK OF RADIO COMMUNICATION??? EXPLAIN THAT AS COINCIDENCE???
    IF IT QUACKS LIKE A DUCK. LOOKS LIKE A DUCK, WADDLES THRU THE WATER LIKE A DUCK, SOUNDS LIKE A DUCK, SMELLS LIKE A DUCK ,and we seen this “DUCK” before, Well ! you get the picture !!! —- (why a duck?- sorry I’m a punster !-if you get it)…
    I’m very serious, but my marx brother or ritz brother sometimes “sneaks” up on me !

    Keep in mind one thing, and remember this:, it was repeated many times early on, by many
    mouths that the plane was obliterated,…that it disintegrated., OBLITERATED…DISINTERGRATED
    that sound like odd to you? yet it was supposedly confirmed in a conference and briefing this afternoon, I believe AFTER the weird short appearance by the Lufthansa Pres (see my prior comments) that from all appearances that no-in air, above air explosion took place…yet we are told bodies are in parts and pieces I also noticed that there are no overly
    large pieces of the major part of the plane like the wings or fuselage, or cabin/center of the plane,
    I hope I made so good points here…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  13. david t. krall says:

    from : david t. krall

    The latest on Flight 9525: You really believe this is what happened…and how???
    I have a question…what does the radar, satellite tracking, flight tower data. etc.from any adjoining or nearby airports or military airbases have in regards to any other planes, particularly of a military or surveillance/tracking nature or type of airplane in that area at that very specific and corresponding time or time frame????
    GOSH…what a pointed question, that nobody else wants to ask????? SOMEBODY HAS TO !!!
    Somebody, anybody,please, tell us, after any feelings are so hurt or besmirched, (God forbid !) or any ridicule of “such talk” is laughed at, mocked or smirked at… let alone, be allowed to be even addressed, as “such thoughts” are indeed highly relevant and NEED TO BE ASKED !!! Regardless of “the political necessities”, “practicalities” or “constraints” (or “realities”) involved, of asking such an “inappropriate question” or inquiry. WHY NOT I ASK…FROM THE HIGHEST ROOFTOP WHY NOT ASK THIS OR RELATED QUESTIONS !…as such “constraints” do play a part in how events are perceived and “so explained”…This French Prosecutor, over an hour a ago is going on about HOW A PERSON BREATHES???-???,,,The lone-breath theory???..Also, just some common -sense insight here…but if the flight recording data is in the cock-pit area, how would the data pick up screams, voices and other sounds, from other parts of the plane if the steel door to the cock-pit was shut??? Does the video camera outside the cock-pit door also record audio??? And, oh yea…sorry CNN and Mr Lufthansa, and Mr. French Prosecutor but where does that video feed go??? Is it stored? If so where? Is it being looked for? Is it stored in the data device found??? If not why not??? In the still MISSING SECOND black box???…
    That French Prosecutor is most assuredly a most seasoned and experienced law enforcement
    and legal investigator. He’s, no doubt seen, confronted and faced down a lot of criminals and
    their lawyers, seen a lot of bad crimes, some real intense and horrendous things. So when its even pointed out by American News reporters how shaken this gentleman is while reading a statement
    and asking questions a few hours ago, even by Tom Costello on MSNBC, I have to really wonder
    about the source and true nature of the extreme nervousness and anxiety-laden demeanor clearly and unmistakenly shown and displayed by this French Prosecutor. This had to be more than just reacting to the facts as he knew them and sharing his “script” with reporters. The deep and very evident uncomfortable attitude and behavior of this official, his hands shaking, rubbing his forehead repeatedly with his hands just about trembling at other times, moving in his chair also several times shows a man under enormous pressure, due to his position, stature and location as the “designated” or point man to “explain” -HOW- this event is said to have occurred. This demeanor was pointed out by Tom Costello on MSMBC earlier, just that way…but Mr Costello, and others have to know and realize that this prosecutor has likely seen and dealt with many, many crimes and unsavory, ugly events in his career. So I have to conclude that this “demeanor” of showing and being THAT uncomfortable for a man in that position with experience is due to PRESSURES AND EXPECTATIONS, “off center stage”, involving himself and many, many “OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES” in “EXPLAINING” with a particular slant HOW this event is to be projected, perceived, explained and accepted. This “explanation” and the pressures clearly exhibited while “explaining” it
    lead anybody with any amount, of even the barest or minimal amounts of common-sense and
    perception to see “something” is at work here and very much “in play” regarding what is NOT being
    discussed or said…bye for now..& Don’t by bye that silly,”breathing co-pilot, behind the door” fable
    not for one second…I don’t…
    david t. krall

  14. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    just when you think CNN hit “rock bottom” or the “bottom of the ocean” intellecually, in regards to
    ( at least !) Flight 370…now here comes the NON-STOP, INCESSANT, REPETITIVE,
    not the maid, not the mailman, or the milk-man (still in selected areas?) BUT THE CO-PILOT !
    and CNN can tell, as well as the not so calm and not-so collected French Prosecutor, trembling,
    sweating and shaking at times…FROM THE CO-PILOT’S BREATHING…forensic breath reading !
    A new science and legal technique for criminal investigation…can see, can’t touch, no prints,
    no eyewitnesses, no prior record, no history ( so far that he was unstable?) of any “problems”
    but he sure was breathing, and his seemed to be breathing was OK? bUt then again, if you go by CNN’s logic, you can tell or “read” a psycho, a dead one at that, !!! by his recorded breathing habits and patterns, before he died!!! Isn’t that awesome, that this was determined and in this way??? Did you also see today the follow-up, repeat performance, appearance and press briefing
    by the head of Lufthansa with his two associates? He needed a towel or another shower…
    he was sweating, and I mean SWEATING (!!!), and equally very volatile,nervous and agitated.
    if my suspicions are correct, He’s probably been “briefed” and apprised of what REALLY HAPPENED…and its not from a co-pilot behind a locked cock-pit door…that I can bet !!!
    Aren’t you impressed by all this about cock-pit doors, Hell I may even go out and buy one, as well as being told every minute on the minute, by every expert and Anchor, as if standing in line, and ready to follow the preceeding expert, how a commercial air-line cock-pit door is opened, closed, entered, secured, used and locked…all this non-stop build-up of repetitive mundane data, is only used, like a drug addict waiting for the next FIX and in this case, ( and in this case the FIX is already “in” !) its something they are hoping to find and “tell” regarding Andreas Lubitz. The second some Intelligence enabler known as a “source” feeds some semi embellished negative background gossip or “fact” as TRUTH about Mr Lubitz, then we won’t hear about cock-pit doors, for a while, unless one turns up in that mountain…but then again, where is the fuselage, cabin, wings, etc..funny how we’ve been told the plane obliterated…disintegrated? That much from a crash in a (supposedly) compressed area and terrain??? AND STILL NO SECOND BLACK BOX…BUT THE HEAVY DUTY, Hi-GRADE OUTER PROTECTIVE STEEL/IRON/TUNGSTEN BLOCK-BOX IN WHICH IT WAS SECURED IN, WAS FOUND, JUST NOT THE VITAL DEVICE THAT HAS MAJOR AND SIGNIFICANT FORENSIC RECORDED DATA AND SOFTWARE FROM THE PLANE.THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT BLOCK-BOX, known as, in this case the second black box…I used this term “block-box” only to emphasize and point out the make up/and look as a type of secured, very heavy duty “block box” type structure to delineate what the recording data devise ( which itself is also encased) is actually stored in and secured in, in order to protect the recoding data device, in the most maximal manner possible which Is still missing and no question or eyebrows have been raised??? NADA !!!
    Its a shame those types of doors are not at the front of the desk of the news anchors on CNN and other outlets… every time a lie is told, an alarm goes off and the cameras flash, the doors lock, in a mock-fashion and nobody moves until a lie, or a distortion is acknowledged, corrected or ruled UNSUBSTANTIATED, and then this allows the prop, in this case a cock-pit door to open next to, or in front of them !!! The code should be the truth, substantiated and verified, not “cookies and milk”. (see my prior post) and OH yes!!! again, WHO (???) who is the Military Official who fed the New York Times Reporter the story about the lone nut, oopps ! sorry !, I meant “the co-pilot and the locked door scenario”.???…as reported on CNN last night by Erin Burnett? This is vital…
    It certainly and no pun intended here, closes a lot of doors, doesn’t it??? Kind of like the lone nut and/or single bullet theory “heading off, at the pass”, or Flight 370 “explained” as “disappeared” all the while attempting to nullify, if not mollify, major, relevant & growing legitimate suspicions and equally growing intelligent questions that would have needed to be addressed and unavoided, and ANSWERED…Good point, right??? nothing like a good cover-story, massively disseminated and “run” and pounded away, like a good, football play, in this case against the truth…and so far, Team TRUTH is getting its’ butt kicked, and justice and accountability, so far, have been sidelined…
    bye for now……sharing a lot of insights, thoughts and data here…hope its’ appreciated out there…
    david t. krall

  15. david t. krall says:

    from: david t..krall

    pre my prior /above post…it should read as “…while the French Prosecutor does -not-deny it…”
    Sorry !
    That still stands as a very cleaver use and choice of words…and very CNN.
    bye for now.
    david t. krall

  16. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    It certainly appears that “the mighty wurlitzer” is (again-just like with Flight 370) going full-force
    and non-stop…It seems clear that a very intentional, hi-level agenda based “informational overload” is in effect to fully and concretely embed and instill the perception that Mr. Andreas Lubitz brought down Flight 9525…basically. and I’ll be blunt, what we are seeing is the “Oswaldlization” of the co-pilot…The moment that plane crashed he was no longer just name…BUT if my suspicions are correct and the “Military Official” who so stated to the New York Times that the pilot left the cock-pit and left the co-pilot alone and, according to this still (!) unknown “Military Official” that the co-pilot then locked and bolted the door to the cock-pit and crashed the plane…well that solves everything, case closed…well hold on! &.HOLD YOUR HORSES !
    In spite of every expert on CNN, MSNBC, etc. it is hard to reconcile since: absolutely no evidence
    and no one has come forward to state that the individual here in question had ANY inappropriate
    exchange, confrontation and/or altercation with ANY other flight personnel (fellow pilots, flight
    attendants,etc) on this flight OR any other/prior flight, airport staff at any airport, including
    flight control personnel and related hi-level technical staff, and also any passengers…
    And that’s a lot of people to deal with, and encounter in a unique, challenging and stressful job
    Now. think about this…why would a guy pay to go see supposedly some many doctors, if he could just as easily have seen, for free or a ( i assume, at least) a significant less amount to see
    the a doctor or related medical personnel under the auspices of his employer? The notes,
    supposedly several, I assume as usually given or submitted upon request by the patient, if he or see feels one is needed to take off from work due to illness or personal reasons…so if so many
    were found,,,why would he ask for them and then NOT take off from work? A glarring
    contradiction…and if not talking off from work, then why-on -earth ask for one, and in this case
    it’s several…and supposely he had one note given to him (?) that allowed him NOT to work
    ‘that day” and we know he, obviously didn’t take the day off. so why ask for one???
    We have been told he received medical injections at some point. Who administered and gave them? and where? Also we are told he was suicidal…had suicidal tendencies That’s easy to say, and be “accepted” and have that “tagged” on a dead person, since no-one could verify it, or witnessed it, or refute it, since just about most people who commit suicide do it when alone and “deep” in or within their remorse. And, most of the time some note. letter or “good-bye” is indicated or displayed or shown, in some way…here we have nothing except we are told BREATHING…I guess that means a lot of weirdos and whackos who make prank calls and breath (heavy), or just breath into the phone, without speaking, can and should be saved and helped and are really suicidal or even homicidal, not really just perverts….CNN is doing its best, but every time an expert is asked, in a way as to apply a speculation or supposition here, they WON’T, much to the “subtle” discomfort. disappointment, dismay to the host/anchor at a particular time or any time
    (!) since I’ve seen it occur more than just once..A few days ago, Wolf Blitzer lifted and pulled
    up to his desk or table in front of him a medium to small orange sized box, somewhat heavy, extremelly durable, made of some very, very hi-grade steel/iron/tungsten and stated that “this
    is what we are still looking for…” What he was referring to was the SECOND black box–which is
    STILL MISSING…what he or the experts around him failed to mention was that the box that you saw, is THE OUTER/PROTECTIVE (what I call the ) BLOCK-BOX OR ENCASING that holds the
    data recording/data storage software device that is indeed still missing, But that this outer protective box was found ! Just EMPTY AND SEPARATED from WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN IT!!! AND THAT IS WHAT IS STILL MISSING, EVEN AS OF TODAY…I’d like to see the condition of BOTH the outer/protective boxes or encasings..BOTH…My initial impression when seeing the
    FIRST black box. the first recording data device found, was that it appeared as if mangled as in forced open (?), not just from a crash as the recording devises themselves also have in and on them, also a smaller connected steel/iron-like encasement..these things are built to withstand just about everything and every possible occurrance…
    As I mentioned above, it has been reported that he was suicidal…and one can surmise
    and believe (NOT assume) that it also be deduced that he was NOT homicidal..and no indication
    has yet been forwarded that he had HOMICIDAL tendencies..but don’t hold your breath on that,
    I’m sure somebody “will be found” or “dug up” inspite of the hundreds of people he encountered and rubbed shoulders with, in the last several years where no such indication has (yet) surfaced…
    No indication of violent tendencies, no history of bad employment behavior, no known altercations, confrontations with anybody on the job or (so-far known) socially . Keep in mind, before
    “the locked-cock-pit” story was released (or FED) to the NTY and then picked up by CNN/Erin
    Burnett, the head of Lufthansa (with his two colleagues) next to him and on TV in a room full of reporters stated that the two men “at the wheels” (pilot and co-pilot) were known as good employees,and had clear and clean/good work records…( I guess he didn’t yet get the “memo”-or the phone call from “THE MILITARY OFFICIAL” who fed /told the NYT’s “what was” on the found
    initial flight recorder????)
    The moment that story was “reported” by the NYT and then CNN, Mr. Lubitz’s name was transformed into a media machine, unstoppable and growing…one more thing, I would find it difficult to believe, that if half of the “problems” that are ascribed to Lubitz are true, why any medical personnel or Dr. etc.would not have notified his employer…or some social worker to
    talk to, with “keep an eye” on him, for his own safety, and possibly others near him.
    What is the policy of the medical and psychological test that he went thur during training?… According to one expert on CNN over the weekend, Diane Damos, Lufthansa is known for and has a massive, rigorous & intensive training program and is considered one of the best for training and subsequent trained pilots and involves on the spot psychologist. and I venture to guess that this training involves blood tests, as well. e.g. drugs, alcohol, and indications OF AND FOR PRESCRIPTIVE DRUGS,
    So when you break it down we have a situation that was for the first day or so, an anomaly and “unexplainable”, event and fast approaching a threshold or level of growing intelligent questions, that needed to be addressed and confronted and would have become redundant and repetitive, and would have grown somewhat (hopefully) cynical regarding the “why and how” here, since unlike flight 370, it had NOT disappeared, but crashed. And an airplane crash is indeed (!) in need of an explanation as a “missing” plane is, well missing, a “self/or evident” -“explanation”…
    So to complete this breakdown, the anomaly of the crash was then “solved” and if you watched CNN the night it was reported by Erin Burnett, and accompanied by surrounding experts, you would have thought and actually seen relief that some “explanation” came into play -“Breaking News, The New York Times had reported that a Military Official has told the New York Times that the Co-pilot…”– well you know “the rest of the story”.yes it was as if “manna fell from heaven…Thank you sweet Lord !”. That was the true and accurate was clear and unmistakable, .not as if, “lets just wait and see, and follow-up asap”, etc..
    There are a few other things that merit some comment..which you won;t hear on CNN, etc.
    and that is the age-old use of airline/airplane personnel, especially pilots as intelligence
    assets for info, data. “casual” observation when traveling…You think pilots US or UK pilots to and from say Russia, China, or especially the middle east are NOT approached or asked about data/info/observations seen from above or when “on the street” for a few hours or a day or so, in another country???
    A clear example was when Flight 700 was shot down by the Russians..and oh yes, just to
    “reflex” your reaction here, if you are old enough to remember: A Korean civilian airliner
    flying near a highly sensitive top secret Soviet /Russian military base, and upon refusing to change course & upon being warned & repeatedly, and no reply given was indeed shot down…first, do you think any gov. or country, no matter how humane it prides itself, would have reacted any differently…e.g. an unidentified plane, no reply after several warnings was flying fast, and rapidly approaching say Cape Canaveral or Nags Head??? The point here, is to point out that it was known that many South Korean Pilots, especially ones that served in the South Korean Military, were at times used as “assets” to gather & collect data during their flights…ALL countries had done and still do this…
    So I can wonder also, where was Lubitz while in the USA???
    The end result was the plane was, according to and still being reported as being Disintegrated and Obliterated…sounds like more than just a bad crash…why no wings seen…those things are HUGE !
    and only small parts of the cabin/center/fuselage?.it was reported today that there are no complete
    or intact bodies of all 150 victims…still no SECOND BLACK BOX found…sound odd to you?
    MY take? some presence… some intimidating presence or action either forced or attempted to force that plane down intentionally…
    But, then again, as I mentioned to a friend, maybe, just maybe, if you go by the established
    and formed media scenario, even if you accept that he had as many issues
    involving as many prescription drugs, including injections ( & who knows what and who that involved???) , as has been conveyed and projected and even CNN today, AGAIN (!) this morning ended a report from Germany, by one of its own reporters about the many mental issues being stated by CNN ITSELF, as “NOT BEING ABLE TO BE VERIFIED”…read that again…something is wrong here !!!
    Maybe just maybe, it wasn’t the plane or “just the plane” that was “PROGRAMMED”???
    He certainly, if go by what is being told and stated, would have been a good “candidate”
    for “such a thing”…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  17. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    The correct designated flight number for the Korean Airliner was KAL 007, (as far as I can remember)…and my take on that was that the pilots were induced not just to fly near that
    Soviet/Russian base. but close enough, even “if” endangering the passengers on that plane,
    to stimulate or “trip wire” the systems used, as US radar and satellites could decipher, “read” and
    detect/learn the response and capabilities of (at that time) Soviet rapid response/early warning
    systems and their capabilities & responses.of that specific Soviet base and/or all / any similar Soviet early warning defense systems & their capabilities within and across the Soviet Union…
    bye for now…deep stuff !
    david t. krall

