BOEING 777 HIJACKED MYSTERY: Did AWACS Escort 777 Plane, And Was Co-Pilot Of Missing Plane Able To Send Distress Signals. Is there A Conspiracy Of Epic Proportion Being Played Out

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UPDATED 3-19-2014 SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS    I would first like to apologize to my readers for a recent article I found on Infowars about the Navy hijacking the plane. They took an article down that I pasted from their website without  checking the source first. The source from the  article I pasted is not known to be reliable  and was the reason why Infowars took it down. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.  I will leave the story about the Awacs up since I found it to correlate with the strange mysterious radar blips concerning the missing plane. Please forgive me for any inconvenience I may have caused





JIM STONE FREE LANCE.COM: I believe the Malaysian airline theft is part of a larger story involving Ukraine and the staging of World War 3. That larger story will post right around 2pm CST.

I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned, with whatever they have. I am going to drop everything at once when this report goes up.

Take a look at this cute little Iframe. This was so good I embedded it. FLIGHT 370 WAS SPOTTED BY RESIDENTS OF THE MALDIVES ISLANDS ON THE WAY TO DIEGO GARCIA READ MORE:


DAILY MAIL ONLINE:  Investigators hunting the missing Malaysia Airlines plane yesterday revealed it was the co-pilot who spoke the last words to ground controllers before it vanished.

First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, calmly said ‘All right, good night’ shortly before Flight MH370 vanished ten days ago.

The cockpit sign-off to air traffic controllers — not the recognised radio drill — came at 1.19am on March 8 as the jet left Malaysian airspace on a routine journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Around a minute later, the Boeing 777-200’s transponder, which sends out a signal to radar stations, was switched off — making the jet disappear.

Officials are considering if the unusual sign-off was a secret signal that there was something wrong on the flight deck READ MORE:  



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  1. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    the tunes just keep on coming…don’t touch that dial…

