The Boeing 777 Conspiracies and Odd Events

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS:  Here are the some of the list of Odd happening and Conspiracy theories floating AROUND THE WEB. I honestly feel that the plane has been hijacked as more news of the event seems to be pointing in that direction. If it has been hijacked then why hasn’t there been any demand for the release of the hostages. Is it possible that the plane can be used for an event? I am sure soon enough we will know either there was a logical explanation or there truly is a conspiracy afoot.  I have also put two videos of some odd happenings that have taken place since the plane has disappeared.Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless you




NATURAL NEWS: There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the flight that simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board.

The mystery of the flight’s sudden and complete disappearance has even the world’s top air safety authorities baffled. “Air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take,” reports the Wall Street Journal. WSJ goes on to report READ MORE:



TRUTHERNEWS: UPDATE: On March 10, 2014, it was reported that the 2 stolen passports were used with 2 tickets purchased by an Iranian man who: a) bought the tickets at the last-minute, b) paid cash, and c) only purchased one-way tickets. All three are signs of potential terrorism and therefore, although early, is forecasting that the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 will ultimately be scapegoated onto the country of Iran in a desperate bid to stoke global fears of Islamic terrorism.  The investigation into the cause of the crash will likely take weeks if not months and therefore the media will have plenty of time to fearmonger over the impending wave of Islamic terror under new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. After all, Iran was to be scapegoated in the February 2, 2014, failed nuke attack on New York City during the Super Bowl, so the downing of a commercial airline would comparably insignificant READ MORE:


 5.       ALIENS

NATIONAL REPORT: Since 1947 our Government has been lying to us about aliens. Everyone sees them, UFOs are everywhere, in every nation. They are a threat to our sovereignty as a nation and as a world. Now a whole entire airplane has vanished into thin air. Yesterday A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 souls lost contact with air traffic control and disappeared. Known as Flight MH370, it is a B777-200 aircraft heading to Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Associated Press reports that the flight lost contact somewhere over Vietnam. There were no reports of bad weather and no sign of why the plane would vanished from radar screens almost an hour after it took off. There are reports of two oil slicks off the coast but absolutely no wreckage has yet to be found. Where did the plane go READ MORE:



RYOT.ORG: There’s still no trace of the missing Malaysia 777 which disappeared over 48 hours ago and while families of the passengers are still enduing an agonizing wait for news of the fate of their loved ones, a Malaysian politician is in hot water for an offensive tweet.

Opposition politician Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was responding to a tweet by television host Piers Morgan about the plane that vanished with 239 people on board.

The Bermuda Triangle is the triangular region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. It has also been called the Devil’s Triangle because of the reported mysteries that have hounded the spot through the years. Aircraft and shipping vessels have just disappeared without a trace READ MORE:


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