  18. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Geeeze, louise !!! If you fell off the earth for a while and turned on CNN, when you returned you would have thought, for a few seconds that the attention that CNN is showering Andreas Lubitz with, was due to his celebrity status demise, not so much notorious, but as if his being front page news was that of a cult type saga, cult-status attention…but then again that Cult-like status is actually what is being displayed here, right in front of our eyes and AT our eyes…we’ve seen in history how leaders and politicians throughout history (and others in other fields) but especially politicians and leaders of some countries have thru the use of power, some genuine and some innate charisma with the tricky use, abuse and manipulation of its media (regardless of the historical time frame) and with utter connivance OVER, AT, and TOWARDS the general population of a country were able to implant none stop, obsessive & incessant, a never-ending drum-beat, with trumpets and bugles blaring, flags waving and with a compliant or enslaved media were able to elevate their “presence” and sustain it ( the interests they lead and/or represent) over a population as that of a “saviour” of that country or state…banners, flags, LARGE (!) posters, and tons of them, with accompanying portraits being paraded everywhere to instill a belief and perception that is NOT to be questioned..and since that perception is in “glorifying” the leaders of a particular nation or state who are at the top and at the pinnacle of the ruling body and policy making apparatus and related centers of power, and enforcement of that power.
    Now, if such a “cult-of personality” can be created by the nation-state to “glorify” it own leaders, in an never-ending unceasing fashion, the same in the opposite (across the top) “direction” by the ruling body can also project how perceptions should or need “be handled” or managed of that particular nation-state’s neighbors….Now if events that seem “unexplainable” or in need of “some viable” and unquestioning “managed” and “plausibly acceptable” scenario, the same state mechanisms that will elevate and glorify its own “virtues” will use the same tools, at its disposal and harness them at and for their maximal advantage and calibration to imbed and force a perception regarding “any action” that it feels warranted to carry out and accomplish and deem ANY explanation or more likely a set of “explanations” (to choose from) with the same non-stop, drumbeat, trumpets and bugles blaring, incessant & obsessive, to force a perception,,, either 2000 years ago with hundreds of scrolls, or now on TV, etc….in order to fulfill an an agenda, no matter how criminal or deceitful, in order to also “maintain the order and tranquility” of that nation state and its “reach”, its power and its influence…The non-stop “story of Andreas Lubitz” (especially on CNN) is a perfect example how a “low-end” – “cult of personality” has indeed been created, and formed as well as nourished and cultivated akin to a “poster” to absorb/blame and imbue attention, and also a relieving (“and what a relief !) explanation for the “credit” of the crash of Flight 9525…while watching this story on the various news networks, the resounding theme I “see” is this non-stop insatiable thirst to “tell all” before “all” or even some or part of this story have been verified or confirmed, and especially CNN who is “leading this incessant drumbeat” has even admitted, MANY, MANY times at the end of a report, that such a report CANNOT BE VERIFIED, OR VERIFIED INDEPENDENTLY. But then again we’ve seen this before…

    Tonight, a lively and honest exchange took place between MIles O’Brien and Richard Quest.
    They are both astute and knowledgable professionals who handled themselves with a candid
    honest and lively yet gentlemanly decorum. Now If I can just get them to look at this in a different
    view, well then maybe…just maybe…no I don;t think so !
    WE have been told that a video has been captured on a cell phone which was retrieved from the crash site…prosecutors have not (so far) verified its authenticity. The editor-in chief of a newspaper (?)actually, an online journal called BILD was on TV earlier and disclosed that this video is only
    a few seconds in length and duration. He is of the “belief and confidence” (HIS words) that it is
    a true and genuine article, in other words, he’s not sure, and it appeared (thankfully) that Erin Burnett wasn’t really so sure either…I doubt it too ,,also, It seems that instead of finding something…anything… reporters are going back and back into Andreas Lubitz past in order to attempt to shed some light on his behavior…but think about it…the further and further back they go, the further they are getting away from his state of mind at the time of “the event” or near it…and It ironically, it seems that what was found and what and how this info, BY MR. LUBITZ –HIMSELF (!!!) was handled literally FLIES IN THE FACE OF THE AGENDA THAT IS BEING
    SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS…In 2009, Andreas Lubitz, HIMSELF, submitted HIMSELF, his medical info and data to Lufthansa…NOT withheld it !!! read that again… I suspect and am coming to strongly believe that his work file or a full and complete copy of his work/ employment file with a comprehensive compilation of his medical history and probably a very recently written/compiled
    social “history” and and an equally recent (as in very recent !) analysis / psychological profile is in “the hands” of some very “relevant parties” who have a very hi-level vested & keen interests in controlling this story…Very early this morning on one of the news shows, a friend of Mr. Lubitz
    was being interviewed..This friend is of the belief that what is being said is “untrue and are lies”..
    I’m sure that’s the last we’ll see of him on TV ! Now if he said just the opposite, he would have been on every TV news outlet, several times today…That is safe bet, no doubt !!!! .
    I am coming to the belief that most of the “leaks” being set forth and released are most probably
    from MR LUBITZ’S OWN FILE – PERSONAL/ PRIVATE / WORK AND MEDICAL HISTORY, and are being released with calculating deliberation for “strategic” and for (or with) timely consumption and attention. The control of the file and the continuing release of data as well as the major “leaks” are all from”the same “guiding hand” “. I’ve seen this before and it smells the same….real bad !
    Also, a neuropsychologist and FAA consultant named Gary Kay was speaking with Wolf Blitzer
    earlier this evening..His appearance was a revelation and a breath of fresh air…
    He described how for the past several years he has been apart of a very successful and known program in helping pilots deal and cope with stress or depression, etc and any other behavioural issues or problems , in their occupation. Some of whom have had very serious bouts of depression. It can be assumed that Mr.Gary Kay is one of several in this rewarding field and is to be much admired. After watching this, one could surmise what we are being told about Mr. Lubitz IS NOT THAT ISOLATED…of course this area of conversation went subtly somewhat “against the
    grain” of what is being projected…and of course, not much was asked here,if at all (!) and just like or as if “on cue” a commercial break took place,ending this conversation and the segment itself, thus minimizing this ray of “light” and info…I’ve seen this before in regards to Flight 370…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  19. david t. krall says:

    from” david t. krall

    I recommend that if at all possible, any anybody /everybody “out-there” watch today,
    The Kaiser Report, on RT…and last night during panel discussion of middle east scholars.from the U.S. aired on C-SPAN, regarding U.S. – Iranian Nuc Talks, one the of scholars acknowledged that indeed, and only because a “light had gone off in his head” after having a prior conversation with a colleague, and admitted that at first he laughed off the possibility of “some concerted effort”
    between Israeli Hawks, their U.S. counter-parts and Sunni allies trying not not ONLY cripple these
    CORNER and PRESSURE PRESIDENT OBAMA,,but after, & initially brushing -off “such talk” as being “too conspiratorial” he admitted that, in a very “coy way”, “well I’m not sure so he’s wrong”!
    IN OTHER WORDS, HIS COLLEAGUE IS RIGHT !!!!! and Exactly what I have been alluding to and mentioning here for a while ! I suggest that this Middle-East Scholar
    “keep that light”, TAKE HIS NOSE OUT OF BOOKS, PERIODICALS AND JOURNALS more often, and wake up..This is world power politics…and just like in a real war,at that level of power, finance and influence various sectors, enclaves and vested or “invested” interests “play for keeps” and are not always or ever completely honorable or overflowing with credibility and overt sincere intentions…the same goes for BOTH sides of any negotiations or talks…it appears that what is taking place and “the investment” by the Obama WH in these talks strongly (very strongly !)
    resembles the talks and negotiations that to place first between IKE (USA).) and NK (USSR)in 1959 and into 1960 regarding attempts to create a major peace-race and IKE and NK both trying to move out, in front of and past their own hawks…incidently, IKE had repeatedly, since 1954 brushed off major ploys, tactics and pressure by his hardliners to take much more “aggressive” policies/actions in SE, Asia, China, in the Middle East,and towards the USSR….and latter between
    JFK and NK regarding repeated attempts to start negotiations and finally culminating in the
    1963 summit and concluding limited nuc test ban agreement, much to the consternation of JFK ‘s
    hawks…like IKE, JFK was envisioning further talks and treaties…JFk wound up being in the “same boat” as IKE., e.g. pressures against or in SE Asia, Cuba, China, NATO, USSR…
    but with his close brother now as AG, he was adding some real muscle, weight and leverage to his vision and goals, (now just imagine if IKE had named his own brother or son as his own AG. and soon realized that the very same people that were pressuring him for an aggressive foreign policy were also involved in criminally decetful intelligence & financial operations and especially corrupt defense contracts. WELL WE KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPEN TO THOSE THREE LEADERS….JFK was removed thur a fullisade of gunfire and a glarring ambush in the noon-day sun with arrogant impunity, IKE was “stabbed in the back” and waited until his very last hours to voice his apprehension and even then only cautiously…and in Oct. of 1964, NK was removed by his own hawks in an equally well planned action, albeit a “bloodless coup”, but just as well planned.
    and remember what “happened” to Nixon and later Carter..
    and you think Paris, Ottawa and WH jumpers are just happenstance, random and coincidence…???and I’ll bet Flights 370, 70 and 9525 are part of the same paradigm, and NOT OF COINCIDENCE…or of a flat earth result…
    bye for now
    david t. krall

  20. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    the “data overload” train is slowing down…as fast as news outlets are severely trying, in regards to Andreas Lubitz: no evidence, no action, no activity, no history of any type of altercations, confrontations, inappropriate or aggressive words, deeds or behavior with neighbors & friends, nor with ANY pilots, flight crews, on the ground, airport staff (from VARIOUS airports, you must realize), engineers and flight tower personnel, security agents and officials (again from various airports -of which he could have been known or had a possible reputation as a hot-head-like that NY police det. on the news yesterday-BUT HE (Lubitz) DIDN’T !, Lufthansa test examiners, trainers, psychologists, medical personal, fellow trainees… other that from a very, in-the-past girlfriend, who claims to have known him and kept in touch with Andreas Lubitz has come forth, but at the end of that report even she was said to be shocked and surprised that he is said to have been responsible for the crash of flight 9525…at a recent press briefing where the top officials of Lufthansa traveled near the crash site to make a statement and acknowledge the site. I believe with flowers,which I think shows a lot of class, a CNN reporter, NOT a relative, not a family member, not a friend, not even a local resident, while the head of the airline and his associates were walking away after his statement, this reporter verbally attacked the officials with a loud and in a very inappropriate “question”,as if pretending to be restrained, as if “playing out” some fake/scripted “sympathy”, and yelled towards these officials, “how and why could you let him fly that plane…” (paraphrase)… like a trained doberman, just for image sake, as if he was or wanted to be perceived as family, friend or relative…no class. I do find it very interesting the words used
    and spoken by the head of Lufthansa at that site yesterday. They were, without a doubt very
    carefully chosen,— “There is not an hour when we don’t think about this accident, the victims and the families and friends of the victims…” a few seconds later, he said, ” it will take a very, very long time for us to understand how this happened…”. of course the gap and pause in his statement
    was interjected for few seconds by the CNN reporter who had to remind us that this was no accident…but in doing do ironically cast light on the Lufthansa Chief’s words..The Lufthansa head said it was an accident, more than 2 days after this tragedy and realizing and knowing full-well it was not…unless the head of this airline, as being fully and well connected and “wired” just due to his hi-level position and as well as that of his associates being so connected, and surely as a matter of consequence, because of this tragedy, might (???) have some info “that something went terribly wrong” as stated well after this event took place, and the resulting circumstances are being still attributed by the head of Lufthansa as an accident , and as stating as such that this was an accident as voiced by him, and at or very near the site itself (!!!) , inspite of the over-riding consensus and knowledge that it was no accident …and nobody picked up on this??? Also, his second phrase that “it will take a longtime to understand .how this happened..” , hmm.And.I thought that what we were being told is understood as being the way it happened…case closed??? Perhaps, as if possibly implying via “double-use” connotation here, of his words? This is not a casual choice of words,and he is not in that position due to not knowing how to use the right words at the right time, A highly intelligent, very astute and respected guy. What he said could also be taken as, “We can’t understand it now, but you when the time comes you will now how it happened, BUT not for a very longtime…” That’s one way of “reading” what he’s really saying…and NOW—BLOW THOSE TRUMPETS—FOR THE MILLION
    DOLLAR QUESTION, that nobody has, (at least on the networks) asked…and I asked this repeatedly regarding flight 370…
    Now keep in mind that the Paris/Charlie Hebdo attacks are considered the French (and to some degree) and European 9-11. And that was a BIG DEAL…with major reverberations, ripples
    and repercussions…There was even (just in case you were meant to forget) a similar incident in
    Belgium about 2 or 3 weeks later…The Paris/Charlie Hebdo attack I have written about extensively in prior post here and what is happening now in the Middle East only confirms it…
    Now At the end of WW2 Western Europe became the most militarily protected regiont in the
    world, even more so (probably) than U.S. military bases, say in Asia. Now we live in a post
    9-11 reality, and to some degree Europe is now in a post 9-11/ post Charlie Hebdo reality and world, right???…a confluence of various forms of current hyper advanced digital / cyber technologies, consisting a highly advanced satellites, highly advanced radar and sonar guidance and tracking systems, air defense and early warning missile launch and defense systems, equally advanced military alert systems, including large segments of intell and military personnel trained and prepared at “a moments notice” or ‘any moment” necessary on land, sea and air to respond in the appropriate level in the most expeditious and speedy manner. This mentality and state of readiness has been in existence and is the core goal and reason for NATO’s mission
    to protect Europe since 1949 and the prior major US national security /defense integration,”unification” and organization in 1947-’48, in light of Soviet and Eastern European
    Warsaw Pact Military forces…unfortunately NATO’s mission has become clouded due to the end of the cold war and its agreement NOT to “spread” into Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall
    and Soviet Troops leaving Eastern Europe…(so what is its purpose anyway, now?) no more cold war at least in Europe, no Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe…so??? tell me, why?
    BUt since “we’re still there” ! and due to the terrorists attack of Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January
    and the Belgium incident a short time later, now lets see here, uhmmm…A plane with 150 people
    takes off and reached an attitude and cruising speed at apprx. 38,000 feet and is above the French Alps on its way & destined flight path, to Dusseldorf. At apprx. 10:30, or within 5 minutes, the plane loses ALL radio contact, shortly before this loss of contact, early reports stated that a distress call did come from that plane, Flight 9525, which were later oddly discounted as “mistaken for distress calls from the ground”, which is an odd choice of words, ” a distress call….from the ground…”??? …Soon there after, this loss of all radio contact, attempts are actually made,
    but to no avail or success to determine what is happening on that plane, 38,000 feet above the FRENCH Alps…and soon after that, the plane then makes a descension of 32,000 feet in apprx. 6 to 8, no more that 10 minutes…
    NOW here is the golden one million dollar question…Why and how is it, that have we not heard of any NATO, or French or US jets being alerted and immediately ordered/ scrambled to immediately find out “what the heck is going on” with a commercial plane with 150 people on board, high over the FRENCH Alps, now with no radio contact and descending rapidly, apprx 32,000 feet in less than 10 minutes. and this happening about 6 to 7 weeks after the attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris,
    and no (known) immediate military response in regards to the welfare and the obvious danger
    to that plane, clearly in some danger due to the loss of radio contact and the rapid descent over the Alps… ESPECIALLY HAPPENING LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER THE ATTACK IN
    PARIS….somebody has an answer to this? THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING…AND SO WAS THE
    9/11 and ITS POST “CHARLIE HEBDO” –WORLD AND “REALITY”???, HAPPENING AGAIN ON (OR OVER) FRENCH (& NATO) SOIL –…but then, we have been curiously told that the plane was obliterated and…disintegrated…what’s that sound like to you???
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  21. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    To all, who observe, I extend and wish you a Happy Easter or Passover…

    In a prior post, a few days ago, near the end of it, the referred flight was meant to read as (flight) “17” –not -70- ( the plane shot down on the Ukraine–known as MH 17 ) along with flights 370 and 9525..thank you…

    This early tentative, “at the last hour “agreement” ” with Iran is a clear sign of how much this deal means to and is very large and heavy “investment” by and for the President and his WH, and so far in the last several months, we have witnessed, if you so choose to see, right under your nose (!) the reaction and disdain by various powerful inter- and intra-related sectors who have, FEARED and wanted to stop such a flow or chain of events heading up to AT LEAST this point…Don’t assume this “deal” is “out of the wood just” yet, and hardliners in this country will surely sell their case, when the time comes, or “show” it in not so “subtle ways” when the opportunity arises, and like other various “tides and winds of history”, this may give the President possible motivation to “restart” the talks with the Cuban Gov. in regards to, also normalize diplomatic relations..ironically also , and not coincidentally, resisted and equally disdained by highly “invested” by hardliners from “the same crowd”. who may also know the true facts and fate of Flight 370, who used and carried out that event to “lean” on Malaysia, or tried to, before and afterwards, corresponding to and subsequent to that event…like I said a few days ago, the ‘MO” seems to read as, “missing or crashed planes are the new or current “lone nut” “, as a way of explaining off the true, criminal and ugly facts of a totally and in reality very non-random, non-coincidental, very intentional, non-missing or crashed planes….the ” deal” with Iran is (potentially) a major/mega “deal changer” AND “deal-breaker” in the middle east and may set events in motion, which could “paralyze” the continued operations of ISIS, and Al/Quada/Taliban…all Sunni and backed, funded, supported cadres, militias and proxy armies doing the overt-front line work of Sunni nations (lSaudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, etc) and just as much and also importantly by and with U.S. and Israeli security and Intelligence agencies…oh, ok ! what a coincidence it was reported a few days ago that the Iranian backed (anti-Sunni) Houthi rebels are making serious inroads in Yeman, and then it was reported that the now exiled leader of Yemen is in Saudi Arabia begging tor help and support, and following this “request”, forces from Sunni Arab nations, mostly Saudi Arabia, with major/mega US support, involving weapons, intelligence and most assuredly on the spot and “on the ground assistance as “advisors”, have bombed “set targets” in Yemen…and it was reported that some Saudi/Sunni Forces were near & off the southern/southeastern coast of Yemen, and then…
    confluence of events…you running out of ink or common-sense to connect the dots here…?
    This deal is a major “thorn” (or dagger?) in the side of those who have the combined power
    and weight to disrupt any wave of peace, understanding, or dialogue… a possible growing peace-race, which literally reverses the agenda as well as the mind-set and perceptions set in place by the very sectors who strongly disagree with this President and his policies, especially and specifically in regards to this initiative and talks with Iran…Does that not sound like a widening schism getting wider???…and what happens when that “schism” gets “soo-wide”? somebody’s going to “fall in it”…
    Don’t think for one second a major “push-back”, resistance and a fight, and a VERY SERIOUS
    bye for now…more to come…
    david t. krall