    Just now at 8AM, CNN, at the top of the hour just reported that the Belgium Gov. “wants the CIA’s
    help in tracking down cells…”–Now (!) this is the first “crack: in the wall of duplicity from the the
    Belgium Authorities that is showing the true nature what is going on…Its not reported that the CIA
    has reached out, and why would they?….so if the Belgium intelligence services “want” the CIA’s
    “help” it most be because of some very interesting things going on behind the scenes: perhaps
    the French passed on their “own suspicions” and some leads about the (true) nature and origin of the attackers in Paris last week and actually DEMANDING data from the CIA via the US embassy in that country,Belgium. You can’t go by just the intonation or words used to express a fact,
    especially when reported by CNN, CBS or other “news” outlets…”Belgium wants the CIA’s help”
    is exactly like the words used yesterday when Barbara Starr reported, “400 US troops to Train
    Syrian Rebels” (see prior post)….where the least and intended minimal expression of a fact is stated to actually undercut or minimize its true meaning, impact, full measurement or even connotation….its like saying a strong breeze swept through a town when in was a hurricane or tornado – went through the town, or a high -tide from the ocean did some damage, when it was a typhoon or a sunami or a tidal wave…like calling the monsoons, ” seasonal rain shower”s,” or calling Disney or Universal, “amusement parks:…like somebody with major food poisoning
    suffering from an upset stomach… you get what I saying here…???
    you have to “break the code” and sometimes “decipher” what is being stated or projected on its own, kind of like “breaking a code”, a code or use of words specifically used to (sometimes) deflect or, maximize or minimize in some way the perception or connotation of what is being shown or said….it’s not the fact it self, it’s the way and how it is being attempted to be said, portrayed and explained….we do it all the the time, and don’t even know it…go away for a few
    days or weeks, come home, ask the person who stayed home or who watched your home, maybe a teenager or of similar age and even though you may or may not have “checked in” and called, “well how was everything?”…I would assume you’ll watch & look, and want to notice not just what they say, BUT how and WHY, in the manner of answering your question, after and when the “hello, we’re home !” and the obvious and normal question is then raised…. NOW YOU GET IT???
    So when I hear it reported that “Belgium wants the CIA’s Help”….you can best believe
    its because the “rabbit is slowly coming out of the hat” (any trying to get “back in” I bet)
    due to what the Belgium Gov. already knows coupled with what they are seeing and hearing
    with help from their friends and neighbors, The French, in their dragnet, raids and investigation
    to round up the “UN-usual suspects” who most assuredly have a “specific” “air” or “connection”
    of being linked to intelligence agencies and their policies, programs and “operational capabilities”
    of recruitment, funding (including movement & travel) and training…this is exactly, totally and
    completely like the recruitment and use of sectors of eastern European emigre’s, including “former”
    nazi’s that were used/utilized, recruited, funded as agents and assets and cut-outs
    in the new, then “cold” war in, The Gehlen Org and Operation Ohio ( a real “jihad”, if there ever was one !) against the USSR..the same operational capabilities were talking place in NE and SE Asia as well !!! The war and “jihad” against Castro as best exemplified by the ‘secret” and being “plausibly denied” as top secret -Operation Mongoose and JM/Wave and all the immediate preceding (since at least 1960) operational recruitment and capabilities that included the large-LARGE (!) program of recruitment, “training”, funding (black/unaccountable budgets and for “private” doners and sympathetic sponsors) and arming similar militias, cadres and ‘armies” most from sectors of those fleeing Cuba but also from other parts of Latin America.
    SOUND FAMILIAR?????…the recruitment “process” is totally “similar” between then and now: fanatical, rabid anti-communist–THEN and…NOW fanatical sunni (anti sheiite) middle-eastern “warriiors” –being recruited also within and under a similar program of secrecy and “operational capabilities” in a “war” in Syria & Iraq now being orchestrated by tentacles of the same organism who will only stop if exposed, and having their funds cut-off and allowed to dry-up…but without the proper oversight, and the conscious and common-sense desire to force accountability, justification as well as legal and constitutional efficacy….THEY GOT NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT….
    besides, the biggest “skeletons in the closet” can always be shown in glimpes as a “warning” e.g. 11/22/63 or the October Surprise…
    The fact that this President has done nothing (that I know of) to question this Syrian policy
    is best explained either by this being “out of his reach” and can’t control it and/or is “reluantant” to (?) due to things like WH jumpers “out of nowhere”???? and has been “sold” and duped into
    a bad, very bad policy…and like LBJ is naively and foolishly, coupled with doctored data and intelligence “waiting for hoping for light at the end of the tunnel”…So far. its been “THE LIGHTS OF PARIS” so to speak, something that he very interestingly and revealingly decided NOT TO SEE CLOSE-UP LAST SUNDAY…!!!

    In my readings and research I recently came across an excellent book,– large, “coffee-table”
    style or large text book format titled,” Spying For The Fuhrer: Hitler’s Espionage Machine”,
    by Christer Jorgensen…an excellent source on the use, practice and capabilities of a nation’s’ intelligence community….LIKE THE OLD SAYING “THE MORE THINGS CHANGE,,,THE MORE
    THEY STAY THE SAME”…for example here are some extremely highly relevant nuggets and
    items to ponder: subsequent to, during the Nazi reign and rule, due to the unchecked and
    growth of police state tactics, and this is about, circa 1940, way before…”light years” BEFORE,
    in terms of technology, before the NSA, or CIA etc !…In Nazi Germany, (& I am sure the same in Stalin’s USSR) —MILLIONS OF PHONE CALLS WERE “MONITORED” ON A WEEKLY BASIS”…
    AND THAT’S OVER 70 YEARS AGO…!!!! whoa !!! I suggest you read that again….

