The Tanks Are Coming While Russia, US “Remain At Odds” Over Ukraine, Russia Moving Dollars Holding Offshore, Russian Companies Withdraw Billions From West, and Russia Lays Land Mines On Crimean Border

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEO:   A war of economic and cyber-attacks between Russia and the US seem to be taking place even before the first shot is fired in the Ukraine.  The United States have ramped up its threats of economic sanctions, while Russia keeps amassing troops and equipment on the Crimean Border. It looks like the Russians are ready to invade from the south with some positions east and north of the Ukraine. Russia seems to be moving the Dollars Offshore which in turn would mean nothing if Economic Sanctions are imposed on the Russian Bear. Russian Companies have withdrawn billions for fear of sanctions being imposed. A game of chess has been played and America looks like it’s about to get pawned. Markets will be hit hard come Monday and the devaluation of the dollar will begin. This could be the day so many tin foil hat people had predicted that the Main Stream Media had mocked.  A collapse of the dollar is on the horizon and the drumbeat of war is beating so loud that it is being heard all over the world.   


 ZEROHEDGE: With Interfax reporting that Belarus has begun full-scale military drills in a “readiness check”, images from Russia and Ukraine suggest the worst-case scenario – that Russia is making preparations to invade Ukraine, not just Crimea but perhaps as far west as Kharkiv, or even beyond – is more possible. Talks have broken down:



Russia now has a massive force of tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft, and naval forces in position to potentially invade mainland Ukraine from Crimea in the south, but also from positions east and north of Ukraine READ MORE:


BLOOMBERG: A drop in U.S. government securities held in custody at the Federal Reserve by the most on record is fueling speculation that Russia may have shifted its holdings out of the U.S. as Western nations threaten sanctions.

Treasuries held by foreign central banks dropped by $104 billion to $2.86 trillion in the week ending March 12, according to Fed data released yesterday READ MORE:

FT.COM: Russian companies are pulling billions out of western banks, fearful that any  US sanctions over the Crimean crisis could lead to an asset freeze, according to bankers in Moscow.

Sberbank and VTB, Russia’s giant partly state-owned banks, as well as industrial companies, such as energy group Lukoil, are among those repatriating cash from western lenders with operations in the US. VTB has also cancelled a planned US investor summit next month, according to bankers.

The flight comes as last-ditch diplomatic talks between Russia’s foreign minister and the US secretary of state to resolve the tensions in Ukraine ended without an agreement READ MORE:



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