  22. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    A mind blowing report and expose’ by Steven deNoon aired by an independent News Outlet,
    “Israeli News Live”, has reported that Flight 9525 was destroyed due to do NATO War Games that have been taking place in the area and region. According to this report newspapers in Eastern Europe, especially in Slovakia and Western Russia have reported that NATO / U.S. War Games, taking place in that area were and have been testing a new and sophisticated laser guided missile
    delivery/ launch system. This report also stated that other airliners and airbuses in the area
    have experienced some of the same flight anomalies, and one had to land due “abnormal
    interference”…This would go “hand in hand” with what I have suspected and crystallizes my
    view…I came across this report while doing a search thru my roku..then ‘went to’ youtube
    and did a search under “NATO and flight 9525…if no roku, etc, you can just go to youtube via your PC, do the search & and watch it there. THIS IS AWESOME DATA….
    And the SECOND black box that was supposedly found…THEY ARE TELLING US THAT IT WAS JUST FOUND IT LESS THAN TWO (2 !!!) DAYS AGO & WE ARE ALREADY (???) BEING TOLD WHAT IT HAS RECORDED???…Have you seen it, what we are being told is SUPPOSEDLY on THIS?, THIS SECOND BLACK BOX? If its real, its an indication of more than just a crash…my hunch is that “the old switcheroo took place” or it was actually further damaged/”burned” AFTER being “found & then the data was “lifted” and re-recorded/copied onto another storage type unit and the original data device, and the box (the connected and aligned metal plate-connected to and covering the actual recording unit itself) it was connected to, was then further “damaged” or “burned” for “dramatic purposes” and released to the press. and then is was stated as “being found” in the side of a mountain, in “that” condition…keep in mind that an “outer encasement/protective “box” was indeed found earlier, much earlier BUT FOUND EMPTY of the actual inside fastened data recording device which itself, also has some degree of strong metal protection immediately surrounding it. What we are seeing looks like a prehistoric artifact.
    Geeze, they could have at least made it look as if from, maybe Gaul…before or after
    the Roman conquest…Hey, blame it on the Romans !!!

    Steven deNoon stated that this data, regarding NATO War Games in that region, etc. and additional information is available at also see his insightful comment /essay
    “Putin Learns U.S. Tactics Of Overthrowing Countries”…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  23. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    A few days ago, it was announced that the “official investigation” of the site of Flight 9525
    is now finished…as opposed to the or an UNOFFICIAL (?) investigation??? According to online
    CNN reports, the “official investigation” is finished, and NOW under the control and auspices
    of a private security firm…the online report went on to state that even though most of the debris
    has been collected, investigators will still probe the area…that sound like a contradiction to you?
    Especially considering that this “crash” took place 15 or 14 days ago….and that the black box’s
    which usually take longer to analyze have already been “analyzed” and studied, and
    closed the case….”so closed”, that, like a top 40 radio station, the ‘saga” of Andreas Lubitz. has
    “moved on”…Not sure how a lead story like that, for almost 8 or 9 days, can “all of a sudden
    disappear” with so much effort and digging, regarding the back ground info and data searched on Andreas Lubitz has not really been studied, now that the dust has settled and “ALL THE FACTS” are supposedly on that table…the only problem is the table itself has been removed and taken away as well…as if it we are left to our own devises to even remember that this event even occurred !!! Perhaps, just maybe because any common-sense, none-rush to judgement examination of this event would display glaring holes of light: numerous questions, contradictions, omissions, intentional distortions and deceit? Keep in mind that FOR THE FIRST 48 to 52 HOURS OR SO, THIS WAS A PROBLEMATICAL AND VERY “UNEXPLAINABLE EVENT” THAT COULD NOT BE EXPLAINED AWAY AS “DISAPPEARED” LIKE FLIGHT 370, OR “SUGGESTED” OR “HINTED” AS BEING SHOT DOWN BY RUSSIAN SEPARATISTS OR RUSSIA ITSELF….

    Speaking of Russia, A VERY BIG–as in BIGGG is taking place, as the President/PM of Greece
    totally disgusted with the poverty in his country and the way Greece is attempting to be “managed”
    I noted in prior post, that this will indeed cause/motivate some "event"-"push-back" by
    the European Bankers. It you remember and notice, a lot of similar rioting, economic stagnations
    and serous concerns have spread and erupted in various parts of Europe, in places like Spain
    and Italy,,,It I didn't know any better,it appears that some of the tools and pressures used by officials and financial "advisors" of the old USSR and their old Eastern European proxy allies
    in various Eastern Euro capitals was used to keep their countries "in line", as the same tools, pressures, devices and manipulations being used NOW (in the past yes–but now MUCH MORE OVERT) throughout Europe to financial, and politically control these counties thru a very tightly controlled and suffocating corrupt banking system, and for all intents and purposes, plainly and clearly enforced and reinforced by a strong "built in" military presence, again, uncoincidently like
    the Soviet military presence across Eastern Europe after WW2…but than again, one has to
    appreciate and realize that The USA has never really been invaded, in any comparable way to
    the way Russia was, First by the French and then in 1941 by, up until that time, the largest, most secretly planned, largest land-based mechanized army, ever mobilized to invade another nation.
    Only Japan's military and financial reach on and around Dec. 7, 1941, which included the strategic
    and vitally important attack on Pearl Harbor covered more combined sea and land miles and area
    The Attack by the German Army and all horror and brutal atrocities that is included (death squads,
    SS/Waffen SS, special ops pacification and "hunter" programs on a large scale) was larger
    in the context of concentrated land mass and area, as /was the largest land based military assault
    in history (at least up to that time?)…THAT IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT..A BIG SOMETHING…and only one president ever really addressed this carnage and damage. And that was JFK on June 10, 1963 at the American University Commencement Services, where he asked
    American to consider what would have happened, if the US was destroyed by invasion, bombs
    and occupation and its industrial and manufacturing base was wiped out from Chicago to NY and
    Phila. from Washington, DC to Maine….THAT IS A BIG DEAL…and such a big deal that the beginning and initiation of attempts by THAT president to change perceptions of our world was
    his "throwing" his own fate to the winds of history, 8 to 9 months after the Cuban Missile Crises.
    Why is all this relevant? The winds of tension and war can be percieved in many ways. And the
    "authors"and "sponsors" of that tension have the capacity, reach and influence to do so !
    A world class Ukrainian pianist was recently rebuffed and had her tour and concert site in Canada cancelled because (foolishly? naively?) she made some comments about the truth not really being known about the Ukrainian Gov. and its support of right-wing-Nazi-like goon squads in parts of the Ukraine and she actually had the nerve to point out how most of the refugees in the Ukraine
    (over or near 300,000) have fled EAST–to RUSSIA for shelter, help and assistance…READ
    THAT AGAIN…its not something you'll see or hear on CNN….Which brings us to not only
    Greece but also Iran and the quandary and "cornering" (or attempted cornering) of this President.
    Don't think for one minute he doesn't know the consolidation of the "sectors" around and
    CLOSE to him that are out to stop him…even NIXON didn't appear to have this much resistance
    with his dual & simultaneous "real-politik" goals of engagement and overtures to both the USSR and CHINA in 1972 and 1973…the 'next top was Cuba"…& Nixon also had a keen grasp on Middle East Issues…Well, he know what happened to him…WH jumpers not need "apply", then–at least not that we know of…"a piece of tape" led to bigger things and "did the job"…This current President
    is on the receiving end of a heated (to say the last !) "full court press" to stop him regarding
    Cuba, Iran, Syria and those who "sold: him THE ISIS op as a "freedom army" & are beyond his "reach" and are (some of) the major players "on the court" initiating this "full court press" against him, the President, which has included a lot of illegal and questionable activity along the lines of the Watergate or Iran-Contra, & the Yoeman-Radford affair (which paralleled Watergate).
    Which leads us to the literal fresh air I was amazed to see and hear today on TV, when Sen. Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States.
    In most cases, but not all., it is said, " the apple doesn't fall from the tree"…well is this case
    a strong and fresh wind, more like a major wind-gust just flew in the faces of a lot of very relevant people in some equally relevant sectors…If you watched you would have noticed that here's a guy
    a Senator, a conservative with a severe case of back-bone, insight and common-sense
    literally "calling out", and laying down the gauntlet in his announcement speech, no less (!)
    against the very same elements that are incidently "pushing and pulling" Pres. Obama for war,
    and war anywhere or everywhere…Now lets come full circle here…above I mentioned how
    JFK made the fateful attempt to "rattle the cage" and initiate a change of perceptions,
    and at times Obama has attempted this, but like JFK, RMN or Carter, seems "trapped" or at
    times "contained", or "constrained", well today when was the last time you heard a Pres. or Pres. Candidate tell the corrupt sectors of hawks within levels & corridors of the Pentagon, CIA and their equally corrupt symbiotic allies in their think tanks, PAC's and other linked corporate/legal/banking elements to "go stick it" or "shove it", and have the utter nerve to state that false security masked with or by mass surveillance is no substitute for true liberty or democracy…he actually, pulled out his smart or cell phone for a few seconds, lifted it high, and stated to the NSA, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS"!
    It you think this is all just "reading into" this, take heart. I was stunned that Chris Matthews after this
    speech was asked around 2:15 PM by his MSNBC colleagues what he thought of Rand Paul's
    Speech…He actually voiced everything that I myself perceived, felt and saw…Rand Paul was
    laying down the gauntlet at the nec-cons, here and abroad…
    and to me, you can bet the sponsors of Jeb Bush, such as super neo-cons/Saudi-Sunni allies like Dick Chaeney, Jim Baker and others were also watching with a somewhat anxious reaction….some deep insights here to share….
    stay tuned…"THE PAST IS PROLOGUE"…
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  24. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall
    per my last message…at bottom, should read as ” And then attempts to say, in some monosyllabic way, to give, or attempts to give a minimal positive, yet short trite response…”

    also with US warships in that area, and in the midst of a “live” or “hot”, active war zone…this might be the trip wire and “an end-around the President maneuver” that has evaded the ST/CIA and neo-cons since Sept. of 2013, when these forces were ready to start a major war in Syria…the President then was helped by Putin, in a major (!) way and he distanced himself from their blood and war lust….It was a short time later that ISIS “appeared”…coincidence??? “THEY” are forcing this President’s hand and are trying to sabotage his negotiations with Iran…
    My thoughts and insights, based upon years of research race way ahead of my fingers on the keyboard,,.sorry…(I have gotten better–thank you !!!)
    more to follow…bye for now…gotta go watch the Kaiser Report, and see if another Gulf Of Tonkin
    “incident” has (yet) taken place, this time near Yemen…
    more to follow–bye for now….
    david t. krall

  25. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Earlier this evening news reports have circulated that the co-pilot who supposedly crashed the airliner into Alps back in March is to have performed a dry run or some type of rehearsal in a prior
    flight earlier that day??? How’s that???? For all intents and purposes the “evidence” is being
    and has been RETRO-FITTED to “fit” the accused….My hunch is that for a story like this to be circulated at this time, something must have surfaced “behind the scenes” to have precipitated some reason for this attempt to continue the false “psycho-co-pilot theory”…perhaps a major loop-hole or too many holes in the cover story by some in-house preliminary report that raised some glaring questions…NATO interviews and/or its stone-walling etc….
    Now about the new ISIS “threat” in Texas. What kind of society have we become and devolved into
    and sunk, to such a twisted level that a social gathering at a local high-school or college announces to hold a contest regarding drawings and charactertures with the deliberate intent to mock, ridicule and cast aspersions on a religion and a leading prophet of that religion…Now I would imagine the same intellectual skills for holding a bingo game for pre-schoolers who don’t know any better, but an event like this, for adults is truly emotionally, socially and intellectually bankrupt and seedy and most assuredly falsely mis-presented and misrepresented, & very intentionally so.!..Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller, among others claim that their organization “The American Freedom Defense Initiative” is warranted to show free speech gives them the write to hold such a gathering just to exercise their right of free speech, in order to (supposedly) demonstrate true freedom….
    Even if you do NOT question the motives and efficacy of such an organization, some basic elements and lessons of history seem to be forgotten by Ms. Geller (she is no doubt a sexy false flag waver !) and others, especially every reporter who has questioned her on ABC, CNN, etc.
    Now I have wonder…does not the wanton disregard and utter disrespect for another religion really solve the true axiom and problematical equation of the age old belief in total and complete free speech, especially in a post 9-11 world??? The founding fathers of this great nation were learned and historically astute men…they knew how far to go “without rocking the boat”, so as to obtain
    allies against their “parent” nation-empire, The British Crown and the entire UK, and its military, political and industrial might and that time..but they also knew how “to rock the boat” in setting a new form of self -governance that relied on some form and level of self initiative, & self-recognization, and self-discipline and awareness of and by its citizens to respect, and to show, demonstrate and exercise that respect in the widest level possible, appropriately show discretion and responsibility…showing that respect among, to and from all of the citizens of this country….The will and voice of free speech is carried on the crutches of virtuous discipline and responsibility to respect the right, honor, dignity of ALL of its citizens…that is why part of our founding documents are worded in a particular manner and fashion…it is freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes the duty, responsibility and obligation to exercise the same principles for others that you would fight for, as well as for your self ! The intent to mock another religion and its leading prophet, by holding a contest just to demonstrate free speech, is a mockery of free speech…how about a little history lesson here? a few examples: During the 1920’s and into the twilight days of Weimar Republic in Germany (democratic society-long held democratic monarchy) it was under and within free speech that Jews and other religious, social /political minorities started being ridiculed, blamed and persecuted (and THEN LATER PROSECUTED !).for society’s ills and problems..It was under free speech, since the “real laws” of draconian Nazi rule were on a calculated yet accelerating “time frame”, that goon squads best exemplified for “pretty patriotic boys” in brown SA/Nazi uniforms were, like ISIS now acting, in the earliest stages of infantile paralysis acting like paid/covertly supported thugs and sanctioned bullies and holding forums and gatherings to force social acceptance of hate and intolerance UNDER AND WITH THE MANTLE OF FREE SPEECH, and that was in a country that had a very long, moderate & respected Judeo/Christian heriiatge and culture !!! The war and crimes of the Crusades saw atrocities carried out on BOTH SIDES IN THE NAME OF GOD AND RELIGION ! Even though Germany under Nazi rule and law was considered atheistic, the Nazi leaders “tolerated” Christianity and its “limited
    encouragement and use” in its own crusade for use during the build-up, preparation and eventual massive large scale crusade-like invasion of the USSR/Russia in June of 1941…(partly) in the name of God… and lets not forget the longtime existence and still festering woulds of the war
    in Northern Ireland that went back to the middle of the 1600’s. All in the name of God…and Ms
    Geller how about the sad civil war that took place in Lebanon from the (circa) mid 1970’s to the
    late 1980’s-early 1990’s between Christians, Arabs and Jews in that country, all in the name of God…and free speech …Ms. Geller and her ilk won’t and don’ t want you remember the Rwanda (Rowanda) Genocide that took place in the latter part of the 20th century, between 2 major nationalities the Hutus and the Tutsi’s where millions were killed…all for God and nationality….
    and of course the CIA/Pentagon/US corp. instigated and planned coup and genocide in
    Indonesia in 1965 where 100’s of 1000’s and possibly up to 2million “suspected” undesirable
    communist and muslim sympathizers were slaughtered…I’m not sure a drawing contest involving the mocking of religious icons would have helped, even under the banner of free speech….
    The Vietnam war and the “war” against Castro: America, God and Freedom at war for free speech-
    You listening Ms. Geller??? and when anybody questioned it, they were harassed, attacked, spy’d on and/or assassinated….Operation Cointel, Operation Chaos, Operation Garden Plot, Operation Cable Splicer…11/22/63…4/4/68…6/4/68…these are some of the events that people like and before Wilders and Geller have brought us…hate, war, murder and ignorance and intolerance.
    Freedom of speech comes with the responsibility, discipline and duty of honoring and respecting it
    FOR ALL CITIZENS, as long as that or particular belief does not incur intent or prohibit the right of all, …all others and/.or my-self…thats why the founding fathers spoke and write in the first AND third person…not just freedom OF religion BUT importantly freedom FROM religion…protecting
    not just my deeply held religion beliefs BUT ALSO someone else’s…as long as those beliefs of mine AND yours are respected, and not infringed upon, by the government or your neighbors, or your’s upon someone else, and someone else’s upon your beliefs….I suggest that anybody who wants to pay $10,000 and hold a contest to see who can draw the best cartoon
    mock/smear of a religious icon either has no clue what this country really stands for or actually does but doesn’t really care for those principles…if you watched the news you could very well wonder if this “event” wasn’t “staged managed” to bring about and result in a very intended fashion…
    It does seem odd that that those who show’d up and attended didn’t seem too worried when informed that a or (2?) gunman were either in the building/premises or were trying to gain access
    to the building…neither did the police or whoever claimed they were police. since it seemed odd that men dressed as armed , very heavily armed soldiers in battle fatigues no less (!), who looked & appeared undisciplined and slovenly looked equally undaunted when informed and then when they were informing the gathering.of those dopes/over grown dysfunctional people attending that event. Now if I were at an event at a local high school or collage and was informed that the building –MIGHT– be under attack, I would assume that any police /law enforcement officers present would either advise everybody to either stay put, sit down and be quiet…right??? so why march me and others down a large open and exposed corridor and then to an another duplicate lecture hall 100’s if not 1000’s of feet away and then, when seated, allow loud singing, like sending out a light or beacon to any gunman or gunmen who “might” be in the building….since you would think or assume that is the case, since the police acted as if they just supposedly secured a more
    protective area for those at this event? So if that were the case…what was the singing, loud chanting, waving the flag and very apparent lackadaisical, passive and unconcerned manner of all
    those in the supposedly more secure area????? The main speaker of the event Geert Wilders is known in the Netherlands as a hate monger and may have been banned from giving speeches…
    BUT he was allowed here…??? “WHO” –“allowed” that to happen??? and just as you expected, just when trouble arrived, I’m sure as a very much pre-scripted.and expected “post event” of the dead (again) suspects was very well known to the FBI and Homeland Security but “somehow” lost track of him…we seen and heard that before…some many times…makes you wonder by now I hope ! I would not be surprised if the two dead suspects were not some kind of low -level informants or local assets of some type, used and then expendable, if need be. by the same behind the scenes real sponsors of this event…the real fanatics and zealots are those who staged this event, formed it, put those who attended in some possible danger, for parading and flaunting free speech to mock another religion and one if its major icons and prophets…I wonder how Ms, Geller and Mr. Wilders would have felt or feel if some forum or gathering had taken place near by and attended by a group of people, ALL IN THE NAME OF FREE SPEECH, where a $10,000 contest was based on who would or could draw the “best” mock-up/smear of Jesus Christ, his Mother Mary or John The Baptist…or even politically any or all of our founding fathers, especially if from an Islamic group !…think about that…! Let’s see Mr Wilders and Ms. Geller boast about speech if that took place….Ms. Geller and company…totally fake, bogus and phoney….this is part of the monster that will trick us…beware…just like our founding fathers warned us…
    bye for now…more to come…
    david t. krall