    Also, BEFORE and during WW2, up to about 1942 to mid-1943, and especially involving the anticipated and resulting large presence of German troops in North Africa, Nazi Intelligence. Military and “diplomatic” sectors were in deep and varied communication, talks and meetings with many influential circles in the Arab World, such as King Farouk of Eygpt, Abbas Hilmi II, his couisin, Egyptian General Marsi Pasha, Mohammed Amin el Huseini, considered at that time “The Grand Mufti ” of Jerusalem, Osman Kemel Haddad, KIng Ibn-Saud of Saudi Arabia, Antun Saahad and others…These various meetings and “discussions” took place, to address the possibility and anticipated probability of an alliance between Nazi Germany (& Itally) with “anti-western” (really and specifically anti-British and anti-French) Arab states, WHICH WOULD INVOLVE THE UNLESASHING OF A “PLANNED” ANTI-WESTERN/ (anti-Britiish/anti-French) JIHAD INVOLVING SOME OF THE MOST RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS ELEMENTS AT THAT TIME TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST “THE WEST” ( a very “specifed” part of it) IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, when the true motivating origins and factors were the coinciding AND congruent interests of Mega Wealthy Arab Sectors and The Nazi Government WHO WERE BOTH ANTI-BRITISH. Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerrsalem, mentioned above was going to use this
    “anti-western” Jihad (really anti-British) to work with and get help from the Nazis in not just removing the British (& French) from his domain but to also attempt to create a unified latter-day
    Caliphate under his extreme Islamic (anti-western but as more anti-British) views…
    “The Jihad” was to involve the Muslim Brotherhood and to be “sparked” and “tripped’wired”
    in consultation and in conjunction with the Nazi German Government via Intelligence
    and military intelligence officials/agents, “diplomats” and attaches…and would result in a “clmate”
    of hate and terror against “western corruption and decadence”, and in league with Nazi/German
    intelligence activities….(sound somewhat familiar?). NOW you “get” it???
    ***a few relevant quotes from the book:” The middle east held some vital, strategic prizes for Germany. If Rommel could invade Egypt, then Britain’s lifeline to India, via the Suez Canal would be cut and the British position in the whole region would be undermined. Iraq was the key to the whole region and its position was similar to that of Romania, a politically divided, militarily weak and oil rich state, which could also function as bridgehead for offensives against the East. HERE the great prize was not Russia, but the equally oil-rich state of Iran (Persia)”
    AND NOW, AS THEY SAY IS A DOOSEY,,, A REAL DOOSEY..for in spite of all the talks, meetings, and discussions way before WW2 and up to the loss and defeat of German military forces in
    North Africa, the Germans, and specifically the Nazis for all their insanity, –Hitler, Goering,
    Jodl, Keitel, Himmler, Heydrich, Schnellenberg, Kalterbrunner, Mueller, and others were clear,
    lucid, practitioners of “real-politik”, on the world stage, and all the stealthful, wiley,cleaver and
    powers of perception and nuance that accompanies and requires it…not to mention the beastly crimes and war-like genocidal policies and programs that it exercised and committed.
    The Nazis and sympathetic Germans in other, related circles, and capacities decided NOT
    -NOT “to play this “anti-British card” ” because, not because logistics or funding, or even a lack of
    potential “recruitment” —they did not trust the true aims or desires of their “almost” Arab allies.
    Not so much as being considered unreliable just too self-serving as a “suspected” -“solo”-agenda.
    Well at least they figured it out, and a long time ago, at that…!!! way before the CIA, The Neo-Cons and their equally twisted corporate allies and sponsors who are trying to and playing the same game to some degree. A final quote says it all: ” These offers and others from nationalist Arabs,
    left the Germans decidedly unimpressed. Ribbentrop shared Italian Foreign Minister Count
    Ciano’s contempt for the Arabs as completely untrustworthy, while Otto Abetz, German Ambassador to Vichy France, pointed to the ambitions that many Arabs had regarding the
    Islamization of the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa and the expulsion of all Europeans, irrespective
    of their nationality. The Arabs were nobody’s friend and the Germans viewed them, at best, as
    unreliable and a dubious card to play against the British”…also, in regards to possible planned
    alliance coming or not coming to fruition, from the German perspective: “this was probably a wise
    decision, since nothing good could come from these dealings….”
    One thing is certain, if such an alliance between The Nazi gov, in Berlin and its allies in the
    middle east did actually take hold and become a reality….blow-back such as what we are seeing now, in another reality and in another time, would not have been tolerated or allowed, let alone unknown within complex web of the German/Nazi intelligence community…but then again they were smart enough to recognize someone, just as if not more “trickier” or slicker than themselves..a mirror” so to speak,…and can we assume what is happening, regarding what could be perceived as “blowback” from “returning trained warriors” by intelligence agencies
    is not part of intended “consequences”, operational capabilities????? I rest my case for now…
    I hope I opened some minds here…
    david t. krall

  2. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Just wanted to let “any and all” here know and, to keep an eye out for a mind-blowing 6 part
    doc.series of RT on the US Surveillance State…some or all of which is being shown today…
    watch it!!!
    david t. krall

