US Secrets, Criminal Banking Syndicates & Empty Gold Vaults, Rome Days Away From Bankruptcy, And Gold “Manipulated For A Decade

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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND NEWS LINKS: It’s so nice to live in the United States of America. In this country people go about their lives slaving away to reach retirement age so they can enjoy the easy life. In this country people go about their lives without a care to what is happening outside their bubble of perfect living. When the engineered crisis comes, it will be too late, and their bubble will pop revealing the true extent of the chaos happening in the world and financial markets. What is the reason for the Gold manipulation? The rabbit hole goes deeper than you know. Please read the Zero Hedge article first then read King World News and it will dawn on you who the true manipulators are.


KING WORLD NEWS: With so much chaos taking place around the world, today King World News spoke to the man who has been focused on uncovering sensitive government and market information for over 15 years.  What he had to say will shock KWN readers around the world.  Chris Powell covered everything from a shocking scandal involving Western central planners to criminal banking syndicates, and the trip down the rabbit hole involves the U.S. Fed, European central banks, and a criminal syndicate of banks operating on their behalf.  Below is what Powell had to say in this remarkable and stunning interview

King:  “Chris, obviously we’ve had the Western mainstream media put out a couple of stories in the past week openly discussing the price fixing and manipulation that has taken place in the gold market.  You have to think like a criminal when you are dealing with Western propaganda and the use of the mainstream media as a tool of this propaganda.  What is the West up to with this open discussion of gold market manipulation READ MORE:


TELEGRAPH.CO.UK: Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, came under pressure on Thursday as the city of Rome was on the brink of bankruptcy after parliament threw out a bill that would have injected fresh funding.

Ignazio Marino, Rome mayor, said city services like public transport would come to a halt and that he would not be a “Nero” – the Roman emperor who, legend has it, strummed his lyre as the city burnt to the ground.

Marino said that Renzi, a centre-left leader and former mayor of Florence who was only confirmed by parliament this week, had promised to adopt urgent measures to help the Italian capital at a cabinet meeting on Friday.

The newly-elected mayor faces a budget deficit of 816 million euros ($1.1 billion) and the city could be placed under administration if he does not manage to close the gap with measures such as cutting public services READ MORE:

ZEROHEDGE: While the FT promptly retracted an article on precisely the topic of gold manipulation from earlier this week (recorded for posterity here), Bloomberg appears to not have had the same “editorial” concerns and pressures, and today released an article once again slamming the final conspiracy theory that while every other asset class is manipulated, gold is in a pristine class of its own, untouched by close-banging, price fixing traders or central bankers, and reports that “the London gold fix, the benchmark used by miners, jewelers and central banks to value the metal, may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.”Of course, over the past

5 years we have reported time and again how official gold manipulation started in earnest some time in the 1960s (who can forget the “reshuffle club”) but we will start with a decade.

Here is what BBG finds READ MORE:




  1. peterjfoster says:

    This is seriously disturbing! Be really good if someone has a positive ‘spin’ on this; could do with being encouraged!

  2. ofwarandofgod says:

    Reblogged this on Of War And Of God.

  3. Harley says:

    Looks like the Fed may be getting caught with it’s pants down, so to speak. Sure looks like some big financial disasters in the near future. It will be interesting to see if it happens on the solar eclipse next year like they are predicting.

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