Will We Soon Hear the “Midnight Cry” ?

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There is so much happening in the world at this moment. It seems to be reeling back and forth with wars and rumors of wars. The Harley Factor has compiled a list of recent events that seem to be leading us into a chaotic time. The question on some christians mind is how soon before we hear the sound of the trumpet as we meet our lord and savior in the sky.

The Harley Factor

So much is happening in our world today. Bankers are dropping like flys indicating a soon financial collapse of not just our country, but other countries around the world. Did they commit suicide of their own volition or were they courst into it by some sort of mind control? I still find it hard to believe someone would kill themselves with a nail gun! Another factor in the soon financial collapse is the tremendous debt of our nation and several European nations. All of these nations are under the thumb of the IMF (Illuminati, new world order). Fiat currencies never last. They are designed to fail.

The sleeping bear of Russia is awake again in the form of Vladimir Putin flexing his shirtless muscles against Ukraine. Many think he is trying to regain the glory of the old USSR, and what are we doing about it? Nothing of any consequence. Sometime soon, according to…

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  1. andrea vaughn says:

    I don’t even know when anything will happen. But I can say we r end times. !

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