  3. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    I have to tip my hat to the Framce and Belgium for, what I said, prior about going after
    further suspects…I have a feeeling that “what happened” in France a few weeks ago
    was akin to “playing with dynamite”….just do a little research and you’ll find out that the same
    “blow-back” was happening in Florida, Texas, and other areas of the USA as well as most
    assuredly parts of Latin America, in the “war” against CASTRO, and latter NIcaragua
    when large networks were formed, consolidated, “trained” and or fine-tuned, involving some of the worst criminal, corrupt and fanatical elements (sound familair?) and funded/ sponsored by secret/black budgets and from sympathetic private/corporate slush funds and/or “side”or “excess” accounts and hidden transfers: basically, an incredible hidden and complex tapestry and -“below the surface”- reality of intelligence operations (“appearing”, sometimes to have gone amok) and the intricate requirements and capabilities involving the “movements” of money and weapons in order to facilitate, sustain and carrying out these operational agendas and also maintaining their covert nature amd hidden from the public and some of their naive US congressional over-seers…Just now at the top of the hour at 12 noon on CNN, the very sharp looking and attractive lead anchor kept asking her guest “expert”, while waving her hands and head, as if in some
    stunted and temporary mental state of stupidity and/or confusion as to how could the (Paris) attackers have been “so “missed so many times”, as it was reported by JIm Bitterman earlier who seems to pride himself as a firm unquestioning believer and mouthpiece in his supposedl;y “true and verifiable” sources, reported that “for some reason” (its “always some reason”) that the information of the travels of the Kouachi Brothers was “not picked up” as the steps were taken or supposed to have been taken in order to attempt to have their names, not only on “travel-watch list” but also regarding visas, passports and a cross referencing and data sharing of the emmigration and immigartion records of these and others…many others.

    Lets break it down to its most simple, most basic and common-sense denominator, unmistakable root or base..if prisoner or in this case, a group of prisoners planned and succeeded in breaking out of a prison, and on the surface escaped highly efficiently and it was recognized as such,
    but then not one, and then not two, but additional & many facts and “tid-bits” starting coming to the surface and more to follow, that lapses, mistakes, breaches in security, and communication were the causes and part of the reason for the success of the of the escapees and their enterprise,
    would not common sense and, clear and lucid cognitive thinking consider the more plausible
    likelyhood that the escapees/prisoners had major help and assistance from “high-up”
    and on the “inside”, even to the point to the point of being in some kind of collaboration with
    officials within that prison to begin with????? This is the root of the problem in not perceiving the
    “reality” or root of what is happening or the deception to distract from it: The unmistakable
    links between US intelligence and supposedly anti-western Jihadists on their payrolls and
    secret budgets…more to follow….
    david t. krall

  4. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    2 quick points to ponder:

    It was reported on the radio a short time ago that Indonesia has anncouned that “so far no evidence has shown any indication of terrorism” regarding the tragic crash of Flight 8501 and
    ” weather was suspected to play a factor regarding downing of Flight 8501″…now think about this…
    These appear to be a carefully and crafted use of words. It was reported by all news outlets that Flight 8501 “disappeared” when this story hit the airwaves, and yet no explanation has been forthcoming as to why the communication, navigational and tracking “laspe” and “breakdown”… It was reported that this plane, as 100’s of others like it, at that time and in that region was flying in the monsoon season…now this is a highly visible, known and “given” fact, that this weather and climate condition played SOME factor right? So why the coy, sheepish and “hesitant” announcement that “the possibility of the weather” played SOME factor, to begin with? Especially when it has been reported that the black boxes have been supposedly found and retrieved? Now, one would think that in an investigation such as this, with the black boxes, as recently reported found and retrieved that prudence, deliberation and “forensic” patience would limit or prohibit an announcement such as this odd statement especially from The Indonesian Government and its own agencies who, we assume, are heading the investigation…Only such an announcement would be the result of some reluctance, to state what THE MAJOR AND LIKELY, AS OPPOSED TO A PROBABLE CAUSE, OR “OBVIOUS ORIGIN AND MOTIVE would have been regarding the downing of this plane. Perhaps, the Indonesian Gov., like they’re Malaysian neighbors have some clue, suspect or know as what really happened to Flight 8501, . Kind of like “self” or “reverse” talk…or dropping some kind of clue as to what (the weather) was– NOT the major factor???? And that “political considerations” warrant some “quiet” handling and resolution of this event, similar to Flight 370???