  26. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    A few insights of significance…
    On the news today were some very intriguing and interesting news stories and how they were explained was / were just as intriguing (not really-more like illuminating) and yes (!) interesting!
    New reports have surfaced that the “hunt” for Osama Bin Laden was and continues to be “all
    was not as cracked up or sold” as it was really supposed to have happened…BUT one thing is certain & no pretense is made to hide it…that (some of) the highest officials at the very top in the US Gov. planned, plotted and built a consensus to kill Osama Bin Laden…now don’t get me wrong..everybody evil deserves when his or her “time comes” but don’t let that blind you via “swayed” or believed justified feelings from the reality that governmental leaders, in line with HIGHLY SKILLED gov. and “private” corporate agents and assets plan or have planned within the highest levels, major political assassinations.and murder. ..If you don’t think that the Bin Laden “hit” does not fall within this paradigm and reality…I suggest you are in need of a major dose of cognitive reality or therapy…One of my points here is that, in this very visible case, we had our own gov. patting itself on its own back, however justified…because that’s NOT my initial point here..but in planning and plotting of a large well planned “hit” on a wanted and assumed well protected terrorist and designated as “world public enemy number one”….the point I am raising here is simply how political murder is planned, a consensus is formed at the top or the apex for “agreement”, there-by the “event” becoming “sanctioned”, even beforehand and then the ‘consensus” is then “filtered down” and calls and orders are then put into effect “down a chain of command” to the appropriate sectors and enclaves where and when the proper scenario or contingent (if nec. contingent or back-up) scenarios or plans are put into motion in order to bring about the total or near total success of the operation and the goal and “hunt” or “termination” and/or “neutralization” of the designated target. When Pres. Obama went on TV that night to announce and all the news outlets had shown and continue to show the TRULY ICONIC photo (photos?) and VERY REVEALING PICTURES of the highest elements of the US government “waiting”- for the “news” of this particular “big event” to take place regarding the demise of Osama Bin Laden, the “cat was out of the bag” in a brazen yet justified manner showing and revealing that the highest levels of the US gov., in LARGE CONSENSUS-LIKE & SURREPTITIOUS manners do plan and engage in political murder….the significance of its justification should NOT reduce the level of its basic illuminance in terms of its modality, efficacy, structural shape, function or manner…When the highest levels of the government slap each other on the back and hi-five each other, that only tells me of the mutual and “across the board” consensus and interdependence of carrying out such a high-level operation involving deep and serious planning, equal and required discretion by well planned meticulous experts and operatives, lots of money and the control of the flow of data and information BEFORE AND AFTER A “BIG EVENT”…so the next time some idiot or brain dead person denies the rational and lucid “reality” and proposal that BIG operations, e.g. major (or even a “minor”) “hits” or assassinations “can’t or don’t happen” or “just don’t take place”, not planned here or anywhere else in today’s world…just think about that picture
    and show it to them, a picture of the highest levels of the US gov, listening, waiting…and then clapping and exchanging hugs, hi-fives and pats-on-the back…real pros…the real heavy duty ones, don’t do that…that pic was was glorified and justified for public consumption…but on the reverse or inverse “reflection” or back-end, that is from a “deeper”, more basic and different perspective or perception, it was truly revealing and those in the pic either didn’t have slightest clue or didn’t care what they were revealing just with that one picture or similar photos…You get what I’m saying here? Seymour Hersh makes the logical case that the CIA, The Pentagon and State Dept. etc,
    most “probably” –“leaned on” those in the Pakistani Gov and its agencies and thus they “allowed” and “looked the other way” for the “event” to succeed once it was determined Bin Laden was indeed in Pakistan…Keep in mind regarding the fate of 2 former/prior leaders of that nation, Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in a parade and before that Gen. Zia who perished in an airplane “accident”…Bhutto, she was killed for being too open and idealistic, ZIA was killed, like Bhutto for not ‘going along” or not “going along” far enough for and with his CIA/DOD sponsors and outlived his usefulness…Drugs, oil and weapons…Zia was “in the thick” of this dark world !
    (is your head spinning here???)…So high-level pressure is ALWAYS part of the mix and territory, especially when it’s someone who is a “target for liquidation”.(here or abroad !!!) ..For Phillip Mudd, a “former” CIA “expert” on CNN today to deny such a reality only proves what I have suspected and even pointed out many times prior regarding the “disappearance” of MH flight 370…
    duplicitous mouth-pieces come in all shapes and sizes, regardless or irregardless of the “event”
    be it one political target to be removed or a “disappearance” of a plane….
    Also, now with the current trouble with the way police are handling suspects around the nation, and now (what coincidence?) with the “new”- “rising” scare and “warnings of ISIS around the USA…I have to ask, as I pointed out in a recent prior post.. what will win and be trump card in this debate??? Police accountability or “domestic security”…?????
    Why do I get the impression that what was going on with the various “terror levels” used and abused by “Bush 2” and his many corrupt neo-con handlers throughout the gov. in think tanks and in private corporations, is currently, really accelerating (again !) or trying to be “wratched up” by fellow, same and/or similar “virtuous civic minded guardians” of our freedoms…????? When I hear the FBI director say on one hand that, “oh we lost track of one of those radicals (in TX)”…right ! For just the three hours before he happened to take flight to TX (supposedly?) from Arizona….what a convenient time to loose track…and, but on the other hand say something like” it’s like a devil on somebody’s shoulder saying kill, kill, kill…” well, I have one a question !!! who’s shoulder…and who’s from’s who’s mouth is really “offering” these words???? Which now brings me to the billion dollar point that CANNOT be denied, contradicted or challenged…
    How is it that everyday some pedofile or pedophile ring on the internet is caught, shut down and
    jailed via the internet…stalkers & pedofphiles are caught and exposed and arrested (remember MSNBC’s “To Catch A Predator”?…Now, how is it that the best electronic experts in world can work for the CIA, the NSA, many other numerous military intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, The FBI, The NRO (The National Reconnaissance Office), NATO, INTERPOL, even NASA can all tell us about what is happening inside the Ukraine, in Russia or China (or even over 50 years ago !), the farthest reaches of the universe, the bottom of the sea…track every conversation, LITERALLY IN THE WORLD via cell/smart phones, and texting mode of communication as well as use of land-line phones, and all computers, detect solar winds, purlsars, quarks, storms on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., “monitor” Iranian nuclear development, military troop & missile development and deployment within the farthest areas of Russia and China, equally about agricultural trends also in Russia and China or India or Brazil or Bolivia, (or anywhere else!), track down drug dealers, track down and “take down” Che Guevara fifty years ago hidden within and in what he thought was thick brush and safety of the Latin American Jungles (“hunters” using -THEN-heat sensing “sensors” and other technologies) , and Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan using (also) some of the same but advanced technology…Has anyone ever heard stories or news reports of how a disgruntled caller to radio talk show becomes totally and extremely irate and “fly’s off the handle” and says something that prompts the attention of the Secret Service and/or FBI and is the hasty, very quick and soon to be recipient and receiver of “knock on the door” and necessary visit by the Fed. agents regarding his “inappropriate heated comments” a “short time prior”????
    So when I hear that ISIS is “inspiring” (whatever the heck that means?!) “wanna-be’s” over the internet here in the USA, I have to wonder about the either the stupidity of the use/misuse of OUR tax dollars,, the incompetence of many, or more likely (but also including some of the first 2 points) the very intentional and deliberate corrupt misuse and misrepresentation of power and exerting a
    a “reach” far surpassing its need, in order to justify fear and security (or the need for it ) over, above and subjugating and subordinating truth, enlightened objectivity and freedom–political, economic, psychological, and emotional, incessantly bombarded and manipulated thru and by fear and repetitious calls for the trumpets of war, security and tension over freedom and enlightened truth.
    If the FBI and US military intelligence branches can infiltrate bust, shut down and expose large and simultaneous smaller cells or rings of Nazi and/or Soviet agents/sympathizers before, during after WW2 in the USA…well you connect the dots…ISIS on the internet is being “allowed” to happen…otherwise and more logically it would be shut down, shut off and removed from the internet…you really think it couldn’t be??? If the internet can be controlled or monitored by what you and I say or write or what we are searching for …even in China ( & here too !), then who, how and why is ISIS “allowed”??? Allowed is the operative word!!! A covert, cleaver way of “recruiting”…join the party,,,the Nazi-like ISIS party,,,in this case a created current/contemporary Nazi-like party with a Sunni/Saudi “flavor” with equal CIA/DOD support, secret training and funding…a proxy army (one of many.e.g. The Contras during the cold war !) just like, almost identical to the one CREATED in 1959/1960, that grew into a holy-war, a jihad against Castro’s Cuba and evolved into Operation Mongoose & its “sister” JM/Wave, and showed its ugly face via blow-back by and from its creators and sponsors very cleaverly with careful deliberation on 11/22/63 and later the even more horrendous and larger “jihad”-CIA created and backed Operation Condor which spread throughout most of Latin America in the early to mid 1970’s with ugly consequences and repercussions… Ask most if not any Latin American above a certain age about terror,and the immediate response and appropriate “look” will NOT be from Sunni based Islamic groups but from “El Norte”…The Big El Norte..
    I hope I made some shared piercing views and points here…
    bye for now…until next time…
    David T. Krall

  27. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    First, my prayers, thoughts and condolences to all that were involved in the Amtrack train crash and derailment in Philadelphia, as well to all their families, relatives and friends. Apparently the main engineer, from what I am able to decipher was really moving that train way too fast near that curve and bend along the train route and seemed or appeared to have reacted too late in “jamming on” the breaks. As of now that appears to be the case.

    A few more insights to buttress my comments in my (immediate) prior post/message.
    The US President, Barack Obama now appears to be listless and in a “quiet”, solitude-like quandary. On one hand he tries to reach and shows vision, but then holds back. The dialogue and its attempted initiation to normalize relations with Cuba and similar efforts with Iran have temporarily hit a “few rocks”. and have really slowed down. One has to wonder if not just politics but possible fear have inhibited his desire to “throw caution to the wind” and battle on with his goals a leaving the WH in Jan. of 2017 as a man of peace and vision or will he just “go along” or “go along enough” without really “rocking the boat”??? He “knows”, trust me he “KNOWS” how “rocking the boat” can get him “tipped over, tossed over and out of the boat”. Why do you think most presidents in the last 50 years have NOT touched the issue of Cuban reapproachment? Because the real power, the real TITANS who really run things will NEVER, EVER forgive a government, no matter how justified its’ motives and agenda that nationalized over 200 million dollars of US (not to mention other wealthy Latin American Corp. holdings/interests) corporate interest, property and profits in and on Cuba as of circa Jan of 1961. When The Socialist Marxist Government took control of Cuba in 1959, that sent literal shock waves throughout the western world, especially the corridors, boardrooms and yes, rest rooms of centers of power and influence from NY to LA, and from TX back to Washington, D.C. The “live wire act” regarding Cuba has really been treated like a “live wire” as a few Presidents have been “burnt” when attempting to touch or approach this “live wire”. A few may have even tried to “walk across” this “live wire” and got “DAMAGED” in the process. A perceived third-world nation “rocking” America’s boat or xxxx’s….The nerve of such behavior ! God forbid anyone should stand up to a world power and tell it, after years of its country being used and abused, its labor, women and children for ultra cheap labor, prostitution,
    “entertainment” in numerous casinos, being the center of US corporate “off shore tax “relief”,
    the center of numerous national and international Crime Syndicate “summits” in the 1940’s and 1950’s, in Havana. Organized Crime lost about 20 to 30 million when Castro took over in 1959. In the eyes of “The Titans” & “The Atlas’ ” Castro and his ilk did what the democratically elected leaders in places like Guatemala and Iran didn’t do…He stood up to them….and even in 1963 JFK
    had the temerity to tell French reporter Jean Daniel (who was soon going to see Castro) that the U.S. was (partly) responsible, “that we bear some responsibility” for what happened in Cuba”.
    This was about 5 months after his, JFK’s, speech at the American University and also his
    national TV address on the need to initiate civil rights for ALL Americans. Both MLK and Castro
    knew and realized that JFK was a honest and honorable broker who was trying to change things.
    Others, many others saw it very differently…At the time JFK and RFK were taking a secret two
    track / back door approach while maintaining a continued “status quo” approach, especially with the up-coming 1964 election. I am sure that both LBJ AND RMN thru their friends, associates and sponsors were equally (more so with LBJ–Nixon was more “pragmatic”) aghast about what JFK (& RFK) were really “up to” with Castro: via Lisa Howard & others and separately thru William Attwood.
    There were unconfirmed reports at the time NK and his moderates in the Kremlin could barter a deal where both JFK and NK would respectively each withdrawal their “advisors” from both Cuba and Vietnam. According to reports at the time (in Sept. of 1963) JFK at the UN even proposed a joint US-USSR space program….I’m sure that went over “real big” in the Aerospace Industry and with associates of LBJ and also with well “connected” “ex” Nazi hardliners like VonBraun and many of his associates withing the bowels of NASA, Redstone/Huntsville, The Army Ballistic Missile Agency and “other places” Whats not well known and what is not postulated enough within the works of the JFK assassination research is that JFK not only was working around These Atlas’ and Titans but was building a case to move against them via their lead front men e.g. LBJ and FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, (who never saw a dress he didn’t like and never met a commie he never liked !). This is the same head of the FBI who never, ever (!) admitted until forced by RFK (&JFK) to admit the existence of a large Organized Crime/Criminal Network operating withing the United States…the very same guy who told us LHO killed JFK. Most of that denial was from being blackmailed by members of Organized Crime, The CIA & some DOD-CIA linked elements and possibly some of his own “friends”, especially in TX and in Washington, DC. Things like Ops Mongoose and JM/Wave were “slowly” being “shut down” and “put on hold”. LBJ was to be “asked” (a eventual face-saving but albeit an “ultimatum”) to “step down”. JFK and RFK would do to him what he and his cronies did to JFK/RFK in 1960 at the LA Democratic Convention…One way of solving who was part of the LBJ “wing” of the plot of 11/22/63? Look and see who wanted him to run in 1960…who his longtime “friends”, allies , “buddies” and sponsors were…even some of those who were saddened that he didn’t “jump in with both feet” in 1960, still considered his as a “friend”….When people like Jack Valenti or Thomas Corcoran said things like (after had LBJ became president): “I sleep better knowing LBJ is President”, or, “Those dark days as VIce President”…..that kind of tells you something. Nixon is just the flip side of LBJ is this whole scenario…many mutual friends…some just exclusive to him or to LBJ but enough mutual friends to take notice…& I’m sure JFK and RFK by 1963 realized and knew this. Digitally morph LBJ and Nixon and you probably get something or someone resembling, ironically Leonid Breznev, the leader of the Anti-Kruschev plot that resulted in October of 1964 in the Kremlin palace coup…which was the a Soviet mirror/”reflection” of 11/22/63 and its own real time and real life version of “Seven Days In May” in the USSR.
    When Fidel Castro was talking with Jean Daniel, Castro listened intensely to every word…He then said, that in spite of everything that had happened, he holds Kennedy responsible BUT Castro also told Daniel that anybody else would be much worse…He told Daniel that Khrushchev told him that Kennedy is man you can trust, that you can deal with…he listened further and was more and more impressed by JFK’s tone and desire for initial and hopeful dialogue. He rightly stated that Kennedy can be and has the potential to be the greatest U.S. President since Lincoln…as the meeting with Daniel progressed Castro became even more impressed and told Daniel in very humorous way, “…tell President Kennedy, if it helps, I will even endorse Mr. Goldwater for president in the up-coming American election”…things were moving fast…Attwood and Howard were making progress and so were “a lot of other people” to stop this,,,”this” being “one of the last straws” that could NOT be tolerated…either later that same day or I believe the next day, upon additional discussions, an aide rushed up to Castro who still sitting with Daniel…and according to Daniel, Castro upon hearing what was being said to him and reading the accompanying note initially looked perplexed, then deeply concerned and then informed Daniel that JFK was shot….Upon hearing confirmation of JFK’s death, Castro arose out of his chair, politely told Daniel that his mission of peace was sadly now over, that someone will be blamed and be tied to Cuba and he, Castro, must now meet with his top advisors…He also wanted to know
    and wondered out loud as to HOW MUCH CONTROL DOES THE NEW PRESIDENT JOHNSON HAVE OVER THE CIA.and other agencies…that was very prescient, to say the least ! Incredibly and amazingly one of the first things RFK did when informed by Hoover that JFK was shot (I can just imagine the “serene glee on Hoover’s face when he made this call ! It may have also been his job to “measure” RFK’s reaction, as any coup leaders would need do that !)…Soon there after,
    RFK then called the head of the CIA and asked if the CIA (or anybody?) in the CIA killed his brother…oddly over at the Pentagon, JCS Maxwell Taylor was in the midst of a meeting with other Service Chiefs and some West German/NATO counter-parts when an aide entered and handed Gen Taylor a note…upon reading it and instead of showing the normal expected immediate response and likely announcement, (you would think so and correctly assume, right? !) Gen. Taylor takes the note and like a “wild -card” in poker hand, proceeds to hand the note under the table to the service chief next to him and in-turn the note gets passed to each of the other service chiefs, much to the confusion and concern of the parties across the table and in the same room who correctly sense “something must be happening” (but what?) After a few minutes of this General Taylor then informs the others in the room as to what has transpired…That is nothing more and nothing less that a “display” of confirmation…written confirmation “that the deed is done”…that the deal and the deed is confirmed and as such has taken place and been completed….
    Today the Pope met with Raul Castro, and within the last few days and NOT reported in US media outlets is the fact that The French President visited Cuba and was in Havana to meet with Cuban leaders to start new ties with Havana…it was French President Charles deGaulle who was working with JFK and would have helped JFK with a post 1963 slow and quiet “move” towards Cuba,
    possibly China (after 1964 election), resisting his (JFK’s) “hawks” regarding SE Asia, future missile treaties with the USSR…among many other things…Perhaps Obama can do well to learn from the French President and take some initiative….BUT HE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PRESIDENT TAKES “TOO MUCH” INITIATIVE…. It may be good for the world, but it may not be
    “good” for him.personally…but then again it “just business, nothing personal”.
    Iran is the same thing…there is very large and very wealthy exiled pro-Shah, pro Sunni/pro CIA-neo-con “community” in the US and in the middle east that still has DEEP and formidable connections, influence and links….like the CIA related Cubans and other ISIS like Latin American mercenaries, paladins and killers. The Pro-Shah exiled community never, ever forgave President Jimmy Carter for not doing enough to “save” Iran, and The Shah from the new “ism” of the Iranian revolution…hence Carter’s own ‘demise” was planned via instead of hitmen, but with lots of money, secret “talks” in Europe and possibly in North Africa 1979 and 1980, I have always suspected that the October Surprise plot was or may have been initially planned and put into motion as to be used against Ted Kennedy as he was perceived not only as the (obvious !) bigger threat, but due to also the assumed (at the time) likely-hood of a strong and very formidable Ted Kennedy candidacy first against Carter and then maybe against Reagan, Bush or possibly John Connolly.
    One thing is for sure…like Batista in Cuba, The Shah was also the total puppet of the same network, or interconnected and interdependent networks who put him into power after negating and voiding a popular mandate and national democratic election in iran the early 1950’s.
    And you wonder why WE (?) don’t get along with Iran???? Similar to President Carter, The Shah also despised JFK…know why? Because like Carter, but more low key, JFK was “pushing” for more human and civil rights in Iran, and just like in Vietnam and in Cuba, was really pissing off and upsetting powerful interests that perceived JFK and RFK was being “misguided” to say the least…
    You know what the Shah of Iran did when he was informed by the US Embassy (actually the CIA)
    in Tehran that JFK was assassinated? He raised a glass and toasted a drink in celebration of what transpired…
    uhmmm… so did Clint Murchison and many, many others…who just happened to the sponsors and “friends” of people like the Shah, Deim, Somoza and others…any think you Obama doesn’t know what happens if & when you “rock the boat” or be perceived as “going to far”? HE KNOWS, TRUST ME… HE KNOWS….HE KNOWS….
    More to follow…bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  28. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    First, I would like to salute and honor all of the brave souls who died serving in the armed forces defending this country. and well as those who served within the armed services of any or all allies in all the other nations who also gave their lives.

