The Shocking Scale Of Google’s Grand Plan, The Math That Predicted the Revolutions Sweeping the Globe Right Now, And Climate Engineering: 13 Patents Explain the Chemtrail

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS AND VIDEOS: The future looks amazing and scary. Google has begun a master plan to be the frontrunner for the acceptance of technology that invades our privacy, our way of living, and our way life. What is the reason for all of this? Could there a sinister plan behind it all? They are tapping into every potential future potential they can think of. Artificial intelligence, Tattoos that will be able to connect with your body, and edible pills that can keep tabs on your health are some of the technology making its way into our lives. Technology Guru Ian Mcdonald says” “My take is over the next 10 years, we’re going to see an explosion of connected things, it’s the internet of things movement. For anyone who is interested in data and human behaviour, the next evolution is not just desktop computers but connected devices such as wearable technology”. Why people shouldn’t be fearful: If we show people from 15 years ago what we have today, it would look like scary technology. But once there’s a genuine benefit and it’s technology people don’t want to live without, those fears are overcome.” Can this be used against us in the near Future to enslave the world to one man? The future is here now and it will be used against you in a future event. Acceptance will be the only means to survive. Just remember all those tin foil Christians that so many mocked, were the ones screaming at the top of their lungs that this day would come

“We have always believed that it’s possible to make money without being evil,” Larry Page


 NEWS.COM.AU: IN 1998 Google started as a search company in a California garage. 

 Fast forward 15 years and it’s worth nearly $US400 billion and is one of the world’s biggest and most talked about companies.

But rather than retire to an island somewhere, Google’s founders have embarked on a huge spending spree, investing or buying up companies at a rate of more than one a week for the last four years.

The result is a behemoth like we’ve never seen before with tentacles reaching inot every area of your life. Take a look at just some of the things Google has been up to READ MORE:


MOTHERBOARD.VIC.COM: It’s happening in Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand, Bosnia, Syria, and beyond. Revolutions, unrest, and riots are sweeping the globe. The near-simultaneous eruption of violent protest can seem random and chaotic; inevitable symptoms of an unstable world. But there’s at least one common thread between the disparate nations, cultures, and people in conflict, one element that has demonstrably proven to make these uprisings more likely: high global food prices.

Just over a year ago, complex systems theorists at the New England Complex Systems Institute warned us that if food prices continued to climb, so too would the likelihood that there would be riots across the globe. Sure enough, we’re seeing them now. The paper’s author, Yaneer Bar-Yam, charted the rise in the FAO food price index—a measure the UN uses to map the cost of food over time—and found that whenever it rose above 210, riots broke out worldwide. It happened in 2008 after the economic collapse, and again in 2011, when a Tunisian street vendor who could no longer feed his family set himself on fire in protest.

Bar-Yam built a model with the data READ MORE:


SUSAN POSSELL: Journalist Andrew Lilico suggests that humanity must adapt to new changes in the Earth’s weather systems rather than “waste resources on futile mitigation efforts.” Lilico believes that “adaptation is much less risky” and a world with “potentially more violent extremes of weather” should be so bad. According to this journalist, everyone can change their roofs, clothing, etc . . . to make this world more eco-friendly by focusing on productive initiatives to reduce the current “wasting [of] our time and money READ MORE:








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