    Also, it has been reported that some of the Paris attackers used or made conflicting “announcements” or some indications about who they were working for and representing
    when carrying out their terror spree thru parts of Paris…It was reported that not only did the
    Paris attackers leave a trail, which they (or somebody else for them?) certainly did, but also had made some highly visible “salutes” and “proclamations” while fully masked…now we were told some of these attackers made “salutes” to ISIS and others made similar
    “salutes” to AQAP…this was pointed out as some anomaly, without any real or logical explanation regarding a group that early on was credited as appearing to be, and with actual and confirmed ruthlessness carried out the attacks at the magazine offices, with all the proficiently of a recognized
    highly trained and very skilled paramilitary death squad. A highly trained hit team, with an
    extremely strong “scent” of seasoned and very high-level skill set of training. Not the characteristics or traits of “honorable religious martyrs” or “proud to die” in the noon day sun
    unmasked, and proud to shout and shoot with an air of UNMASKED martyrdom and pride as to why they were (while doing it) avenging a “blasphemous wrong”. If that were the case, then why not “stay and fight it out” at the sight and source this proclaimed religious insult, but then proceeding to evade capture, causing much chase, increased carnage and destruction supposedly at the same time still masked and also now also leaving a tail as well????
    and there-by revoking, one would think even their own self-deluded original “honorable” plan to “right a wrong” in that office building and avenging a supposed “blasphemous” (and yes, indeed insulting) ridicule of a religious symbol or Icon…Honestly, I’m not sure how extreme, very extreme right-wing religious or political fanatics would have reacted, or if any differently, if a western
    Christian religious symbol or Icon was put in the most negative, demeaning or ridiculing light. or portrayal in a magazine or tabloid…Just remember the controversy and uproar over, “The Last Temptation Of Christ” and more recently over another film, a few years ago about the death and
    crucifixion of Jesus Christ.. So I have to conclude that a more coherent and logical explanation
    of the “conflicting anomaly” over who they were representing can be deduced regarding this
    enigmatic and problematic part of the attack. The only possible and logical explanation, if and when looking from a particular perspective or looking thru a specific “window” is the probability that they were “not all on the same page” of the “playbook” devised and “called” by their handlers” and got their before-hand, prior and assumed cover-story, or part of it mixed or “messed-up”?
    When the “chase was on” and confusion reigned (or rained!) it was not known SUPPOSEDLY
    “who was where”, first it was attributed to Amedy Coulibaly and then one of the Kouachi Brothers
    who (?) made an odd comment when yelling from one of the “end-game” stand-offs…
    One of these attackers yelled in reply to the police…”You know who I am”…when you look what I
    have outlined when viewed thru a specific lense, well I guess “somebody” really did “KNOW” him !!!
    Interestingly, when caught in the movie theater, probably where he thought he would meet his “contact”, or one of them, when in the presence of several people and dozens and dozen of police, Lee Harvey Oswald made similar statement, while being “captured” and removed from the movie theater, “Now, everybody will know who I am”…as if to covey, and while not yet fully aware of his impending and doomed predicament, stating this as if his cover, regarding his true background might be blown and/or exposed. More to think about…..
    bye for now…
    david t. krall