    Now…a few weeks ago CNN reported how a computer hacker had claimed and “bragged” how he was able to control and commandeer a modern airliner with pilots, crew and passengers aboard, in mid-flight ! He claimed that this was NOT the first time he had done this. He also claimed that the reason for this was to bring awareness and safety, regarding possible attempts to “take control” of an airline via computer hacking, while posing as an ordinary passenger…Funny I don’t recall to many personnel, if any, being interviewed from that particular flight or even security or flight control personnel. The very on-hand type of personnel you would think would have a first hand idea, knowledge and perspective on this.NADA ! And no background info on the gentleman who claimed responsibility for that hacking. And it appears he “got a slap on the wrist” only…It you saw him.. Bearded but Well Groomed. appears very educated, muscular and has a significant physical, “presence”, bearing and countenance. “Just the kind of guy” who looks like somebody “you don’t want to mess with…”..”and he knows it also !” Who was that guy????? What CNN and others didn’t tell you a few weeks ago and WON’T tell you is what was reported on news outlets and in this case CNN (& I recorded this..and MUCH more! ) back when Flight MH 370 “disappeared”…The Pentagon ( & I assume ?-the CIA) have (for years) created technologies and mechanisms to remotely override the controls of a plane, any plane and control that plane from another source or location, be it the “locking mechanisms” from another controlling /origin or plane. An interview and statement on CNN said as much.last late March or mid-April…the point being that Boeing and some of the other airline companies have always had close ties with the Dod and, again, I “assume” The CIA…Why wouldn’t they??? Boeing, like many companies is and has been an integral component and major part of the Defense Industry…FOR YEARS !!!
    Today it was reported, on the Holiday of this US holiday weekend that 10 flights (that we know of)
    were the recipient of :some kind” of terrorist hoax or sick prank. None of the planes appeared to have any bombs on board or attached to them…BUT here’s the odd part (or part’s–& here we go again !!!) Guess which one of the planes received the bulk of attention and appears to have been on the “receiving end” of the major part of this “threat” or “non-threat”…an AIR-FRANCE PLANE !!!
    Also, news reports state that the FBI and other agencies are “looking” for the person who made the calls for these multiple, BUT unifying simultaneous “hoax-threats” that were “called-in & “reported”… Good luck!…If you watched closely and actually caught it, you would have thought all the flights were of the same origin/destination and departure…WRONG! The departure points/locations of these 10 planes and their also differing destinations were of a significant variance and locations from other countries and/or different cities in the USA…That sound like a casual nut? or Some “unknown” party or parities with a high-level skill-set. expertise and knowledge???, A lot of knowledge ! I’ll place my bet on the second option….How about you?
    Also reported within the last two weeks was another drone (another “jumper” albeit an electric one)
    Near I believe either the WH or Capitol Building…this is the second such type of what I call a “drone jumper”, as the last one took place several months ago on the WH lawn and was reported to be flown and controlled, by of all things, a disgruntled ex-intelligence agency employee.!!! Now today it was reported that a car was noticed by pedestrians and tourists, “as having a gasoline smell” – which means it was leaking, right? and Right “smack-dab” is the same area of the US Capitol Building…CNN and other news outlets reported that the car, was detected via a gasoline odor, to have contained in it 2 perhaps 3 canisters or containers, one of which was a pressure cooker… and the other (or one of the others) being a mid-sized butane tank…JUST THE KIND OF THINGS THAT SOMEONE USUALLY LEAVES IN THEIR CAR, ESPECIALLY “COOKING” IN THE AFTERNOON DAY HEAT (in late May-no less!) WITH A STRONG SUN…ON A MAJOR HOLIDAY WEEKEND, WITH LOTS OF TOURISTS AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS NEARBY, THE SENATE DEBATING OF ALL THINGS, THE SUPPOSEDLY “ANTI-TERRORIST”, PATRIOTIC BILL…
    or should we call it the PATRI-IDIODIC BILL (?) The most bizarre thing about this is that even though I found the ID of the owner of this auto, on-line…his name was NOT mentioned on TV…only that he is reported to own a food truck in the area, WHICH WAS –NOT– SHOWN or elaborated upon even earlier this evening. The owner of this vehicle received only “some type” of “slap on the wrist” and his violation was not elaborated…An early news report this morning stated that he was fined and cited in regards to something related to his driver’s license. This sounds so ODD (???) to you too? OK.. so he owns a food truck…what does that have to do with “what” was found in the car??? and in relation to his truck???
    I guess, if you naively go by what was reported, The owner of this car feels he could afford another car????? Not even bringing to mind the supposed lapse of common sense of imminent harm and likely danger to other people and possibly, but also likely damage and harm to Senators and gov. property. …A gov. agent, a bomb expert was soon on hand to remove the canisters, “detonating” at least of one them…NOTHING was confirmed by Homeland Security Officials, at least on camera, as to what else was in the car or what exactly was the nature and status of THE OTHER 2(?) containers or canisters…
    BUT (!) you can bet, that if that car exploded, reverberated and inflicted harm…anybody questioning the Patriot Act/Bill especially Rand Paul would have looked, or made to look and appear foolish is not misguided and the super-duper chicken hawk and neo-con boot-licker Senator Lindsey Graham ( “I’ll drone em, anytime, any where”) and his “eye roll” of disdain (as seen on the news) towards Sen Rand Paul would have been all over the place and Rand Paul especially (and also those who agree with him) BUT especially Sen. Rand Paul’s WH bid and more or just as importantly his proud, noble and justifiable ( & Yes !-dangerous to him !!!) speeches against Governmental and Corporate spying and snooping would have lost their “wind”, “steam” and weight, impact and attention, and as such would have been “drownded out” by Graham and “others”. Of this, can be NO doubt, by anybody with any cognitive abilities and a minimal amount of lucid reasoning.
    In relation to this “all most bomb” I can say without any reservation that by now I would hope others who read this can now see that ISIS is being and has been “managed”. I suspect the
    next stage or “level” will be to get US troops…the overt use or combat “boots on the ground” troops in some noticeable number or “presence”…the goal being ISIS will be either a part of the effort to “remove Assad and ISIS “no longer a threat” as such…which like Sept of 2013, might “start off” or “trip wire” into a world crises…It did “almost happen” in Sept. of 2013…and soon there-after ISIS “came along” to “help against” Assad ( our new/current hypocritical “obsession”) NOT HINDER U.S.. efforts and NEEDS . but to enhance those needs……what a coincidence!!!???
    The murder of Savvas Savopoulos has ALL the markings, trappings and characteristics of a very well planned contract hit…or “something akin” to it… Those murders…those gruesome killings and the prior and subsequent events and facts as stated and pointed out in reports that have been stated that took place appear to be in line with, and consistent with a well thought out plan…nothing less than some kind of well pre-planned “hit”, and not the job an an amatuer or potential amatuers associated with the lead suspect. There appears to be a well crafted series of actions, PRIOR and BEFORE the murders, DURING, and actions as reported AFTER the murders…as well as contradictions and lapses and UN-ASKED QUESTIONS by the media and the police….this is coming up next time…I hope I opened some eyes here…
    Happy US Memorial Day…and salute those who served…. and served for all of us, past, present and future !!! Bye for now !
    David T. Krall

  29. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Things are only getting weirder, stranger and apparently UN-coincidental.

    The “mystery caller” regarding the 10 (?) alerted flights that I mentioned prior, in my last message/post was later reported this morning to be (at least?) 14 such flights that received a “bomb” or “terror” threat a few days ago… As I stated, the sheer number of flights, at the same time and as Pete Wilson reported, that whoever made the calls they were or appeared to be in rapid succession… It is a safe conclusion that flights from so many divergent arrival and departure points, and from different airlines, clearly indicates some parties with a deep inside knowledge, high-level skill set, expertise and complete access to inside data. ..”more than just familiarity” with multiple, different and just about simultaneous airline schedules and location can be applied to the actions to just some nut or one “disgruntled” person.
    Also incredibly there was reported today 2 more “almost disasters” and ‘close calls” that could have
    “gone the “other” way”..This evening’s news, Erin Burnett of CNN reported NOT ONE –BUT TWO
    “close calls” AND also as Al Jazeera America TV reported “something” also later tonite very briefly. And you tell me if ALL of this is just coincidence??? An airliner flying in bad weather from Singapore to Shanghai using the same, or very similar initial and intended route / flight path of MH 370 lost power in both engines, for a significant amount of time and descended 26,000 feet (sound familiar here also?) but the pilots stayed “steady, cool and calm” and managed to get BOTH engines “refired” and reworking and the flight completed its flight…what’s odd, as this is what was reported that after the plane landed, it was checked out, nothing…nothing was found and the plane went on to maintain its work/flight schedule and other designated flight paths. this event took place on May 23, but was just being reported today/tonight. Another plane traveling from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (Central Africa) to Douala, Cameroon (apprx 420 miles distance) almost crashed into a well known mountainous active known volcano…Even Miles O’Brian, on CNN tonight seem quite puzzled about this “close call” and voiced his apprehension and concerns as to why & how this plane was flying so low? And I would also assume so near the KNOWN mountainous terrain and specific topography, especially AN ACTIVE VOLCANO atop Mt Cameroon, the highest known mountain/peak in Central Africa. You would think that this area is known as an area to be “more aware” when flying near or above it? The plane took off in the dark, in bad weather…BUT it most definitely was NOT the first time a plane flew over that area in the dark…nor the only one at that time or near/approximate to that flight, right? The plane, its flight path was on the first leg of its destination to a major city…and what was that city…?.PARIS and which airline??? Air-France !!!!!
    Again ! or “Almost-Again”..(see my recent prior posts !) .Remember when right after The Charlie Hebdo “event”, approx 3 to 5 weeks (or so) afterwards, Belgium had a major “scare” and “terror threat” also as if a folllow-up and repeat to “Charlie Hebdo”. Now guess which country today (TODAY !) had to close down, YES ! close down its ENTIRE airline infrastructure and operations, FOR THIS ENTIRE NATION’S AIRSPACE… in essence its entire airspace, SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY for several hours including the re-routing of all incoming planes to other nations.
    Guess which country…BELGIUM…. all one big adjoining coincidence???? Or are messages and “hints” being given????? Look at the closeness of the timing in relation and proximation to these events and then to other “events” within the past 5 months..and, when ALL (!) taken together, the chances of coincidence stretches the limits of credulity, common sense and logic.

    Now why would the US military be using and testing Anthrax to begin with…I thought that was banned, as BIO/CHEM weapons were outlawed several years ago? ??? And if not, why or how on earth would such a dangerous fungi/powder/toxin be transported? I assumed when hearing this tonight on the news that is was mistakenly transported via some “protected” conveyance, akin to a “sealed” chemical truck or military train, or military /gov. plane. So what did I hear on the news? It was sent via commercial transport. ala’ Fedex or UPS…Isn”t that real bright? You really think that’s all to this??? We are being told that “LIVE” as opposed to “dead” antrax was actually mistakenly sent to a series of labs around the country. Now what would a lab want any chemical or biological speciman or “sample” that is known as “dead”.or ..”inactive” sent to it to experiment and test???? That makes no sense. The words used should be perceived as “OOOPS ! we really screwed up ! Let’s word it like this !…” Well at least, we can hope that the LIVE anthrax wasn’t going to be “tested” the way it was in the 1950’s and early 1960’s…that was when the real Einsteins within the DoD and CIA filled glass beakers and light-bulbs with large amounts of deadly toxins e.g. various hazardous fast spreading fungi/algae/viruses, etc. and went into the subways of major cities and underground water-tunnels and broke these containers and vessels to see (you ready for this???) how fast these toxins would and could spread if a world war broke out and the Soviets used them…That’s some “real logic” there!…Let’s harm and possibly kill you, just to see how someone else might.!!!..that’s a real twisted mind-XXXX…a bizarre way of thinking…that’s the same logic that killed JFK and later was used to kill innocent families, women and children (in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Indonesia…and Chile and elsewhere) in order to “save” them. That’s the kind of thinking that men like JFK (shot) and Carter (Briefing Book Theft/October Surprise) tried to minimize. temper and change…and got “consumed” by it…and because of it.
    The million dollar question is: what if the receivers and recipients of that LIVE anthrax thought, incorrectly and we assume that they were told and under the impression that is was “inactive”
    I’m not sure, short of trying to lie their way out of this, Why the DOD would send or say it sent
    “dead” or inactive” anthrax and actually send LIVE anthrax “by mistake”….A name I’d like to pass on regarding fraud, criminal behaviour, deceit in the Airline Industry is Rodney Stitch, who wrote several books including “Defrauding America” (many updates) and “Unfriendly Skies”
    His book “Defrauding America” when I first bought and read it years ago became a welcome part of my research library……

