Boeing 777 Debris Is Found Off Of Vietnam And Man Who Missed Flight Tweets “By The Grace Of God” We Missed Our Flight.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS:  Debris from the missing Boeing 777 has been found off of the coast of Vietnam around 50 miles south west of Tho Chu Islands.  A Vietnamese search team has found what they believe is part of a door and the airplane’s tail in a major breakthrough in the hunt for missing Boeing. Investigators are looking to see if the plane disnetergrated in Mid Flight raising the possibility of a terror attack, since no mayday call was given that the plane was in distress. The Missing passport just adds to the mystery of this tragedy. Man who missed the Flight has tweeted that by the Grace of God they missed their flight to China. Read the tweets on The Blaze and see how a missed flight will have a life altering experience for years to come.


DAILY MAIL ONLINE: Debris from the missing Boeing 777 flight is believed to have been found off Vietnam as Interpol investigates whether up to four passengers boarded the plane using stolen passports.

A Vietnamese search team has found what they believe is part of a door and an airplane’s tail in the first major breakthrough in the hunt for missing aircraft.

The suspected fragments have been located around 50 miles from south-west of Tho Chu Island, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Investigators are narrowing the focus of their inquiries on the possibility that the plane disintegrated in mid-flight, a senior source said on Sunday’The fact that we are unable to find any debris so far appears to indicate that the aircraft is likely to have disintegrated at around 35,000 feet,’ said the source, who is involved in the investigations in Malaysia.

It comes as Interpol criticised Thailand’s lax airport security after it emerged at least two passengers boarded the Malaysia Airlines flight MH307 with stolen passports – giving rise to the possibility that the missing 239 passengers are victims of a terrorist attack READ MORE:  


THE BLAZE: A man claims he and a colleague were intended to be on the China-bound Malaysian jet that has gone missing, sparking concerns of a potential act of terror. Only “by the grace of God” did they miss flight MH370, Twitter user @KaidenDL said.

Though the story hasn’t been confirmed as true at this point, several users on the social networking site who know the man appear to lend some additional credibility to the claim. If true, this tale is nothing short of READ MORE:





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