  5. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    First, it was reported a very short time ago, regarding Flight 8501, that the preliminary
    report WILL NOT, as of now and presently, be released by the Indonesian Government.
    SOUND FAMILIAR??? CNN just aired a very highly revealing segment, which included and ended with (and between) Wolf Blitzer and Richard Quest…Mr Blitzer asked some pointed questions
    about the attempt to ascend in such an unusual way and Mr. Queast, in his usual theatrical
    skill-set, acknowledged this…and went on to point out that what happened is highly unusual
    regarding the supposed “flame-out” and the plane stalling out at such a height, which I have yet
    to hear determined and confirmed…It is revealing that the request to ascend was discussed, by these 2 men, BUT THE RESPONSE TO THIS INITIAL REQUEST AND SUBSEQUENT COMMUNICATIONS AND REACTIONS –FROM– THE FLIGHT TOWER/CONTROL FACILITY was NOT mentioned or discussed…nor was the communication & response by and from the flight control /flight tower to the pilots after it must have been “seen”, picked -up ,observed by various instruments and tracking/recording/communications data that the plane was taking the apparent odd and unusual steps in ascending at such a estimated rapid rate of 6000 feet per minute…nor was the in-turn & assumed obvious reply from the pilots to the concerns and assumed acknowledged concerns of the flight and control tower…
    The mere avoidance of this point or idea is troubling since it is known that the plane is designed
    for practical (safety, structural, altitude and speed, climate and weather) reasons not to exceed and is prohibited from exceeding 1000 to 1200 feet per minute. As reported by MSNBC earlier,
    what was being attempted by the pilots was equivalent to the speed of a jet fighter ..that is amazing. what’s more, if not equally amazing are earlier comments, as well as other comments by Mr. Quest…Earlier an expert on CNN stated with much deliberate and fastidious certainty, that she
    believed that Flight 8501 stalled, due to this ascension, and attempt to maintain and (continue)
    to sustain such an ascension resulted in, to use her words,” like a sputtering leaf falling out of the sky”. Which, to me would indicate a very strong impact and most assuredly a rupturing and destructive crash, upon hitting the SURFACE of the ocean, from the resulting breadth of the maximum altitude that the plane reached when it supposedly stalled out and lost its
    ability to navigate properly…,She, later modified this comment by saying, “this is a possibility as to “what might have happened”…perhaps she “slippped” in her earlier comments and had to “correct” herself?????
    BUT ! That would NOT explain the lack of communication to and from all the the major parties regarding the “how and why” of the actions taken, by the pilots and the subsequent and assumed normal & required – protocol follow-ups, replies and responses “to and from” and one would and could correctly assume that such communications must have or SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE…IF NOT, WHY NOT???
    Mr. Blitzer asked as to why no may-day call was made or did not appear to be made or
    –WHAT????? Its not like they were not trained or experienced to fly in this type of bad weather, which is something that was and is-NOT- unusual in this part of the world, since 1000’s planes
    have been flying AND ARE FLYING, in this type of climatic/weather in that region of the world, since the dawn of modern aviation was used, activated and applied in that region. Its’ not like the pilots had to walk to find a phone or some communication device to voice their distress or fear.
    So to say that a may-day call or distress call, or even a signal showing and demonstrating TROUBLE, or potential trouble or more to the point danger (!) even if more so for the safety of the passengers as much as for the flight crew themselves was not necessary or for some quizzical reason, if you go by Mr. Quests’ “logic” was not obligatory or as he implied not warranted, is as stale and distasteful, unpalatable as an English muffin that he fully expects us to swallow here
    NO may-day call/distress call necessary??? Uhh??? What??
    YES HIS SAY AND SHOWED THIS ODD LEAP OF LOGIC…If I didn’t know any better and based on what I wrote a few weeks ago, and based on many prior comments and prior posts
    “something” was going on up… way up in that sky…I wonder if the pilots were not evading
    something, and being and feeling compelled in some way to either evade, deflect away, or fly from some other presence or device nearby, or above them or in the vicinity and somehow tried to “get away” from something that did compel and impacted upon the judgement and discretion of the pilots to maneuver in such a strange, unexpected, unpredictable, unanticipated, unwarranted and unsafe/dangerous manner, even if for, what was believed and felt (by the pilots and crew) to be temporary and rapid steps and the equally quick reasons and motives that required these actions or reactions to SOMETHING (?) So when I hear the response by Mr. Quest to Mr. Blitzer’s
    question as to why no may-day call (or AKA) distress call, after it must have been acknowledged
    by the pilots, if you go by the conventional / presented scenario, that the plane stalled and soon to be “seen” by high-tech tracking and radar systems on the ground and in the skies,
    I have to “wonder” what is the agenda here…actually I stopped wondering a very long time ago…
    The sheer audacity to make such statements is a “revealing piviot” in, at least, showing what
    “didn’t happen”…more latter on ISIS, AlQada, Yemen, and Iran backed rebels vs the US
    backed jihadists (our CIA trained “rebels”)…sunni va sheite, keep it simple and it all falls into
    place…more to follow…
    david t. krall

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