    Now regarding the death of Savass Savopoulos. When I first heard this story, it was reported on the national news outlets the Monday or Tuesday after it transpired…I have followed’s what I know, what’s been reported and what I think….
    When I first heard this story I noticed the large. well groomed house, that was “burnt’out” and severely damaged…and nobody had the slightest clue as to who, how or why…except for a “glimpse” of a possible suspect running somewhere, well covered and appearing to be carrying something that appears to be some papers in a clear/large plastic bag. in a driveway and rear of some type of shopping center, like strip mall..(see the large trash dumpsters in that photo). .A good picture of this alley or driveway and that would not be hard to find locate where this security camera was located? Do not security cameras have some kind of digital code, besides when you think about it, they, the police must know where this picture was taken, so why the coyness of where it is/was located??? What seems like a small car, a Porsche was found several miles away totally “flamed-out” and damaged due it being set on fire….The suspect Darron Wint once spent time in the US Marines. It was reported that Mr. Wint and the US Marines went their separate ways. It has NOT been explained or elaborated upon how this “parting” took place either after or during basic training? or where his basic training took place? Now the house/home suffered severe fire damage. So much that many early reports stated that due to the nature and amount/level of the fire damage, that it could NOT be determined if the house was ransacked or if any damage was due to a non-fire origin. Keep in mind also the many the windows, including ON THE SECOND FLOOR burst, broke and shattered due to “heat pressure” and direct fire. The suspect was taken into custody after DNA was reported to be found on a pizza crust found/discovered somewhere on the premises, but never really specified exactly where. Now I’m no scientist and don’t claim to be one or a crime scene expert, BUT I would can and would assume any DNA sample taken via any type of body fluid or hair, etc. but in this case (assumed) saliva on Pizza Crust… now I would think that when you take a saliva sample for DNA study, it is placed, immediately in some type of protected / sealed tube or similar small sterile/clean vessel, free from air, heat, light, other bacteria, dust, dirt, etc. now when people eat pizza they don’t drool or slobber all over it, or have sex with it…so I have to wonder, what amount of DNA, long exposed and compromised to air, heat, light & other possible bacteria and left exposed for several ( SEVERAL!) hours would be “readable” or “unreadable” or useless…? Let’s see, the pizza box didn’t have prints on it…but the pizza crust had DNA on or in it? The “visitors” were so polite, they disposed of the pizza box in the trash, but must have handled the box with gloves as no prints on the box? but if it was burnt…but the crust didn’t?…that’s some pizza crust!!!
    The victims appear to have been tied up for hours, and obviously harassed, tortured, abused and subsequently murdered…stabbed, and bludgeoned BEFORE they and the premises were sent ablaze.Unknown suspects were in the house for several hours…from late afternoon that
    Wed’s afternoon to the following (sometime on) Thurs. morning. Why not just extract info to get “quick” cash, jewelry, expensive items in the home and “make a quick get-away”??? Leave ASAP?
    I looked up some info on Mr Savaas Savopoulos…The area of the home is extremely up scale and
    VP Biden does lives near-by… Ms. Clinton once lived near this area.It is known as and is an up-scale exclusive area. They have a security system, that no doubt was hard wired and connected to the company that had the appropriate equipment in that home. So when the fire alarm when off, no police?…just the fire company??? No camera to ‘discover”/detect any “visitors”?
    If turned off, or “deactivated” in any way, would not the security company notify the police dept?
    and wouldn’t that result in some “ride-by” and “knock on the door” to see if is or was all ok? Now when the pizza was ordered, is the call the Pizza company? What was the number
    that “showed up”/ was indicated on the phones/computers of the Pizza shop or company?
    When it was delivered, it did not raise any level of “weirdness” by the delivery-person who saw a note on the door-step with the money for the pizza????? Did this person knock anyway?
    It was reported that several neighbors in the area experienced first-hand and saw an aggressive
    type of salesman in the area a few days or more, before the murders. No weapon, no prints,
    no near-by bus routes…in the house for several hours, even overnight…The person in question who delivered $40,000. as requested by Mr. Savopoulos is reported to have only worked for the company apprx. 2 months.
    Which is odd…since the owner and officers (& other officers) and designated staff would be the only ones who would normally be able to carry out ANY transactions on behalf of or in the name of the company, right? So the bank, would probably have called the business/office and requested a confirmation of the transaction BEFOREHAND. And why and how would the person who handled this bank “withdrawal” lie as according to police, regarding the time? Or maybe that person was told to change their story…for some (so-far) unknown or, as of now, undecipherable reason?
    The bank would have documented, in any number of ways a record of this transaction: print data/
    receipt, digital / video, inside cameras, –confirming date and exact time, etc…and the bank might even have cameras outside as well. Did anybody ask for access to any important documents, papers, and/or a safe-deposit box used for private or commercial purposes?????
    The company owned by Mr. Savopoulos had 200 to 300 employees according to its website and was involved in many major construction sites and jobs in the Washington, DC area.
    Interestingly one of the recent sites was a major Amtrak Station in or near DC….It appears that this guy was a “player”, not a BIG one, but not a small one either…but a player nonetheless …a growing one in DC…this kind of player talks to the “right” people” and the right people talk to him…To me, that whole $40K is just “window dressing”…If it was just a thug or a few of them…they were confident and smart enough to cover their tracks while staying at the “crime scene” for a very, very long time, unnecessarily so..A LOT MORE money could have been taken….so why not????
    The traits, characteristics and mode of the “stay” by the murderers appears to be more than just one of a psychotic impulse or need by amateurs. But one of methodical and very confident pre-planned purpose and a specific and deliberate intent, agenda and motive. They covered their tracks well, during their stay, to the level, involving many discreet, undetected / undiscovered steps, That sound like an amatuer? The length and duration of the presence of these killers was one of confidence and deliberation, not of a desperate “overnight” spree and only $40K,,,BUT denotes and belies some information that might have been believed to be in the possession of the victims, especially and specifically Mr. Savopoulos. I’d like to know his politics, his views, his investments, his partners and associates, clients, who were his competitors, what were his upcoming jobs, contracts, bids, sites and potential sites…”who” he rubbed shoulders with and who “rubbed back”. The breadth, level and manner of the “visit” ending in murder and fire, appears to me to be one of well planned extraction and attempting with “discreet terror” to obtain some type of information, papers or data of some major importance, value and meaning….Tonight near the end of the Erin Burnett Show on CNN, Pamela Brown a fellow CNN reporter said that it was discovered that Darron Wint worked at the company owned by Mr. Savopoulos approx. 10 years ago…She also stated that she was told he was a “difficult” employee…Oddly and strangely she never stated how long he worked there. Or where he worked after that period of employment. Odd and intriguing omissions…When she was on again later with Anderson Cooper, this data, especially how long he worked there was, again, not offered or stated, but then again, this obvious question wasn’t asked either.
    more to follow…bye for now…
    David t. Krall

  30. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    First off, the Kerry “accident” is an odd narrative. Bicycling can be a dangerous sport. No doubt about it. I read several accounts of Sec. of State Kerry’s accident due to a severe circumstance
    while riding his bike Sunday. I just read that it is not nor has it been determined if Mr.Kerry will need surgery and/or extensive rehabilitation. That was a serous fall. It was reported he broke his
    femur, better known as the thigh bone.It was reported in one place that gravel was reported by bikers earlier that day to be on the path or area that Mr. Kerry was scheduled to ride.or bike. Oddly, US officials stated that there was no gravel near the accident. It was then reported that his bike went over a curb while he was riding it. I would expect that if he went over a curb, more serious injury and damage or injuries (plural/additional) would have ensued due to the nature and circumstances of the bike, moving at a very (!) fast speed and velocity, going into and then “over the curb”.forcing an “elevation, loss of control and a hard landing” at some point approximate to “going into and over” the curb. So why the odd discrepancy??? And why would his motorcade be traveling behind him with a doctor “just in case”, as also reported?…JUST IN CASE OF “WHAT”?????
    Now he seems like an experienced biker/cyclist…but its not what I would call a “totally safe”
    recreational or competitive sport…NO mention of any security agents with him, which would be normal and appropriate, right? But a motorcade and DR just happen to be in tow, behind him?
    Now I can assume he was, with at least one other agent or assistant going at a good “clip” or speed. And that he was not the only person riding that morning, in that area, nor would he be expected to be. Now just imagine what is expected to be ‘seen” here. An experienced biker/cyclist riding at a fast speed on a path or “lane” known for bikers. and here we have a motorcade “following” or “attempting” to follow the cyclist, in this case the Sec. of State up and down a winding path on a Sunday, no less, near other bikers using or near this path????? That sound odd to you? And due to his injury, as we have been told, very, very repeatedly, “almost” to convince us
    that he never lost consciousness or was in any danger….If he broke his leg, why would the announcement be needed, and needed to be repeated over and over again that “he never lost
    consciousness or was in any danger”, This afternoon a female reporter kept contradicting herself
    when discussing this with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Andrea Mitchell interviewed John Kirby, new State Dept. spokesman. Later so did Wolf Blitzer . Both of these journalist showed some guarded, cautious and reserved skepticism when each spoke to Mr. Kirby. It he looks familiar, he is. He was or (still is?) an admiral and was a Pentagon spokesman. I remember.seeing him during the Bowe Bergdahl “affiar”, which smack, smells and looks like a “fake walkoff” or ” fake defection” op all along. See my prior posts from last year.
    The Taliban Five, not to be confused with the Dave Clark Five. were, in my opinion, all part of some exchange from some “an under the table understanding” and “accommodation” that resulted in the subsequent perceived fair and even “exchange” involving Bergdahl and the Fab-5…That perception and belief was calibrated, realized and and held by BOTH sides mutually, just like a trade in sports…so Bergdahl was, must have been and is a very important “returned” asset…and I use the term asset deliberately and intentionally.
    Kerry’s accident was serous enough that ii warranted his doctor who treated him (Kerry) prior, to travel several 1000’s miles to see him and he’s going to treat him further on the way home and as well as in Boston? Would you expect or want a Doctor who just traveled non-stop for approx (between) 6500 to 7500 miles to be rested enough, let alone regarding other patients, to be mentally alert enough to treat you? This female reporter fist said it was serious, then not serious, then serious again….all in the same conversation, in less than 2 minutes! Kirby was appearing and repeating, oddly that Kerry’s never lost consciousness nor in any danger…something odd here???If in the middle of extremely serious negotiations, US military facilities or an upscale Swiss hospital
    could not have treated a broken thigh or leg??? And what was his, Kerry’s, rush to leave, instead of staying?…Staying anyway to convalesce there and then finish the negotiations with Iran…???
    Strangely, the schedule of Sec. of State Kerry’s trip was to include a visit to Spain, and then Paris,
    France and then some conference regarding some bogus coalition against ISIS…Let’s talk about the coalition truly BEHIND ISIS !!!!! Also, equally odd a press report stated that Kerry’s entourage was also leaving and heading back to the US…BUT (?) also that the Deputy Sec. Of State Blickin will go to Paris…
    Now I figure, if you are injured and are supposedly healthy enough and lucid enough to communicate via a remote screen or monitor/TV for the Paris trip, as that was even stated (!) early on, why not just stay for the Iranian negotiations, healing and recuperating near-by, even it you can and request your doctor, who treated you prior?….Something wrong with this story???…Even now the talks with Cuba will also hit a snag. Something that President Obama was pressing for and wanting to progress and resolve Just the two things that were upsetting the neo-con network and their boot-licking enablers, Friendly relations with both Iran and Cuba….THAT IS A BIG DEAL…
    I wonder if something more is meant to be told here? Something more serious??? The timing of this accident, the repeated assurances of safety and consciousness…the over-whelming need to leave almost immediately, no on-hand reports near the Sec. of State. A broken leg is not what I would call major surgery, Serious, yes. but not life-threatening…AND CERTAINLY NOT ENOUGH TO REPEATEDLY FEEL THE NEED REASSURE REGARDING THE SAFETY AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THAT PERSON. NOR HAVING YOUR PREFERRED DOCTOR TRAVEL OVER 3000 miles one way…AND THEN BACK WITH YOU WITHIN 24 hours…I smell some kind of cover story here…..???
    Also regarding ISIS. . “IT” is being managed and the cover explanation of its true purpose is a ruse and a lie….which I will explain next how and why, as well as the duping of the American people into bring conned into believing that more more spying and snooping into their lives should make them feel safer, but also, just as scarier, the repeal and attempted “rollback” (even if just sadly limited) of such privacy intrusions should make you feel less safe. As if to feel manipulated that such a
    consideration, or such thoughts are to be entertained or even a debated publicly is even warranted of any true or genuine merit or rational thought !!!???. IT IS NOT…Freedom trumps security…for in the final and ultimate analysis what are the principals based upon which we hold so dear and should feel compelled to protect and pass on to those who follow us…freedom or “security”?…I say FREEDOM with you eyes wide open all the time,,,,especially on the backdoor…
    because history tell us that is the true “how and why” — “it happens. “It” always has…
    One final thought for now…did you catch or notice at the very, very beginning of Senator Lindsey, Graham’s announcement and gathering to run for President of the United States, when a old fried was introduced and was asked to say and read aloud The Pledge Of Allegiance” at that gathering?
    He said, and I repeatedly played it back to make sure it was not due to some regional sounding way of speaking or accent to sound like the proper, or intended wording (which would be acceptable and normal, right?)…and it went like this…
    “…one nation under guard…with liberty and justice for all”…UNDER GUARD ?????
    and that’s just the way the neo-cons, fear-mongers, and corrupt “hawks” and their lust for power would want us…”under guard”…as if under a tethered hi-tech “lock and key”…
    “Under Guard”…what a timely and prescient slip of the tongue !!!
    More to follow…bye for now…
    david t. krall


  31. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Per the prior/above post…sorry for a few typos. Especially where it should read as “If he looks familiar…”, when and where I am referring to Admiral Kirby.
    david t. krall

  32. david t. krall says:


    Hello ! So much has happened and so many oddities. lies, embellishments and falsehoods…
    Iran, Cuba, Kerry (Broken femur or BROKEN TRUTH !!!), and the latest On Flight 370, regarding a piece of support structure supposedly from THAT (?) plane…Check out my recent “encounter” on regarding The Kerry incident ( under the portal- “Something wrong with this picture?”) in attempting to discuss the apparent oddities of the narrative surrounding the very bizarre nature of what was said and ot said regarding this “event” aka another “BIG event” (?)
    which took place on 5/31/15…I was attempting to convey nothing more than my insights BASED UPON THE PUBLIC NARRATIVE –ONLY,– which t o me demonstrated and still shows a supreme lack of media and press curiosity, concern and even a lack basic minimal reporting about, even a supposed injury or even the acknowledgment of some injury (or “some altercation” took place that involved and was directed at and towards Sec. of State John Kerry that Sunday, 5/31/15….No glimpse, no even a whisp of a shadow regarding his wife, grown children,,,no press reports from the State Dept., The WH or even te most rudimentary and basic updates from any medical personnel and Doctors…ESPECIALLY THE ONE WHO LITERALLY DROPPED EVERYTHING, HAD TO SECURE OR WAS SECURED TRANSPORTATION TO AN AIRPORT, THEN SOME FORM OF AIR-TRANSIT WITH A CIVILIAN AND/OR GOV PLANE, THEN TRAVEL !000’s OF MILES, FOR SEVERAL HOURS –AND–WITHIN 24 HOURS- THEN, NOW WITH KERRY BOARDS A PLANE FOR A RETURN TRIP BACK INVOLVING, AGAIN 1000’s OF MILES AND SEVERAL HOURS, AND HEADS TO BOSTON WITH SECRETARY KERRY, WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST, NOD, CONCERN OR CURIOSITY (OR “ALLOWED” TO SHOW IT???) BY PRESS AND MEDIA,….AND THEN NO MEDIA REPORTS NEAR OR OUTSIDE THAT HOSPITAL??? AND NO SIGN OF THIS DOCTOR (OR HIS LOVING WIFE–??? ODD !!!) …NOT EVEN A PUBLIC DISPLAY OF GRATITUDE OR ACKNOWLEDGING THIS DOCTOR’S “DROPPING EVERYTHING -AND-BEING THERE”… OR REPORTS FROM THIS DOCTOR ABOUT MR KERRY, OR FROM A-N-Y- DOCTOR …AND NO BEDSIDE-TYPE OF BANTER AND EXCHANGE WITH ANY PRESS OR MEDIA, NOR EVEN WITH OR FROM A STATE DEPT OR WH REPRESENTATIVE FROM THAT HOSPITAL ROOM, OR EVEN SOME SOME WORDS DIRECTLY FROM KERRY, & .RELEASED SOON AFTER TO THE PRESS AND MEDIA…All this sound odd to you????? Some weird press and media blackout all due to just a broken femur??? More like BROKEN TRUTH…The one picture of him in the hospital room shows him oddly in a reclining chair, no crutches or wheel chair seen–(which would actually be an odd contradiction to go from a hospital bed with many functions and features AND attempt with mega severe pain, such as a supposed broken femur, so soon after the injury AND (!!!) surgery, to move and want to get up and attempt in some fashiion, with major difficulty to MOVE (how. why???) to a reclining chair?????) soon after this serious accident and major surgery
    One uncropped version of this picture had some glarring oddities…like a dark hardwood floor ( in a hospital???) and if you notice across the right in that picture, which includes some buildings in the far- background and to the right…is that SNOW atop some of those buildings??? They can’t be lights, as it is daytime and does not appear near dusk or any where near it.That point would be consistent with the appearance of him (or anybody) wearing what appears to be a winter/heavy type almost a jacket type, warm, heavy denim shirt, which would be consistent with COLD weather, and winter type of seasonal clothing, even while being, or staying in a hospital and NOT-NOT WORN IN JUNE–SUMMER WEATHER OF THE WARM, HOT SUMMER SEASON—see the picture and you tell me, when seeing these (among other) oddities…that something INDEED IS WRONG WITH “THIS PICTURE”….
    “BIKE ACCIDENT” ??? Broken Femur or Broken Truth….Place your bets…I place my bet and “call”…and wager by bet and chips on the BROKEN TRUTH…..and show us the bike and where the “accident” or more likely a the altercation or SHOOTOUT took place…lets see where he said, unbelievably later from his home, that he started out, got distracted and was just starting out and was going about 2 miles an hour, and then some how had his bearing thown off and somehow became distracted and rode into a curb and then “flew over” the pavement…this from a major and heavily experienced almost pro-level biker/cyclist…Sorry but I don’t buy it,,,,especially when a state dept spokesman the next day, on Monday 6/1- John Kirby told Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC and then Wolf Blitzer of CNN, both showing odd and apparent refrained but recognizable skepticism
    when being told repeatedly and almost obsessively,” Mr/Sec. was never in any danger…he never lost consciousness…he was never in danger…he never lost consciousness”..and on and on…
    And lets see the bike too…and just like I predicted it is getting UGLY for Obama and Kerry and the peace deal with Iran…what could be uglier than a possible attempted assassination that could have resulted in the indefinite suspension of those talks???…uhmm…uhmmmm… what’s next???
    This is not unlike the massive debate that took place in the summer of 1963 when JFK’s WH team
    was trying to seal the deal regarding a major arms treaty with the USSR and eventually opened the door to and for major detente’…and eventual world peace…we know what that debate “led to” and who “lost” after he thought he won and envisioned more peace and several future treaties… dare I 11/22/63…coincidence???…peace does have a way of getting in the way of evil and greed, and hidden and deep agendas…and we know that history does repeat itself- ala’- with some variations.
    And lets not forget , which I will elaborate on next time the colliding and competing interests of Donald Trump and the Neo-Cons, best represented by Jeb Bush, who now have a major and initially unanticipated and unexpected migraine in the name of Donald Trump…The “BUSH 45 train to the nomination” has been totally overshadowed and slowed down…this I will expand upon…

    next….more on Iran, and MH 370 ( that “piece” was partial “calling card”?) Note it was NOT-NOT
    found on or in the beach/sand and CNN is NOT pointing this out…if you noticed it was filmed as sitting on higher ground and very significantly AWAY from any beach,tide or water, BUT on higher/elevated DRY ground with lush/plush grass and vegetation of near-by large trees and large stones and rocks on elevated grassy DRY ground…more to follow…
    David T. Krall

  33. david t. krall says:

    Quick notes and brief follow-up

    The above/immediate prior post near the end…what I mean to say is: …”dare I say 11/22/63 ?…”
    in reference to a major and growing air of peace and a growing significant recognized detente’ that was surely evident, at that time to the public and definitely within Gov (some very corrupt, and feeling threatened sectors and equally specific corrupt corporate and criminal circles -all unaccountable and feeling somewhat autonomous and outside the reach of the WH and the law) Circles in regards to a steadily growing PEACE race with the USSR and secret back-door preliminary contacts and discussions, albeit short lived, between representatives of the JFK WH and Castro’s Cuba, in the early fall of 1963…this is documented….
    The heated debates for a LIMITED ( JFK wanted a FULL one, but he knew his hawks were never allow that {!} and/but he did envision several and complete/full one to take place down the road)) test ban treaty within the US gov. are a good mirror of what is now happening regarding the after effects of the proposed agreement with Iran…and last night I saw and heard on TV, reports of words shown and spoken about bombing Iran…such talk is INSANE, delusional and delusionarily dangerous and nor even shortsighted and absurd can describe the minds who entertain, voice and speak such words….you think RUSSIA would allow the US to bomb Iran, especially with Iran on Russia’s door step and border??? YOU THINK RUSSIA AND CHINA WOULD SIT IDLE
    AND DO NOTHING, AND SAY NOTHING BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER??? YOU THINK THAT, ESPECIALLY AFTER SEVERAL OTHER MAJOR NATIONS WERE PART OF AND NOW BEING PART OF THAT TREATY, AND MANY OTHER NATIONS RECOGNIZING THAT TREATY, WOULD NOT NOT CONDEMN THE UNITED STATES FOR ALMOST STARTING WW-3…????? The real and true evil warmongers are showing themselves, frothing and drooling, as if with blood dripping out of their mouths, hoping, wanting and needing a war, this war with Iran.and possibly Russia and China…I say lock’em all up,,,ALL OF THEM, as traitors and even traitors to humanity, and have them held and quarantined for deep mental and strict observation on the most protected bases or institutions, and than export and exile them to some island or even a distant planet and let them kill each other, since they love war so much… Yes the road JFK envisioned was not the one that MANY, MANY others manipulated him to take towards and finally on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on 11/22/63,… he even told Pierre Salinger, his most trusted press secretary that he wanted to and would have made the topic of PEACE a major part 1964 Presidential Reelection Campaign. This was most apparent to JFK after his tour of several Rocky Mountain States in the late summer and early fall of 1963…where he was making series of visits to those cities and states and was speaking about and making speeches on the environment. He then took a chance and started speaking about peace and its relation to the environment and how peace..true verificational and trusting, enforceable, honest peace was the best and clearest path and choice, not just for the American people for for ALL people…and how hate and paranoia can be and are the real enemies of man and will lead to our destruction and annihilation. The crowds starting applauding… then cheering for his words..more and more…and the ovations were noticeably strong and favorable, and not lost on or unnoticed by the President or his staff, especially in and from people in this quiet conservative part of the United States…JFK ‘s hunch and senses…and words struck a cord and a positive nerve among people..they wanted peace, real peace ….Obama can serve himself well by studying that time of history…perhaps he already has (???) and knows and realizes what stones and rocks not to step on, before “crossing the creek” and leaving the WH on 1/20/17, in order to keep his “balance” and not “FALL” (or be “pushed over” or “pushed aside” (like JFK on 11/22/63), regardless how late in his, Obama’s, WH time and tenure. Remember they did turn on IKE late in his second term and HST has his hands full with Korea and his hawks who wanted him to do much more and go further, MUCH further in Korea….

    Also that piece of plane now on the Western Indian Ocean Island??? That was supposedly reported as just floating and wandering in the ocean?…Why no footage it being retrieved and carried up from the beach, tide or sand??? We see men in some official partial rubber scuba/
    or swimming apparel, walking briskly among and near the rocks and beach, but not any footage of this plane piece while on the beach or tide, where it supposedly washed up????? Where it was supposedly found. Sure looks clean for washing up and sitting in the sand and crashing into rocks, IF that’s what is said to have occurred??? Barnacles or no barnacles, even David Soucie on CNN was not so sure, and voiced his concerns and doubts, based on the appearance of the coating and condition and coloring of this piece of plane. We see several police or some type of men, some type of investigators looking at it on the elevated, higher ground level with and on a full grass grown area over apprx or what appears to be apprx 100 yards from water…and judging by the way these men are looking at it, it does not appear to have been there long nor have been discovered in that spot where it is shown, long before the cameras started rolling… as if by the demeanor of the men caught on camera and on hand, examining it, as if…”geeze ??? where did this come from???”…as if out of nowhere..dropped from the sky???.but to me… MORE LIKE DUMPED, like a “paritial piece” of a calling card by those who were really responsible for MH 370’s “disappearance”…an intentional teaser?…a “mild” attempt at “laughing” from afar at the supposed “down in the ocean theory”…and directed to those who now can’t back away from their own false theories and now can’t admit themselves being possibly wrong…???

  34. david t. krall says:

    A heated exchange took place on CNN tonight, shortly after 7PM EST, regarding MH 370, that I missed most ot, BUT I will look it up on CNN’s streaming channel and/or youtube via internet or thru ROKU…this discussion involved Kate Bauldwin (CNN host/moderator tonight) and David Souice, Richard Quest and Miles O’Brian…I will have to check this out….Today some really credible experts like David Souice, Ken Albenz (correct spelling) and Greg Feith (over on MSNBC) seem quizzical and questioning about the plane part now found as being part of MH FLIGHT 370…
    Doug Feith on MSNBC, made the very astute observation and pointed out that it is not known how long that airplane piece was on that Island and even known to Islanders and authoriites on that island and even how long it was floating in the ocean…oddly the real red lights and buzzers that should raise questions ARE NOT really being talked about…
    US intell ( a part of it…-as I suspect some -other- network or “mechanism” was responsible of the “disappearance as concluded that the planes’ path was diverted.and “controlled”
    HELLO !!! What else is new???
    A suitcase or the remains of one were found also near or beach of the island…One expert who Wolf Blitzer attempted “to ask leading” questions to “get the right” answer insisted that if one piece of MH 370 was found that would be unlikely, due to the distance and area BUT if two ( this piece and a suitcase) pieces were found on or near, or wash up on the same island, and were from “370”, that would be highly unlikely, despite Mr. Blitzer’s attempt to dampen that conclusion by this expert at around 6PM EST earlier tonight… in other words — impossible…

    I suggest the possibility that the “erosion” and barnacles on that piece could have been when and where that plane and parts of it was/were “sitting”, as in “stored” on a low-level atoll like area…e;g. possible island/base in that region…..those people are long “gone”…I suggest that part of the taking for what-ever justification, “reach” or motive,,,an anti-terror op gone bad, or a “deep” operation carried out under that guise and cover, and/or procedures in order to obtain something of vital importance and necessity and included the immediate “pressurisation” or depressurisation and “knock out” of the passengers and most, if not all the crew…expiration was probably immediate and then what was needed to be done, was done, searched for, found, secured and taken and the plane was then “dumped” and “stored” after being “taken” in a “cloaked” fashion, somewhere..That is the essence of covert op carried to fruition and it’s intended result, under the guise of “Plausible Deniability” and a criminal excuse by some sector under the banners of anti-terrorism and national security…I studied and followed this since it happened and this is how I read it….A plane in this day and age is impossible for it to just disappear… as I explained many ways and times prior, last year… Unless of course, some major strings, behind the scenes were being pulled up in the air and on the ground in unison and in coordination…and who would and could have such “reach” (?) and the necessary “reach” over and within the Malaysian Government??? Connect some dots and you will get an answer and an image of the “reach” I am alluding to here…which has been around for a very long time and is quite proficient in its habits, proclivities and experience…akin to overthrowing governments…and in this case it thoroughly intimidate one to keep quiet…more to follow….
    David T. Krall.

  35. david t. krall says:

    From: David T. Krall

    The most recent updates about the piece of plane found it, is that NOTHING yet ties it to Flight 370…and everything that is “SAID” does !!! The quandary among the experts is to now explain how this “fits” with the impossible theory that is just disappeared…Oh it “disappeared all right, but by black ops otherwise known as “technicians” AKA “magicians”..
    On CNN tonight it kept being stated and emphasised that this airplane piece was now being shipped and headed to France…BUT the same thing was said TWO days ago…so where is it stopping, at or over or BETWEEN? Or BEFORE? it’s destination in France???…As the last time I looked, or thought in this day and age…unless going by boat…or as the old saying goes…”by way of China” (which Ironically was 370’s original route) that seems like an odd and longer-than usual and inordinate time to get to France…so where could it be stopping over and be looked at, by other possible unknown parties…???
    This possibility would NOT be out of the norm, as with other “events”— “not fully explained” or the circumstances surrounding it … as unlikely… And still no mention, even today or ANY day of the INMARSAT Data Report…I saw what was released. It appeared as some binary-intergalatic digital code…and no one has thought of explaining it. or showing the supplemental report if one exist and if not… why not?????
    What and When I stated prior, many times and mentioned immediately prior to this post, in the last one, the type of “reach” as existing to carry out such an enterprise or operation one must realize and assume that such “reach” enables and is itself enabled by tentacles and connections due to the basic root links among and within the security apparatus and its make-up within a nation, its basic infrastructure of its own intelligence agencies and services, its armed forces, its police, etc. Such elements as these…its infrastructure, as with any and ALL third world countries have at some point been trained, “oriented”, (party) indoctrinated (coinciding with the training) by OTHERS, as part of treaty obligations, necessities and “realities”,and “ongoing strategic requirements”, as in today’s world of “anti-terrorism” or “yesterday’s” cold-war . Such capabilities, requirements and needs, as such fall under security understandings, arrangements, AND WITHIN TREATIES or PACTS…
    Such treaties or pacts create networks and close “sub” sectors or burrowing networks within that nation on the receiving end of such treaties of pacts, where such “burrowed” or created
    “sub” sectors exist within these enclaves of the host nation’s infrastructure, where in effect “substructures” become attached” (deep) or hidden within and between the ‘visiting” foreign trainers and armed forces, police, intelligence services of the “host” nation, & this foreign “presence” and also in its media….basically and in other words, broken down to its most simple premise: “a copy of the keys to the store” (to the nation itself !) are carried and in the pockets by these foreign trainers and influential personnel, AND THE NATION THEY REPRESENT, ALONG WITH PARALLEL ECONOMIC PARITIES, or for all intents and purposes carrying such “keys” of that nation “being held” is quietly realized by both parties, if not obviously and overtly “agreed”…but is an inevitable by-product…..that is the “REACH” I have been addressing for months
    You following me here??? We accepted this as a given reality or fact when perceived during the cold war in Eastern Europe and the “influence” of the old USSR over those nations in Eastern Europe…and the same applied or still apples to some degree ( from the cold war – to the “war” on terror) to The US “over” several nations…in Latin America, Asia and Africa…(“over” or within” e.g. South Vietnam, South Korea, Burma, Thailand, The Philippines, Santo Domingo, Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia Turkey, Iraq, (parts of) Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, NIgeria, Congo, and Iran (for very long time when our puppet and installed dictator {like in many other nations!!!} The Shah was in power and also, you wonder why THEY may not like US?????) and many, many other nations NOW and during the cold war…and the same type of ‘keys” also apply under and within this present paradigm.of so-called “anti-terror”..Such “REACH” would, from a common-sense appraisal of this reality and fact of life (e.g. The School of the Americas) have as much power or influence, on a nation’s internal politics and economics…and such influence, fully realized, with its proclivity, experience and expertise in making a plane “disappear” would fall within or under the same umbrella of “reach” as it would if and when “leaning on” or throttling or “shaking up” or even “shaking down” or intimidating another nation or its government….( I suggest writings by Fletcher Prouty (The Secret Team) , William L. Corson ( The Armies Of Ignorance), John Stockwell ( In Search Of Enemies, & The Pretorian Guard), John Perkins (Confessions Of An Economic Hitman) , Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett (Thy Will Be Done) , Nomi Prins( All The President’s Bankers’), Henrik Kruger (The Great Heroin Coup), Peter Dale Scott (The Dallas Conspiracy -{unpublished}, Deep Politics, etc.), Kirkpatrick Sale (Power Shift), Penny Lernoux (In Banks We Trust), Jonathon Kwitney (The Crimes of Patriots, & Endless Enemies), Alfred W. McCoy (The Politics of Heroin In SE Asia, and numerous updated and related books), and also the Senate Committee Report, by then Senator John Kerry on BCCI bank, a large report released in the late 1980’s (?) or early 1990’s on the criminal reach of influential political and financial sectors using just this one, once powerful bank… (available on line) also note the volumes of the Senate Committee on Intelligence chaired by Sen Frank Church back in the mid 1970’s,,,not just the report, but the many supplementary volumes on various intelligence agencies with much data, facts and testimony (available on line) as well as many declassified monographs and papers from the CIA and Dod on/during the Vietnam War, and also C.A.T. & Air America involving the HUGE drug shipment and drug supply pipeline and dummy banks, before and during the Vietnam “war” and the influence of this large corruptive web within and on SEVERAL, successive, and repeatedly overthrown South Vietnamese governments during the large US intell and military presence there.

    Also see, EXCELLENT books and writings by Sterling Seagrave, Pete Brewton, Gary Webb, Doug Valentine and Russ Baker,,, ALL showing the real “reach” of interlocking, co-dependent and interdependent MAJOR agendas involving political, intelligence and criminal sectors, here and abroad…Flight 370 was the victim… A victim within this type type of web- like structure, and mechanism all under the banner of “anti-terror” or a hidden/deep national security “agenda” or a large “rouge” element within this apparatus…or the “appearance” of being “rouge”…the ultimate “plausible deniability”…!
    That piece of airplane looks like its really bleached, as if sitting in a sun-soaked very low level water area, as if in an inlet or a very low water level atoll and not in the ocean where it would seem or should appear to be much MORE decayed, much more worn down, and much more eroded, due to non-stop thrashing, 24 hours a day in the salt water of the large Indian Ocean for the past apprx. 18 months….
    more to come…
    David T. Krall

  36. david t. krall says:

    From” david T. Krall

    FYI…for enlightening and alternate views watch Medea Benjamin on C-Span 2…now, almost over.
    An apprx 3 hour segment…A breath of fresh air….THIS IS SHOW WILL BE REPEATED at mid-night TONIGHT, at or near 12 AM – E.S.T. on C-Span 2…I highly recommend watching and also recording this….bye for now…..

  37. david t. krall says:

    Well, I’m back “home” here !!! t…This is where I started sharing my insights !!! Everything I shared and stated so far has NOT been shown nor proven otherwise regarding Flight 370 and Flight 17 (over the Ukraine). I have been sharing these insights ( some of them) on facebook and some other sites. e.g. ( a repeat here about the Kerry shooting) and ( there about the ISIS / CIA connection) …The second site is where most of what I have said here and some additional (new) stuff about ISIS and its CIA/Sunni neo-con creators, and the Charlie Hebdo Affair ( a CIA neo-con recruitment op and counter-intell program that “went bad” and literally blew up on French Soil) and the related shooting and attempted assassination of Sec. Of State John Kerry on 5/31/15 and its own ludicrous and ridiculous cover story and false explanation…At the site, go to, or look for the article or “portal” titled ” Newly Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported The Creation of ISIS”. This is the DIA’s declassified report. The DIA is the Pentagon’s equivalent (or attempted equivalent) to the CIA. Interestingly, it was created among and due to much “bureaucratic resistance” and “struggle” at the “request” and desire of JFK/RFK and Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara TO DETERMINE, WEIGH , AND VERIFY THE EFFICACY, “ACCURACY” AND VALIDITY OF CIA REPORTS AND DATA BEING SENT TO AND READ BY THE PRESIDENT !!! I guess after the JFK murder, its cover story, then 9/11/ and then MH 370…the NUT JOBS and War and Control freaks, in positions of power and their equallyy crazed and delusional US media mouth-pieces will try to showing anything down our throats, in our ears, eyes and brains. and now this morning a sad story…
    Yes, another tragedy with duplicitous, criminal undertones (again !): The one nation, the one world power actually NOW ruining, really “MESSING UP” the agenda of ISIS, interfering, intervening and interdicting against their CIA/Dod/SUNNI/MOSSAD masters in Syria..WHAT NERVE !!!! . The one nation out on dozens and dozens that fly’s in that area with 1000’s of tourist…an airliner from that one nation,now “crashes” in Egypt…Another coincidence? And no doubt another ‘accident” and “crash”…explained, projected and perceived as random, unrelated and coincidental…I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT…more to follow…

  38. david t. krall says:

    you received my newest/recent post of a few minutes ago? It was good…
    david t. krall

  39. david t. krall says:

    Well, after all that has been said and done…nothing so far has surfaced to contradict what has been said here regarding Flight 370, Flight 17 or my insights regarding ISIS..I feel as if this is a “home” for me here as this is where I really started to share my insights and thoughts, based upon 40+ years of research…I’m not sure where the prior and similar post of early today went? Maybe, by now it is passing Jupiter or Saturn, on its way to somewhere…

    The world is still waiting for additional data and the international report on the downing of Flight 17, BUT some pressures are keeping it from being released…WHY? if there was some data that incriminated RUSSIA, that report, NO DOUBT would have been released weeks or months ago.
    It appears that there is MUCH more to the “crash” of the Russian civilian airliner of late Friday Night/Early Sat morning…It seems more than just coincidental that the one nation that is NOW engaged in a large military aerial campaign in Syria and attempting not to just “degrade” ISIS but to actually and genuinely cripple and destroy it, and thus interfering, intervening and interdicting the ISIS operation/program and enterprise and its CIA/Saudi-Sunni/Mossad creators’ agenda and also considering the number of…actually, 100”s of flights and 1000’s of people and tourists via many nations and airlines to and from that area, that the SAME nation, THAT nation would befall and be the victim of supposed unexpected and random airline “crash” and “accident”…a tragic happenstance or something deeper and a direct cause and effect??? What are the odds of that happening and it not being related????? It’s happened before…Did certain criminal neo-con elements send a viscous “reply” and “pay-back” to Putin???
    I have laid out additional insights recently at about the ISIS/CIA/SUNNI link and it’s relation to what happened in Egypt,..but it is similar to what is here, with some recent insights…please look for the article/portal within that website titled”Newly Declassified US Government Documents: The West Supported The Creation Of ISIS”..from there, when scrolling down, you will see all that I have laid out about and what is similar to what I have said here regarding ISIS and its true nature and function. I have also ‘discovered” facebook and made some comments there…Regarding the 2016 race:
    Trump has, ironically the same enemies as Putin, as JEB’s backers, handlers and sponsors are part of the same duplicitous ugly neo-con network pushing Obama for war in the Middle East ( Syria, Iraq, Iran) and ‘sold”/duped him, Obama on the ISIS program/operation, which is nothing less than a duplicate of the CIA /Pentagon’s ‘secret” war ( a prior CIA “jihad”) against Castro’s Cuba ( e.g. operations Mongoose and JM/Wave) or the pre-1965 US military build-up in SE Asia…also very huge covert ops in Vietnam and pacification/counter insurgency ops before and after 1965 that also resemble ops by ISIS at that time ( there were many…and many in other nations as well !!!) There is one further related “cause and effect” and two questions: if ISIS is on the run and Russia is doing the damage that the US would not do and has since berated this Russian initiative and anti-ISIS campaign and NOW the US military is sending US troops to Syria…what is their true intent and mission and due to the timing who were they really “bailing out” and really going to help???? and…If ISIS claimed responsibility for the shootdown of the Russian Airliner and The Egyptian government has oddly contradicted that, and flatly ruled out terrorism or a shootdown (so very early on here !!!) as if using some crystal ball – and using applied clairvoyance and magical powers of ESP to determine such a view so very early on here, and only several hours later…
    or should we take into consideration not just the “investment” BEHIND iSIS but also be careful in accepting “too much” from the Egyptian Government and what they have to say? Part of that ‘consideration” I am referring to is: Guess who and where the Egyptian Military gets is arms and hardware? Guess who and where the Egyptian Military and Police received and continues to receive it’s training, orientation and schooling??? Take a guess? Its the same for Saudi Arabia as well, and many other nations…NOW you get the “picture” here????? If ISIS is not being allowed credit ( which seems REALLY odd-when you think about it) for taking down that plane…then who did ??? More to definitely follow !!! bye for now….

    David T. Krakk

  40. david t. krall says:

    Regarding the downed Russian airliner…I and getting a vibe or sense…a suspicion of leaning toward elements linked to Saudi Arabia that took this plane down…the ones who actually did it with full compliance and knowledge of “OTHERS” they would have the mental and moral capacity and proclivity to carry out this type of “action” or event”. Such elements would certainly have access to the the proper systems and equipment to do it !!!
    David T. Krall

  41. david t. krall says:

    I am getting a vibe and sense..(that is what and how the above is to be read)…sorry !

  42. david t. krall says:

    The whole and only logical reason for Egypt to release an odd statement ruling out terrorism, so early on was because it was “advised” or “instructed to” by their US friends…why?…because it is becoming more and more apparent to me their Saudi Arabian “friends”, trained well and equipped just as well as their Egyptian friends and neighbors…agents near that coast or from a very near-by naval vessel shot that plane out of the sky as “pay-back” to Putin for meddling,interfering and bombing ISIS…something that Saudi Arabia, (as well as their CIA/Dod friends) and other Sunni Gulf states will NOT tolerate…
    bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  43. The Million Dollar Question??? What did Syria do to be come, in the words as “best” described and said by Jake Tapper of CNN during his moderation of the recent Presidential debate, as part of a question that was given to one, or or all the candidates…that “Syria is an enemy of the United States…”. When I saw and heard that, I thought, …Really ! when did that happen?…Did I miss something on the news”? and now, not only is there an agenda via/thru ISIS to topple the Assad Regime and occupy Syria but now an equally and parallel “avenue” to ‘accelerate” this agenda ( which logically would and could only be do ISIS being severely crippled and damaged by the Russian [not the US] air-force) by The CIA / PENTAGON NEO-CONS now inserting US combat troops and special forces into another nation, WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED, AUTHORIZED OR EVEN IMPLIED agreement and understanding with that nation, in this case, Syria… and why was not Jack tapper called to task for that statement weeks ago? or since then???
    WHY? BECAUSE THE US MEDIA HAS BEEN GIVEN THE “PRESCRIBED” ‘OK” TO HELP IGNITE AND CARRY THIS DUPLICITOUS AGENDA–INSTEAD OF INVESTIGATING THIS AGENDA, which obviously it is NOT allowed to do… something that been in place since 11/22/63, and most certainly since 9/11/01 And to close this circle, ( for now)… now a Russian passenger plane has just happened to have “crashed” in, all of places…THE MIDDLE EAST….If you watch US officials, as I did a few minutes ago…They are being real intentionally sly and cagey ( like poker players who can smell and know a ‘cheater”–or a rat, one that they arm and train !) ) regarding any suspicions or hunches about WHO shot that plane down…but seem fairly confident about leaving “open the possibility” of terrorism..UGH??? You can bet, NO SUSPICIONS WOULD BE HELD BACK IF IT WERE A U.S. airliner that went down over Egypt…it would be projected as an anti-western/anti-US action IMMEDIATELY…This is nothing less than Sunni “pay-back” at and towards PUTIN…
    Another question…rhetorical in nature but aimed at these US officials like Mr. Clapper: Is it not considered terrorism if done and carried by an ASSUMED U.S. ally in that region, as well??? Or have things gotten so convoluted, disjointed and removed from reality that you answer would be NO????? Like Operation Northwoods?, The attack on the U.S. Liberty? or the Assassination of Orlando Leiter ( in Washington DC 1976)?….Operation Condor, Operation Mongoose JM/Wave then…ISIS now….the same dirty criminal tricks, at a very very high level including murder, major deceit and criminal accountability, fraud and manipulation….connect the dots…and it all becomes quite clear. Bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  44. According to a report by Barbara Starr on CNN a few minutes ago, it appears that the 50 man military (actually para-military/special forces) unit ( which I completely suspect is totally and falsely, intentionally under-inflated) is according to her Pentagon sources JUST THE BEGINNING….Obviously, “THEY” have “their claws in deep” in his, Obama’s, back and “have” him firmly by “you-know-whats” !!! A President who was and has been adamant and thus had stated prior, “NO ground troops in Syria”, now reverses his stance, ( or certain sectors forced his reversal) that was a fixture of his foreign policy…It you use your God given abilities and natural lucid and cognitive skills it seems quite apparent that if Russian bombs were not doing the damage that is said to be done on Foreign news casts. So much so that even the Iraqi Gov is ( or was?) considering welcoming and mutually agreeing to Russian forces initiating its military campaign in Iraq. Something that must be really upsetting to the neo-cons in Washington, London and In Saudi Arabia and sectors of Israeli intelligence, and well as their on-hands/on the ground covert CIA/Dod “handlers” of ISIS in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other near-by areas.and bases…THINK of Cuba and the large covert “campaign” against the Castro regime…Now think of “cadres” and militias like Omega 7, The DRE, Alpha 66, The 30th of Nov. Group, and others ( out of Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc). Think of, operations like Mongoose and JM/Wave,,,and later Operation Condor….Think of Nicaragua and several other neighboring Caribbean and Latin American nation-states ( at that time-e.g. Nicaragua being a ultra-mega/LARGE center and major pivot point of CIA/Dod/Legal/Banking and US related bus and lobbyist corruption–on a mega scale !) )….NOW TAKE JUST THIS ONE “TEMPLATE” AS AN “OVERVIEW” OR “TRANSPARENCY” and ISIS is now the large Anti-Assad CIA-neo-con cadre in Syria and Nicaragua now is now Saudi Arabia ( along with Turkey and Jordan -like their Latin American “predecessors”) …It is the same exact type of “campaign” or covert “war”, and involving the same ultra-large bus/intell and military “investment” and “momentum” within a larger historical paradigm since the beginnings of the cold war using Organized Crime and Nazi/ Fascist networks, THUGS AND MONSTERS…some just “re-created” and/or formed or “re-assembled” /repackaged under the covert umbrella of US Intelligence and US national (or international) security operations world-wide…It got so out of control and so unaccountable and corrupt that one President ( JFK and his AG, RFK) resisted this highly tentaclized and corrupt “investment” and “momentum” and stood up to it and its “flip-side “investment” in SE Asia ( where he was also being conned and duped and he resisting such “tricks” and pressures, by a related and equally corrupt strain and tentacle of the same network). This is a major reason, if not THE reason ( or reasons) why he, JFK was killed.and later.also RFK and MLK ( who also knew, like Malcom X had “put 2+2 “together”) .He, JFK, tried to shut it down, and was using, with his brother,RFK/AG, some heavy legal and law-enforcement “muscle” and leverage to first stop and shut them down and soon after intended to clean house.and purge this “element” ..But “others” decided to “clean house” before him, within the executive branch, AKA the WH and resort to a cleaver and treasonous DOMESTIC regime change…I still can’t figure out why anyone with a half-a-brain and who knows, or should know that or what all that was happening at that time, still can’t ‘see” or “get” this…!!!
    The recent reversal of policy in regards to Syria and its’ change of course is indicative of both an “awareness” and of self-preservation ( on Obama’s part, e.g. WH jumpers–hardly coincidences or random) of the growing “investment” and rising “momentum” of the perceived corruptive and very presumed vital interest at stake in Syria by these powerful, corrupt, insidious war-like sectors, that HE, OBAMA DOES NOT NOT WISH OR WANT TO-GO-UP AGAINST OR CONFRONT..WAR IS INDEED A BIG DEAL ! AND SO IS ITS’ BEFORE-HAND AGENDA.!!!…And now US officials are in a quandary as to how to “explain” and accept the obvious regarding the downed RUSSIAN plane, due to their lies piled on top of each other,so high, like a wall , just waiting to collapse and be exposed…and that is the reason for sending in US troops into Syria…to fortify and “sure-up” that ‘wall”…that facade, a total scam, and involving ISIS real role and function and actually “bailing it out” due to this genuine Russian anti-ISIS campaign. You can bet anything that officials like James Clapper fully know and realize that this RUSSIAN plane was shot down by somebody with ties to the US ,and also fully ‘suspects” that certain sectors with the means, where-with-all, and opportunity decided to show and send Putin some “pay-back” for what he doing in Syria. That is undeniable. Of this I have NO doubt…NONE. As early as last May or June, I “figured out” what the true role, function and intent of ISIS and explained it within many prior posts here….After fully realizing this criminal “investment” and its’ growing “momentum” it should NOT be a surprise nor unexpected that some “event” would be directed at or befall some level of Russian society….As a very close friend of many years had said of this “inside” gang, this network,…”They are very bad dudes….very bad dudes…” and now they have built an tried and true coalition of evil. to help do their dirty work…
    Bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  45. To be completely honest and true.. I suspected that “something” would happen in November…don’t ask m why… its just or was an intuitive “guess”…It may be “symbolic timing on “their” part. “THEY” have a lot on on their “plate” right now…and may not be “finished” and not “finished” with some attempted comebacks …..and further “paybacks” !!!…Notice (?) the confluence of just the past 4 days…ISIS on the run, Putin really bombing ISIS up and down, JEB (aka ‘almost 45″) continuing to be shut down by “the Donald” and still spiraling downward in the polls, in spite of this bloody network ( or part of it) behind him with their super BIG $$$ and connections ( or rightfully seen as being -THE- major criminal connection !)….THEN like a whirling wind..a major inter-related gust… from some odd direction…as if from the God’s….all within and on the same weekend the following takes place:
    A Russian plane, specifically a civilian airliner with 224 people aboard is blown out of the sky and “crashes” in the desert, explained as random, a “mystery”, no less !, and as being and having no consequence or relation to The Russian initiative in near-by Syria. Common sense would and should dictate otherwise….and then within this same timing, also JEB will now try to “surge” or “resurge” or re-assemble and repackage his very nervous and awkward appearance, style and demeanor with the saying “Jeb Can Fix It”…He appears even as more of a figure head and point man, even now ( for these very powerful sectors) and pawn than his brother, “41”…AND !!!… as if, on parties behind a curtain like on some game show..all so within this confluence or sudden “wind”, the Pentagon has announced a ramping up and use of ground troops in Syria, a nation we are not even at war with…but according to mouth pieces like Jake Tapper and others on CNN and MS-NBC, Syria is a supposed enemy of the United States…I thought it was ISIS..but I guess I got it mixed up with and due to my research, closely watching and listening to the news and using my brain…It supposed to be and should that ISIS is the enemy…but Mr. Tapper and other neo-con and intell. corporate media surrogates and mouth-pieces have had their mouths and ears full of so-many lies from their intell amd military sources that their naivtivity unmistakenly shows as well as the agenda actually and truly being played out and taking place. It not just by their lies but by the misuse of the facts and like a child tripping up, about or caught up in some lie, actually exposes the true nature, motive and agenda by stating in front of millions during a Presidential
    debate and slyly inserted (as if coached) and part of a question, that “….Syria is an enemy of the United States…”. I wonder what the Syrian People thought when they saw and heard that !!!
    At least, the ones not running from ISIS !!!
    A final insight regarding Jeb…he always looks SOOOO nervous…and awkward.
    LBJ, Nixon and to some degree “41”. At times they all showed it, but not as much as the JEB…but considering the reach, power, $$$ and connections behind JEB and sponsoring and “investing” in him and THEIR bloody, criminal track-record, I’d be nervous too. The same kind of “crowds” were supporting LBJ and NIxon in 1960 ( especially to make sure of a successful Bay of Pigs op) !!! Just imagine in 1938 or near it, and all of a sudden Frank Sinatra “lost” his voice…now just imagine how “those guys”, “behind” him, would have felt and “dealt” with that (!) …and as well as the fear and trepidation within “Mr. Sinatra” in dealing with this quandary and predicament. Now you can sense what and how JEB feels…BUT ON A MUCH, MUCH HIGHER POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL LEVEL…they do play “for keeps” and don’t mess around or play games…just look how nervous and sweaty JEB looks and feels. He may be THEIR front man, BUT MUCH MORE SO, HE IS ALSO THEIR “INVESTMENT”…for all intents and purposes, THEIR pawn…appearing as a rook or a bishop, but in reality a pawn. And was initially perceived to have been the most powerful “piece” on the board” of the 2016 election…Until Trump, calculatingly, upset that neo-con JEB train that was supposed to, like Nixon in 1960 or 1968 to move and go full blast to the nomination, like a whistle-stop train…but Mr. Trump has so far “derailed” or slowed down that Jeb train.
    Bye for now…
    David T. Krall

  46. From: david T. Krall
    Well, it happened again, just like I thought and said it would. In November too !. Perhaps for November, “THEY” are not quite “finished”??? I wanted to wait and hold back in in order to further determine, watch and listen ( not just see and hear) for more data and information about the sad and tragic attack on Friday night in Paris. France. I’ve recorded much already and have taken several pages of notes while watching and listening, and using my “third eye” ( the intuitive one). I have heard a lot of dis and misinformation e.g. a U.S. Congressman, who while being interviewed on CNN last night by Wolf Blitzer made the amazing statement that President Assad had killed millions of his own people. And that was stated without any comment or question by Blitzer. And just is just one ! The drumbeat of war is slowly getting louder and louder. Something that “certain” parties that I have written about, with clear criminal motives, influential voices and, also “reach” have now “gained” a stronger “voice” due to the actions of Friday night in Paris. It is not a specious or fallacious view or a stretch of the imagination that, at the very least there is direct cause and effect to, or of what is happening in Syria, and Iraq, the push for regime change ( and opposed to the genuine intent of stamping out of ISIS by deep and/or well placed and bureaucratically camouflaged interests in the US Gov.) and and what happened Friday night. Now the real and lucid question is: was and is there a direct link and tie. not just a subsequent cause and effect, to the actions, activities and consequences of what took place in Paris Friday night and what is taking place in Syria, “invested” heavily, behind the scenes and below the surface by very dubious and duplicitous parties who talk about fighting terror, but use proxy cadres and militas,cleverly “labeled” as such, like ISIS or (part of ALQada) actually, in reality, for their “front-line” guard and shock troops to ignite and create, as of now a ‘paramilitary” war of attrition and death, based on fear, fast movement & mobility, “shock and awe” and being well armed, trained and funded as some large, (very large) brigade, para-military unit or front-line unit of shock troops very, very similar to that which were used in the “front lines” of the war in Caribbean against Castro, or similar indigenous units trained by and working side by side, with these ( their) trainers, involved in some serious operations near and across the border with North Vietnam before and during the Vietnam War. or the Contras, or the Afghan mujahideen, on special paramilitary /special forces operations, some quite large. Some vast (e.g.’s- Operation Condor, The Contras, Operations Mongoose, and JM/Wave). Not at all unlike the highly skilled. highly respected and trained front-line special forces, “shock” ( as in “shock and awe”) units of the German Army, recognized as hard-core special forces operations units of the SS or SD called the Einsatzgruppen. Real Pros, real killers, and real good at training too!!! They sponsored, trained, and armed very large ( !) numbers of Anti-Soviet/ Pro-Nazi indigenous Russian “counter-partisans” to be used as part of the attempted Nazi conquest of the Soviet Union. Trained by their Nazi “friends” in every possible technique, trick and use of counter-insurgency, “pacification” and counter-terror and counter-partisan operations under an umbrella of covert and paramilitary operations, in front of and ahead of the major use and presence of the regular but very large oncoming Military forces. The Einsatzgruppen could and should be considered and recognized, as a direct predecessor in some ways to ISIS, or perhaps the types who actually directly trained and armed ISIS within very specialized and skilled elements of the US and UK intell, security and defense services. Because what took place on Friday night was indeed carried out by REAL PRO’S. and indicative not just of real pros who carried it out, BUT THE REAL PRO’S WHO TRAINED THEM as well as guided and assisted them in this horrific tragedy with a very real agenda or muit-and inter-related agendas. .The French Gov has recognized, that indeed this was the work of REAL PRO’S. So the question must be asked, where and how did they get THAT (!!!) level of proficiency??? Accompanied by the keen and stealth-like ability to be “unseen” and “unheard” before and upon ( right before) commencing with the very well planned and very coordinated attacks around and in Paris, a very major city. This alone, is indicative an extremely well planned paramilitary/ covert operational assault with some major “reach” and pull” behind it. Much more to follow…bye for now….
    David T. Krall

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